Fleet week with friends & family!

It was fleet week in New York so it was only right that I bust out a brand new pinup outfit by Stop Staring to welcome our troops. There were ships docked along the dumbo coast line and I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like for the women in the early 40’s who waited for their husbands to come back home from the war. There is something endearing and romantic about the emotions shown in the photos ive seen of couples reuniting after WW2. My favorite being Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photo “The Kiss”. Alfred captured a beautiful moment of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square at the end of the war. Every girl who follows the rockabilly lifestyle dreams of a moment just like it. The only thing I’d change is the location, modern Times Square gives me anxiety lol. Anyway, I spent fleet week with my friends and family and we relaxed and enjoyed the view of the city skyline whilst walking around the park. It was the perfect day  and just what I needed after a rough few weeks. Check out the photos inside!Pirates! 😉
My gal pal Tammy, her lovely friend Katherine, me, rex, and my lil sis! Wish my mom was in this photo too! Look at how happy Rex looks surrounded by women lol.It was so nice to spend time with my lil sis. I am so proud of the woman she is and woman she is becoming. Love you!I was finally reunited with my long-time friend Tammy. She has such great energy and a wonderful personality that never changes. So happy we got to hang out!I got this Stop Staring playsuit at Viva Las Vegas recently, I saw it while modeling for them and just had to have it!I wore the playsuit with my vintage wicker purse, earrings, and cat eye glasses. My shoes are by Christian Louboutin.look, we are orange!Love the new carousel they put near the Brooklyn bridge!Love this abandoned 19th century tobacco warehouse too.Doing pin-up poses in my pin-up get-up!Ive gotten better at creating my pompadour, I think it’s time for a tutorial!
No one makes a sexier shoe than Christian Louboutin!You know, just here, steppin on boulders.lolHow cute is my friend Tammy! She has the cutest dimples I have ever seen!I love this photo of us!Adios amigos!


8 Comments on “Fleet week with friends & family!

  1. It was such a nice relaxing day. Too bad we couldn’t take pictures with the Sailors because it started to Thunder and rain. Great pics.

  2. That play suit is super cute!! I wish I could wear something like that…maybe one day!! You look fab!


  3. What can I say more? You are so gorgeous with that vintage make up. You remind me of someone huge but I can’t recognize who is she. Marilyn Monroe maybe??? Well Im looking forward you tutorial for this vintage look. I love how you work on your lips.

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