My sister’s big day!

Last Wednesday was my sister’s big day, her graduation from Long Island City Highschool. Words cannot full express how proud I am of her. She conquered the trails and tribulations of teenage life by being wise and making great decisions for herself and did it all with honor roll grades and a fulltime job working with children. I had to be there to watch my beautiful little sis walk down the aisle and get handed her diploma holding back my tears that she is all grown up and ready for the real world. You can bet your top dollar that I’ll be there to help her along the way. I can’t wait to see her flourish even more in college. So, after the ceremony we enjoyed a nice lunch, and relaxed at Socrates park in Astoria. It was a beautiful day spent with my family, all happy and proud that Brittany has come so far in life and has done so well for herself.
My sister looked beautiful on her graduation day in a Betsey Johnson dress and Steve Madden black satin heels. lol her and I are like day and night.So proud of you!My sister getting handed her diploma. I yelled her name so loud everyone turned around and looked at me lol.Hats off! Freedom!Dad, mom, Brittany, and I. ❤
Sisterly moment captured via my aunts cell phone.Brittany and my aunt Alex. You guys are going to see more of her in my future posts.Fam glam!Ok, can we talk about my aunt Alex’s outfit?I love her golden cuff. I have no idea who makes anything she is wearing but I had to take pictures of it.Look at her shoes!I was all pinup in vintage accessories.My dress is by H&M.This is one of my favorite purses by Cynthia Hart and my favorite shoes by Christian Louboutin.
I saw these little duckies while walking to the park with my mom. So cute!Adorable duckies.
Adorable Rexy! My dog takes the best photos lol.My beautiful mother, who hates taking photos, looks so beautiful in this shot I took of her by the tiger lilies. They are her favorite flowers.Good times!

I love you sis!


5 Comments on “My sister’s big day!

  1. It was definately a nice day and you all looked lovely. Congratulations to my beautiful daughter Brittany. I am so proud that I raised two beautiful young ladies.

  2. So beautiful !!!! Jas, you captured the day all so well…love you guys!!!

  3. by the way….the dress All Saints…..cardigan Banana Republic…..,shoe ths Zara ( inspiration from Chloe )….cuff Urban Outfitters ; )…just thought some would be curious as you tend to provide the info. at times along with the pics ; )

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