Are you passionate about blogging?

I rarely ever post personal stuff on here but I am going to make a habit of it. I have been going through a lot of changes recently, many of which has taken my attention away from blogging. It dawned on me that my passion was dimming when I went a few days without posting and didn’t care. It seems that every social network I am connected to is flooded with ways I can advance as a blogger and my inbox is flooded with affiliate requests, inquiries about how I can make money blogging, and invitations to different social media websites like pinterest, pose, fashion this and fashion that. I have been blogging for a little over 7 years now and never thought this to be a business but more of something I did because I was passionate about it. Do not get me wrong, I do have rates for ads and have made business exchanges with brands because after all this is my lively hood and I work very hard on my posts. Not only do I put effort but I do not advertise or promote brands that do not fit the aesthetic of who I am. This blogging world has become so overly saturated that I hear the word “blog” and cringe. I remember at the start of my blogging career, blogging wasn’t so “cool” and saying you were a blogger meant you weren’t going to be taken seriously. Now this fad has become an explosion and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon blogging about things they are paid to talk about, things that don’t even fit their criteria, the personal and genuine aspect of it has gone out the window, and people who are actually passionate about blogging and genuinely dress for themselves and not for “likes” on lookbook have been overshadowed. I feel for bloggers who don’t abide religiously to trends and have fancy photographers because this is totally “in” right now in the blogging industry. I think it is important that we blog for the love of it, even if people do not understand our fashion choices, even if we don’t have fancy photographers, or lots of money to spend on fashion. Keep GOING. We don’t need all of these things to be relevant. I appreciate bloggers like myself who blog for the love before we blog for the money or popularity. To be honest, the money is great and all and I put in enough work to be paid but I could care less if it were there or not. Meaning, if we were still not getting paid for it..I’d still be here writing. That could also be because I am not a money hungry person to begin with. I do not half-ass anything that I put out on my blog and If I am not passionate about a brand and their message, I will professionally and kindly decline no matter how much money a brand is offering. Very often I get a pitch and end up seeing a bunch of fashion blogs days later all with the same post promoting that same brand. This is not genuine. This is not the direction I want for my blog, this is not the message I want to send to my readers. I only put out unique content, unique content that is personal and reflects who I am and what I love. I want to educate you all and spread awareness of great brands, not write about a brand that may be of low quality just because I was paid to do it or just because other blogs are doing it. I blog about what I love and if the product is of low quality, is too expensive, or does not fit the description or aesthetic of who I am, I will not do the post. Blogging should be genuine, fun, and personal, not robotic, recycled, and staged.

Be passionate or find a different hobby. Your audience can tell the difference.

For example, I used to be a dancer and I was fairly good at it. I was about to embark on a career in dancing till one day at dance practice. I happened to look around at everyone who arrived extra early to stretch, stayed extra late to practice, and lived for the art of dancing. Here I was, on stage taking photos for Latina Magazine, going to castings for commercials, and watching this career develop but seeing how passionate they were and how I was just doing it because I was good at it made me realize that I may be taking away from them by embarking in this dancing career that I wasn’t passionate about. I quit dancing that same exact day and everyone questioned my departure. However, I did what was right and someone who is really passionate about dancing deserved to be on stage..not me.

Also, I do not feel the need to be on every single social network to remain relevant to the blogging industry. Nothing against social media but I already have my hands full with twitter, tumblr, facebook, and instagram. My favorite is tumblr because I can inspire and be inspired by blogging and reblogging images I love. Instagram is a view into my life through pictures and more personal than tumblr so I like that as well. I just feel like so many bloggers feel like they HAVE to be on all of these platforms and they don’t. Like I said, blogging should be fun, not robotic. We can all reach our highest potential in other ways.

I think it is important that we do things with “love”. It is important that we follow what we are passionate about despite being good at some things. My passion has been dimming but after a few days of regrouping my thoughts and seeking inspiration from old films, art, and the ambitiousness endeavors of my creative like-minded friends, I am back to being inspired and that fire is slowly but surely shinning bright. I wasn’t/am not throwing up that white flag, I have worked too hard blogging and put in too many hours of my life into it to quit now. I just needed a break from it all to freshen up a bit and bring something new and vibrant to the table. It is my responsibility as a public figure of fashion blogging to keep inspiring and keep growing as a person and with my career.

To all of you who have been supportive, thank you because you too have inspired me to keep the ball rolling and focus on the real prize. I hope that you all continue to do what inspires you and makes you happy.


26 Comments on “Are you passionate about blogging?

  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. We have all been there, I think. Although my blog is about music and movies and other pop culture media, I get frustrated by the oversaturation of pop culture blogs that are all jockeying for position, wanting to break that new MP3 first or talk about the latest Kanye West single or whatever. I would much rather talk about stuff that I love or that our writers love than try to get more site hits by blogging about whatever is “hot” at the moment. That has been my focus and intention from Day 1, but it is easy to get overwhelmed and burned out trying to remain relevant while still staying true to your own vision, so I can relate to your feelings in that capacity. I respect your aesthetic and approach to fashion and blogging about it because you are very honest and sincere in everything you do. I think those qualities are more important than ANYTHING else in every art form, whether it is fashion, music, writing, movies, comics, etc.

  2. P.S. No offense to Kanye West, by the way. I don’t care for him or his music, but my point was more that people seem to want to post about him because he’s popular, not because they really like his music.

    • This is exactly my point. I just made a statement about those ugly sneakers he just launched. Though I do like his music, I do have selective taste. Most people in the world would like anything he puts out even if its garbage just to be a part of the “hype”. It is terrible and I wonder if people know who they are or what they like anymore. They’ve become robots. Thank you for your feedback dollface ❤

  3. This post sums up very much how I feel about blogging. I enjoy it and like to share my own personal stuff in making clothes and the other things I create but also I get days when I just can’t be bothered to blog about this stuff. It seems every man and his dog has a blog these days and it’s becoming much harder to find the true bloggers who publish because they want to share about themselves and their loves amongst those jumping on the bandwagon and blogging about what either on trend or in fashion. It’s nice to read your blog because I see the amount of work that you put into it and it is you and not publishing the same stuff some people do just to get hits.

    I sometimes get overwhelmed by the number of blog pushing sites and spam comments saying they can increase hits to your blog and then can’t really be bothered with them and think that if you blog is good enough people will read it. Even if it apart of your job/business etc it shouldn’t feel like a chore because once it does it will reflect in your writing.

    Anyway without gushing like a fan girl, I really like your blog and it’s style, I can see that you really do put a lot of effort into and so I look forward to reading it once you’re back from your break.


    ps sorry for the long comment

    • Natasha, please don’t be sorry for your comment. It is very much appreciated. Thank you for understanding where I am coming from. This blog thing has gotten out of hand and I do enjoy seeing more genuine blogs with unique content than the blogs I see gaining fame by playing it “safe”. May I have a link to your blog? I would like to add it to my blogroll. Thank you for your feedback it was greatly appreciated.

  4.  I just typed a huge response and the computer crashed 😦 You could not have said it any better, kudos! I personally started blogging this past January because I wanted to share my passion of vintage inspired clothing with women from all over…not seek additional income like you mention so many do. It is about being genuine with your readers and not promote something you wouldn’t even buy for yourself. They will respect you to no end if you are honest and truthful about the good  & bad…it’s about educating my readers to make informed purchases. My goal is to help others and that is truly why I blog.  Thank you for sharing your journey with us…you are definitely an inspiration to the younger generation that want to carry the torch 🙂   

  5. Love that you keep it real and you stand by what you believe in. Nothing has changed since you were a kid. Thats why we love you.

  6. I really love and appreciate this post. There’s very limited written content, of quality, in the fashion blogoshere. Its a breath of fresh air to see the face behind the blog. Even if its words that paint the face. Checkout my Art/Fashion blog. I’d greatly appreciate your feedback. If I don’t hear back from you. Just keep doing what your doing hun. Job well done.

  7. Oh, if I got 50$ for every time somebody asked my “But why do you blog?” I guess I would have a decent amount of money by now. But I don´t. I don´t even advertise. I don´t make money off of my blog. I love to write. I love to help others through my writing and I love to inspire women to live their life in the best way possible. I want to give them a hiding place, some place they can come to and say “Yes, that´s me! I thought I was the only one!” THERE IS NO OTHER REASON! For God´s sake, other´s spend their time in front of the TV, doing nothing but consuming.

    And yes: Personal, passionate content is a hard thing to find. I adore your personal blog posts, because it let´s me know more about you, a bit from “behind the scenes”. I don´t come here as much for the fashion as rather for the person and your passion for fashion.

    Thank you for your wonderful post!

  8. After reading your post, I am proud to say that I don’t feel bad about not being able to blog everyday because I feel like I am competing with millions of bloggers who blog about the same thing. I knew when I started my blog back in December 2009 that I was going to have massive competition. What I was not going to do what was blog about things just to get more hits; more likes on Facebook; and more Twitter followers.

  9. AMEN. You are 100% correct – I’m fed up with how commercialised blogging has become, & often I must work to find a glimpse of individuality in a sea of the SAME. You go girl xx

  10. Omg I love this because I totally agree blogging has become something big n back then it wasn’t so big. But I totally agree you should do what your most passionate about I’ve been doin hair at home for yrs you know this I’ve even worked at barbershops and salons.
    I put what makes me happy to the side to pay bills n letting creative ideas go to waste but not no more I’m gonna go for it!!!
    This is a perfect ex: your blog and your words are real your an awesome girl Jazzy and I’m glad to know you 🙂 keep up the great work because your blog is truly inspiring and entertaining so GO GIRL!!

  11. I sometimes forget how long I’ve been blogging. I love to look back at posts I wrote when my children were babies and I was half crazy, lol. I have been blogging much more recently, because I finally have more time for it. I’ve been making things nearly every week and haven’t been this excited about being creative in a long time.

    I do, sometimes, feel like I am posting into a void. I have been fortunate to get a bit more traffic lately, which has led to positive feedback, which is always nice. But I am in a good place with inspiration to post, and I am not putting pressure on myself to keep up with or compete with anyone.

  12. beautiful post. I think so many bloggers need to be reminded of this, myself included. I’ve always felt that blogging should come from the heart – one of the reasons my posts aren’t super regular – it’s so important for bloggers not to blog robotically like you said. Unfortunately too many people want to become the next Rumi Neely or Tavi and what the invites to fashion week and the press days and what not. This is a really great post, because I believe that those bloggers who have gone on to be “famous” have done so because of their raw passion because at the end of it all passion is what is going to keep you going through the bad times, passion is what is going to take you to the good times and passion is what shows through your posts and captivates your readers. It’s posts like this that make me remember why I fell in love with your blog 🙂

  13. Personally i blog because i no longer work in the photography industry as an assistant. so i needed that creative aspect in my life. i wouldn’t say i was passionate about blogging but it keeps me sane .

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  15. Love this post. I can relate. I went into a kitchen to get a job, I told people I was “passionate” about it and it was my “calling”; however, when I looked around, almost everyone was more passionate than me. They were going home and cooking great meals while reading food text books. I wasn’t doing any of these things. People in the kitchen always say, “stay calm, we aren’t saving lives we are just cooking fries” and one day that saying hit me like a bag of bricks. I thought “why don’t I go save lives instead?” Thats exactly what I am doing now. I have been in school for 3 years (I didn’t do well in high school) and I have 3 more to go, but I am becoming a Nurse and I go home everyday with a light in my eyes that cooking never provided to me. Finding the real “you” is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.
    Thanks Vinny I Love you Blog because when I read it, I can almost taste your love and passion for it.
    – Cody88T

  16. Great post, as someone who is fairly new to blogging I can really appreciate your point of view. I don’t ever want to be inauthentic on my blog or in any aspect of my life. Keep up the good work and continue to fill your inspiration tank.

  17. So glad you wrote this post! For those of us who blog bc we love what we do and thats that-you gave us a voice-thank you! xox

  18. I have also been blogging for several years and have gone through many sites because of trying to be interested in something I wasn’t. I’ve always loved both writing and art, but I had to step back and see what I really wanted to write about, despite people throwing out the ideas of “what I should do” or “where I should go with it.” Early on I had the alternative problem that I was trying to be too unique in my content and it lead to a lot of over thinking. I’ve learned how this is a huge mistake because the art and writing that I do for me is something that I have to do. Especially as a social wallflower this is my only means of expressing and connecting to people from all walks of life.
    I think you’re my favorite blogger merely because you truly look like you love fashion and your creativity and honesty shines through which is truly nice to witness in a sea of copycats.

  19. this is well put out jasmine +it does take a specific personality to know when to keep things under a topic you do so well (like nyc, fashion and all of your events, which I tremendously enjoy!) and when to expose or present personal feelings as such.

    I have been through many personal tough times in which I considered blogging the last priority, and I did. I was away for about 18mos. +couldn’t see myself posting, ever again. I am now mentally stronger I started to see the connections, friendships, and monumental support while grieving, most of them good things that I had built around me by being in the blogging community since I started bloggin, in 2008.

    It was up to me whether or not if I wanted to return to that creative+positive aspect of my online presence, which I just recently decided to. My voice, interests +priorities in life have switched a few notches – however my audience continues to support+stop by for the same reason – i do it because I find pleasure in doing so, with different views, but the same passion. and that was has been very touching and rewarding.

    again, thx for sharing +continue to do the things you like, whether or not they change a bit which is only natural throughout time, as an audience +blogger myself, it is very obvious when people do it from the heart, and not to be robotic, or a sheep.

    paz+ ❤ -xxomeli

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  21. I have been following your blog by email, I don’t always respond but this post pulled at me.

    Thank you for posting this, I am a semi new blogger but it’s not for everyone it’s for me, my family & my friends. I am passionate about my family && passionate about keeping my long distance family up-to-date. I love talking about my family & I love taking pictures of my family. I don’t claim I’m a professional except with taking family pictures. So as our families journey continues & I document it, I will remember to be passionate about it!

    Thanks 🙂

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