V.V x Lone star Pinups pt.4!

This is part 4 of my amazing shoot with Lone Star Pinups at the Jane! We did 2 really dark looks and this was one of them. The dress that I am wearing is from my vintage archive and is still one of my favorite dresses to date. I actually premiered this dress on my 21st birthday and it was crazy how much feedback I got when I wore it. I wore it with nude undergarments so I was practically naked but not really. It was certainly risky and one of my craziest outfits. It caused such ruckus at the time and I remember having tons of girls ask me where I got my dress from immediately after I wore it and posted photos. Fortunately I bought it at the Salvation Army when I was in high school so this wasn’t something that could be easily duplicated and I have to admit being happily selfish about that. This is why I love vintage, many pieces can be imitated but it is difficult to be duplicated. All pieces are limited and are treasure to those who behold them. I just had to wear it for this shoot and knew it would be utilized effectively and I was so right. Everything in these photos is vintage except for my fur stole by Betsey Johnson. To see more just type “Lone Star Pinups” in my search box!Photographer: Erin Shepard (Lone Star Pin-ups)

Hair & Makeup: Josephine Love

Wardrobe styling: V.V

Stay tuned for pt.5!


3 Comments on “V.V x Lone star Pinups pt.4!

  1. Super Sexy. I almost had a heart attack the first time you wore that dress, however, You did look amazing in it.

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