Betsey Johnson Final Sample sale Goodies!

This last Betsey Johnson sample sale was very bittersweet for me. Although I definitely hit the jackpot I am sad that this is the last time I will probably get the chance to buy Betsey Johnson’s last best pieces before it all goes to Macy’s. There was another sample sale a few weeks ago but I was only able to go and shop the 2nd day because I was working like a mad woman. I bought 4 rompers at that one. This time I decided to go big and left with triple BJ goodies and even some of her fixtures. It was so scary to see the BJ showroom walls completely naked and the stores with big “going out of business” signs. However, I was able to nab myself a gold dress form, one I used to dress when I worked at the store almost 6 years ago. It goes well with my BJ sunglass showcase I got years ago too. I never thought in a million years that I would take one of those dress forms home. I even left with Betsey’s signature rose print fabric in which I plan to turn into curtains and a table-cloth, or maybe an outfit? I am just happy that I got to take a bit of Betsey history with me. It is truly heartbreaking that my favorite designer is out of commission. I still believe that if Chanel and Donna Karen can come out of bankruptcy, Betsey can too. I can only hope she comes back and with a bang! I just feel fortunate that I have enough Betsey threads to last me a lifetime. Check out all of my new goodies inside!
I fell in love with this MC style leopard trench and let me tell looks phenomenal on!I love the neckline!Even the color is amazing!I have this wrap top in a rose print so of course I had to have it in the skull print too!Love the vintage BJ tag in the back!Party dresses were super cheap at this sale, so cheap I gave in and bought this pretty pink sequin one!I feel like a ballerina in it. I love this pale pink color and the subtle sequins in the tulle skirt.I found this polka dot top a few days in, and I love love love it! I am actually going to wear a high-waisted bathing suit bottom with it and wear it as a swimsuit to the beach!Love the sweetheart bow neckline and the peplum skirt!A hoy Sailor! I love this. The end.Whenever I go to Betsey Johnson sample sales, I always end up getting a suit or two. She makes the best 2 pc suits!Love this red anchor on the sleeve.
Blue stripes on the cuffs!The skirt is pretty neat too!A woman tried this on in the fitting room and she looked AMAZING in it. I don’t know why she didn’t buy it but I am not complaining..I took it right off of her hands and bought it.
This is my most elegant Betsey party dress ever! The matching bolero is a wonderful touch!Marilyn print everything! Do I really have to explain why I love this piece?Would you believe it has POCKETS!Can’t wait to wear it!Marilyn print sweaters are always the first to go at these sample sales. This was the only one I found and the best part is that I don’t already have this one lol.
Hot hot hot.I also grabbed myself a Marilyn romper! Yup, I had to have the dress and the romper because I am a crackhead.I’ve wanted this “teach me a lesson” sweater for forever and I finally have it!
Teach me a…Lesson..Last but not least, I finally nabbed myself a skull romper! I love her rompers even when they are sweater material! I actually wore this one today because I couldn’t wait lol.

This is the dress form I bought at the soho store and just below you can see my old sunglass showcase I have had for years since working at the shop. I love goooollld.Have any idea’s as to what I should make with this classic BJ rose print fabric?



11 Comments on “Betsey Johnson Final Sample sale Goodies!

  1. I got a curtain from one of the stores and plan to use mine to cover a vintage chair or maybe make a tufted headboard. I even thought about using it to cover a wall in my apartment because I just adore the print.

    I saw the sample sale was extended and I’m 99% sure the answer to this is no, but will they take phone orders? I saw a picture of a red polka dot dress I’m dying for!

  2. So many beautiful clothing. My favorite was the dress with the little bolero. I can’t wait to see you wear them all.

  3. That marilyn print romper is amazing! You should make a bow tie with the floral fabric..feminine and masculine at the same time!

  4. Hi Jasmin, Thank you very much for this post, I absolutely loved hearing about your fun shopping adventure at the Betsey Johnson sale, all of your items that you purchased are so amazing! The bolero dress looks so fantastic and the marilyn monroe print dress is so dreamy and gorgeous! I can’t wait to see your upcoming outfit posts for these dresses! I am a new follower and I just love your fierce fashion style. Also, I admire the creativity you have with your amazing vintage pieces! I am looking forward to reading you new posts! Have a wonderful weekend and a great fashion week!


  5. i just raced over for the “you are my sunshine” plloiw and don’t see it. *insert sobbing face here*is there one still available?????and the first and second one you have in your blog post. are they gone too???ahhhhhh. 🙂

  6. Does anyone know where I could find that fabric or some more of the curtains? I am a huge Betsey fan and really wanted these, I have been looking EvErYWHERE for them!

  7. that pink Rose fabric is the same as betsey johnson chair I bought at the store when they closed. oh my, so cute!

  8. I have 3 pairs of curtains (dry cleaned) and bench from store closed sale. I would like to sell them as I run out of room for these items.
    I also have many betsy johnson stuff. Let me know what you want to buy them. Or post at your web site?
    I have a raincoat, dresses, purse, wallet,jewelry,etc…
    I also have the betty paige green dress that I love so much!!!!
    I love your blog.


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