Savage Gold Art Exhibition at Genuine Motorworks

Last week was the Savage Gold art show featuring new works from illustrator Paul St. Savage and sculptor Harry Gold at Genuine Motorworks in Brooklyn. As a lover of art I just had to attend and I was glad I did. Though both artists use different mediums to express their artistic talent…Paul’s clever, fun, and hilarious characters combined with Harry Gold’s amazing sculptures was a genius collaboration that was executed perfectly. I love when artists combine humor into their works of art and Paul’s artwork does just that and matches his spontaneous, crazy, and fun personality we all love. Harry Gold’s artwork speaks in volumes even though he is more of a cool, calm, and collected kind of guy. Paul’s canvas’/collaborated sculptures and Harry’s ship/turtle sculpture were some of my favorites from the show. I had a really great time and I loved all of the artwork and urge any of  you art lovers to check it out. I took lots of photos but you all should definitely see it all in person. The show will be on display from 6/22/12 thru 7/22/12 every day of the week. See photos inside.

Paul’s canvas’ :BPaul’s characters on Harry’s sculptures.SO COOL!Paul and Harry’s illustrations.I love Paul’s shadow cat characters. They are my favorite of his work.
LolLOVE.Harry is clearly talented.Love this sculpture.Paul Savage and Harry Gold.My beau and I left the show and were greeted by a beautiful sunset.
Lol. I’m a nut.This is one of my favorite dresses. It is Jean Paul Gaultier for target.Vintage accessories.

Vintage dream car!

Good times!

The show will be on display from 6/22/12 thru 7/22/12 every day of the week at Genuine Motorworks 195 North 14th Street  Brooklyn, NY 11211.


5 Comments on “Savage Gold Art Exhibition at Genuine Motorworks

  1. this show looks amazing! I love art work Pauls. Im a little jealous! And that dress is amazing! You look amazing in it!! Reading your posts always makes me want to go shopping! ha

  2. Love all the art work, the beautiful sky and your dad loves the truck. Glad you had a great time and you looked lovely.

  3. Thank you for the stellar review and high quality photos! The night went by in a flash and blur, but was perfect in all ways. Thank you for being there Miss Double V!

  4. Great night at the show! Two very impressive, talented guys! Just love those characters on the towers or on anything:)

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