V.V x Tilt Tees for Space Monkeys!

My talented and good friend Tilt is a graffiti artist that travels the world decorating the streets with his beautiful vibrant works of art. Since collaborating with him years ago for kidrobot, we have been great friends ever since and thankfully keep in touch. He is really one of the most beautiful people I have ever met and always sends me cool emails updating me on his travels and packages/gifts that feature our collaborations. Recently he reached out to tell me that my portrait was on a wall in Toulouse France after he showed my photo to his friend Alex and just a few weeks ago he sent me a t-shirt he did with Space Monkeys! Now, this isn’t the first t-shirt, I was actually supposed to post the first style he sent me but got so caught up with my move it completely slipped my mind but finally I am able to show you guys both of the tees that I love so much! The Tilt x Space Monkeys “Jasmin” tee is still available but the Tilt x Jasmin tee (Me in heart Latex) is sold out until further notice. You may want to head on over to Space Monkeys to put in your order because smalls and mediums are already sold out! Here are photos of the t-shirts below!

I love the outfit and shoes Tilt designed on me. Yes, I was wearing clothes. He just gave me a more fashionable outfit! Tilt and I often battle over who has the biggest stripper shoe collection lol. He wins!The back of the t-shirt.
Here is the image of the other tee Tilt sent me a while back. I LOVE IT!WEPA!
Never thought I’d ever be on a t-shirt, I have to thank Tilt for making it happen! Love you!

Tilt x Jasmin. New York. 2010

Thank you so much Tilt! Keep blessing the world with your art!

Get your Tilt x Space Monkeys “Jasmin” tee by clicking here! 


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