Channeling my dark side.

Last week I was in a particularly dark mood, well not really in terms of my mood but inspired by a post I did about 4 years ago at an Agent Provocateur fashion show when I wore an all black ensemble with black lipstick. Weird, but many times when I need inspiration I just look back at my older posts and I always find something and I haven’t sported a dark lip in a while so that was the inspiration. I didn’t want to go all black on this day despite having an important meeting to attend but I still wanted to stick with the idea so I wore a deep shade of purple lipstick, smokey eyes, and a Betsey Johnson jacket and dress combo. “When all else fails resort to Betsey” my friend Andrea would say..and because most of my clothes were in boxes because I was moving…I went with it. My leather purse was also Betsey, go figure. I kept my accessories light as always and went with some silver rings and my favorite black fluorescent Tarina Tarantino skull studs. I also went with my Christian Louboutin booties that have been collecting dust since I bought them because I was waiting for the perfect opportunity. This was definitely it. They matched my outfit perfectly!

I have this jacket in a Marilyn print as well. I just love it so much I must have it in many color ways. I love that wearing this one with the dress isn’t overkill. Such great colors!Of course I had to belt it. I belt everything. I like to accentuate the waist.My Betsey Johnson purse has become my favorite go-to item as well. It just matches most of what I wear on a regular day basis. Her leather bags really hold up well. I’ve had many of mine for years and they are still in pristine condition.

How amazing are these Christian Louboutin booties!!! Not sure why I haven’t utilized them since I got them but I must be on drugs. I will definitely bust out these bad boys some more.

Oh..and despite looking like an evil step-child, my meeting went great!


13 Comments on “Channeling my dark side.

  1. Damn those CL’s are BAMF! Your whole outfit means business! LOOOVE! And I cant wait for the post showing off your new apartment! xo

  2. There isn’t a piece of your wardrobe that I wouldn’t wish for. If I ever had the opportunity to steal all of it, I’m sorry I would without batting an eye. Thanks for sharing!

  3. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This ensemble has my name all over it holy crap!!!!!!!!! I LOVE!!!

  4. Wow you look amazing!! Those shoes are insane, and I love how the colours go perfectly. You make the dark lip look so natural, somehow!! Love it
    (p.s. heard the sad news about Betsey yet?)

  5. OMGGGGG those Loubs are amazing Jazmin!!! I need those puppies ASAP! xoxoxo You rocked them perfectly 🙂

  6. You should definately be someone’s personal stylist since you have such great style.
    You look lovely as always.

  7. I love this outfit; the lipstick color is dope! Definitely inspiring my outfit for tomorrow 🙂

  8. Oh wow!!! We (me and the wifey) absolutely love this look!! Fantastic!!

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! How many times can I say I love this whole entire ensemble? I had to comment! This ensemble is no exception – fantastic as usual! Nothing I love more than a purple lip – wear it on down days from time to time. Lunch soon!

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