What I wore today: 05.12.12

I know it’s been a while since I have done a WIWT post but don’t fret, I have just been super busy and swamped with work and life that I haven’t had much time to document anything. However, the other day I spent time with my family in Astoria and snapped enough shots for an outfit post. After hearing about the Betsey Johnson downfall, I was inspired and just had to drench myself in her designs. This is one of her tattoo printed dresses I have had sitting in my closet itching for spring to come so I could wear it. Finally I did and paired it with my favorite Betsey Babe cardigan and vintage head scarf. I went with simple black pumps as my dress was already quite busy and my Prada glasses that matched my scarf and sweater perfectly! This is definitely one of my favorite outfits I have worn this year. I can’t wait to utilize my other Betsey dresses I haven’t worn!Turquois is the sister of teal. Teal is my favorite color. I love them both. The end.I love how my Betsey Babe cardigan brings out the colors in my dress!I literally have this cardigan in like every color imaginable. I love it that much. It goes so perfectly with my vintage scarf!I promise to do tutorials on head scarves soon as I get a break.

Long live Betsey!


6 Comments on “What I wore today: 05.12.12

  1. Very very nice! You represent 50/60’s vintage style so well its ridiculous…I’m sure young men take notice of you but have you ever found that a lot of older men love it too…if so I wouldn’t be surprised…You’re one of the best I’ve seen yet…Its like back to the future for real…lol

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