The Grand Performance car show!

Last weekend, my dad had his very first car show in Queens so I was very excited to attend and see the beautiful classic cars lined up the block. I take advantage of events like this because they are more scarce here than they are in California. Often I find myself wanting to take the first flight to Cali just so I could see more of these classic beauty’s and still experience more of the rockabilly culture as they both go hand in hand. However, now that my dad has thrown such a successful event, I am almost positive he will throw another one. Maybe I won’t have to move to Cali after all? ;). Anyway, I went to the car show in classic-car-fashion. I wore my Primark retro top and skirt with a vintage belt and hat box as my purse. I added a little edge to my outfit by wearing my brand new clou spiked Christian Louboutin shoes that I have been dying to wear. Of course my outfit couldn’t be complete with out some retro gems like my vintage glasses and my arrow hair clip. I also styled my hair to look short to stay cool because it was hot out. It was the perfect outfit for a car show and I was ready to see all of the beautiful cars!
Of course the first car I see is my friend Sal’s pink Cadillac! Sal loves Elvis more than I do, and that’s a lot!His whole car is decked out in Elvis memorabilia!ELVISI love taking pics with this car!
Whilst taking this photo, I was praying to god that this car would be mine someday lol.A girl can dream..but I dreamt of these shoes moons ago and I got them! There must be hope!
Me and Sal have been pals for a while now. He always tells me when there are car shows. He is the best! He is also a lip syncing Elvis!!LMAO! Go SAL!Oh man, he had us cracking up. Love this man!I had to sing along of course lol.I was so happy that my uncle Edwin came to hang out at the show!
There was a pretty amazing lineup of cars at the show. I was so impressed!
What a beauty!Muscle cars!My favorite muscle car was..of course my dads Nova 68!Too cute!Cheese!
wowowowow.I had to..Edwin and my Dad!what a beauty!
Candy apple red!My dream car, me, my dad’s friend Roman, and another cute car!
Pow Pow!Looks like a boat!Oh man, I fell in loveee with this baby!Me and this car go together like my outfit!Speaking of my outfit, here is a closeup of some of my accessories. These are one of my favorite vintage cat eye glasses. My arrow hair clips are from Reminiscence and my earrings are by Tarina Tarantino. I wear these earrings in every color, all the time.I don’t know how I didn’t realize this Primark collection was a knock off of Prada but even after finding out I did the Kanye shrug. Same ish, better price. I figure, for the amount I spent on the Prada shades, I saved some with this outfit lolol!Yes, I had to take a picture of my clou shoes again. UNF.I swear I was about to really drive off with this car.Another Nova, only green!
Tio Edwin and my beautiful Momma!
How cool is this car!?!?!?Mom wanted me to focus but I was more focused on the interior lolSal won a trophy for one of the best cars in show!My dad’s boss John and his son holding a trophy. John and my dad did a great job throwing such a wonderful car show. I hope they throw another one soon!


8 Comments on “The Grand Performance car show!

  1. Nice pic, yes your right starting every year from April thur October every wednesday in El cajon,ca they have a car show and every thursday in la mesa, Ca we I live they have it as well, so for 6 months out of the year you get to see the most beautiful classic events ever 🙂

  2. Where is this dress from? I must have it!! I followed the link you posted but didn’t see it on the site.

  3. Happy I found someone from the show it was a great show!! Im from the area and took some pics im gonna try to post them by tomorrow check me out at

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