Steampunk chic!

If Tank Girl was a real person, she’d look at this dress as the dress of alllll dresses. Hell, she’d probably get married in it. This style is called the ‘Lucy’ Bandage Dress and not only is it sexy and comfortable, but it has a sexy steampunk edge to it with the metal hardware and bandage cut-outs. I have never owned a body-con dress and was amazed at how this type of bondage fit works on a curvy girl. This would be my first one thanks to my friend Murray from Style Me Celeb. He introduced me to the brand and basically the e-shop caters to people who not only love fashion but love to dress like their favorite celebrities. Now he knows I don’t care much for celebrities or to dress like them but I do love fashion and after seeing the great selection of body-con dresses on this website and having a dress of my own that I cannot wait to wear…I would have to say I am a new fan. When I am not doing my rockabilly thing and I just want to look sleek and chic, I know which dress to turn to ;).Body-con dresses are a dream for curvy girls.Love the rib cut-outs.Even the back has detail!

Here are some other styles I love:

Check out Style Me Celeb now ❤


8 Comments on “Steampunk chic!

  1. Wish I had that body, I would have definately purchased that dress. You looked lovely in that dress.

  2. im in love with that dress though i dont really wear dresses but this looks amazing

  3. I love the dress!!!, but I won’t describe this style as Steampunk. If you had a mechanical arm harness or hand harness that had nuts and bolts then we’re going somewhere.

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