V.V x Lone Star Pinups pt.3!

When I collaborated with photographer Erin Shepard, photographer of Lone Star Pin-up’s, we shot so many looks I decided to break up the post into segments. We shot at the Jane and it was an amazing experience to actually shoot with someone who specializes in pin-up photography and also have the talented Josephine Love do my hair and makeup. Josephine was a gift from god because that girl is the only person I know who can manage this hair of mine. I also like how she did my makeup, it was clean and simple and I still looked like me. This look was a more sensual look as I wore my Agent Provocateur snake-skin lace set, Josephine’s fur stole, my vintage black gloves and hat, topshop pumps, and my H&M vintage inspired jewelry. Check out our work inside! Meooowww.
 It was so much fun to work with these ladies if you would like to book any of them just visit ErinShepard.com and Josephinelove.com.


5 Comments on “V.V x Lone Star Pinups pt.3!

  1. They look amazing!!! Can’t wait to see all of them! And josephine is a hair goddess! Can’t wait to shoot and have her do my hair!

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