Retro swimwear at Coney Island!

Last weeks heat wave was intense and what better way to spend it than at Coney Island with my favorite gal pal sipping lemonade out of Nathan’s jumbo cups enjoying the scenery of this beautiful place! I hadn’t seen my friend Ingrid in months because she’s been in Miami so it was a nice day to catch up and check out Coney Island’s new look. I am always trying to kill 3 birds with one stone so I also decided to shoot some swimsuits for a review on my blog being that CI has many great backdrops (This wouldn’t be my first time shooting at Coney Island lol Love it!). I haven’t been to CI in a while and it was refreshing to see how much it has changed for the better whilst still having many elements of its history. I was afraid they would tear it down and build casinos, apartment buildings, or completely modernize it so much so that it would lose its historical magic/value. I was even thrilled to see the steeplechase ride, one I have only seen in photos and Harold Lloyd silent film clips from the 20’s. It isn’t exact to the steeplechase of the 20’s but it is a safer replica that keeps Coney Island’s history alive. There were tons of amazing backdrops for shooting my swimsuits and we had so much fun absorbing CI’s new look. For a while, CI wasn’t really the safest or cleanest theme park to go to but now it is cleaner and safer with patrol officers in the vicinity. I can even feel better about going to their beaches, it was clean and calm. I see myself visiting CI more often this year, I have always been in awe of the history, inspired greatly by old photos, and remember and cherish every moment I spent there as a kid with my mother. I am so glad it is still standing today. So this post is a little bit of history, a little bit of fashion, and a lot a bit of fun. Check out photos of us having fun in this great place, before and after shots of CI, and Ini and I modeling our favorite summer swimsuits by Beach Bash Beachwear, Meshalo, and Forever 21!

I love this giant mural of Coney Island! I wish those police cars weren’t in the way though lol.Always in Betsey!Ingrid wore Betsey too!I bought this top just a week ago at the Betsey Johnson Sample sale, when I saw it I knew I would wear it as part of a swimsuit I had at home by Beach Bash Beachwear. You will see the swimsuit below. My shorts are just regular black jersey material shorts from who knows where lol and my purse is vintage.I love the old CI logo!Inside of the CI Museum entrance I was in awe of the decor!I would love to do a pinup shoot in here!Cool signage!
This is the gift shop. I cannot fully express how awesome it is. The shop girl was super sweet too!Goodies!CONEY ISLAND DREAMLAND ATTRACTION by Samuel Gumpertz. 
Fat Lady Trixy (seven-hundred-pounds) and Princess WeeWee, three feet tall.The Sideshow now! Still running!Real people alive on stage! ;P

Ini-mac attack!

I have pretty friends.
She’s ALIVE!
Wonder Wheel!!!So pretty<3Wepa!My mother always loved this bowling game<3Luna Park 1944Luna Park 2012Look at all the new & restored rides!Old Steeplechase..New Steeplechase. It isn’t exact to the old but I dig that they are keeping history alive.

Frances & Rose on Coney Island Beach Sand 1952

I knew this Betsey Johnson top would go well over my BBBW swimsuit, It looks like a one-piece now! Who said beachwear couldn’t be fashionable?It is nice as a cute cover up too for days I may not want to wear a bikini, however, this day was a scorcher. Thank god for my Payless wedges, they protected my feet from sand burn lol.I can’t wait to create my own line of swimwear.This is what the BBBW swimsuit looks like when I take off my Betsey top. I added a belt to it to accentuate my waist. I belt everything lol.For those of you who don’t know about Beach Bash Beachwear, they are an affiliate of Bettie Page clothing. You can find their swimsuits at the BPC shops while their site is under construction or periodically check the BPC online shop for some of their goodies as well!Ingrid is wearing a lovely one-piece by Forever 21. Many people think one-pieces aren’t sexy but as you can see, that is so not true! This Forever 21 swimsuit hugs Ingrids cute shape in all the right places. She looks great and accessorises herself so well in yellow wedges from Old Navy and vintage shades. Perfect beach bombshell attire!Wepa!Colombian pinup!
Nathan’s!Lola Star’s gift shop!We had some noms at this cute spot on the boardwalk, their crispy shrimp was delish!We didn’t get to go to the aquarium because they were closed for the day but we love the new mural on the wall that leads to it!Here we go! Meshalo Swimwear!This is a very naughty, I mean Nautical bikini by Meshalo. I love Tamisha Glashen’s swimsuits just as much as I admire her talent to make and create anything and everything. This style is one of my favorites!This swimsuit is perfect for Coney Islands stripes!25 cents to laugh!
This is another Meshalo swimsuit I love because it is inspired by Wonder Woman! What better suit for a comic lover like myself than this cute one piece getup with a high-waisted cinch? Oh and I borrowed Ingrids wedges for this one 😉Visit the Meshalo shop for more swimsuits!95 years strong!Of course I had to take more photos of my girl Inimac, she looked great!
Go head girl!

That’s all folks!

Special thanks to Inimac for taking such great photos!

See my other Coney Island posts and photos by typing “Coney Island” in the search box on the right side of my website.


13 Comments on “Retro swimwear at Coney Island!

  1. you girls are so cute! id love to visit coney island! maybe one day… the closet beach where I live in over an hour away…and most of them are man made 😦

  2. Im in love with youre outfits and youre hair ughh can you do a hair tutorial!

  3. Yowza! What a couple of swell dames! I love seeing random beauties dressed in retro pin-up clothes, however rare it might be, but my head might explode if I saw you two beauties looking so picture perfect at the beach.

  4. Ai carrumba! The two of you are too cute! I LOVE those swimsuits! Perfect for my 50s hour glass figure!

  5. Now this is the sort of imagery that makes a New York City heat wave gorgeous and enjoyable. Sexy Cool! Thanks!

  6. Coney Island has to be one of my favorite places in the world!! And I dress vintage when I go as well… 🙂 Love it!

  7. Where is your arrow hair clip from? It’s perfect with your hair.

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