Shop Gla.Mar.ous headbands!

My gal pal Mary is a jack of all trades. The girl can make a dress out of a plastic bag. However, Mary’s expertise lays in accessories. She designs from the heart and understands that a girls accessories complete an outfit. She is the pioneer and driving force behind her line Shop Gla.Mar.ous and specializes in beautiful handmade headbands that make a statement and are comfortable to wear. She also creates clothing too as I have a shirt and a dress from her that is fitting for a 1920’s party…but that’s another post for another time;). What makes her headbands special is that they are adjustable and wont give you a headache. I fell in love with her Pink Label “Ruby” jeweled headband and wore it just the other day to channel my inner Cleopatra or Grecian goddess if you will. I like to think I can channel both at the same time ;). I can honestly say that it fit well, didn’t move and give me a muffin top on my head lol, and looked perfect with my neon orang Betsey Johnson long kimono. You guys should check her out by visiting her shop!It’s perfect!I know I look pregnant, that’s the giant cheeseburger I ate before I took the photo pwaha!


One Comment on “Shop Gla.Mar.ous headbands!

  1. JAAASSS!! thank you so much for this beautiful post…you look gorgeous as always! loved how you paired one of my headbands with one of my fav designers! love u! xo

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