Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 6!

It was my last day in Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas convention and I tried my best to make the most out of my day before I was on that plane right back to NYC. Josephine left that morning back home and we were so sad and missed her very much. I wish she was with us on my last day. Derek, Enchante, and I had plans earlier in the week to visit Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef and didn’t get the chance to so on this day we decided that would be our first plan. On our way to the Shark Reef we went to this awesome mexican restaurant called “Border Grill” for some noms because we were starving. The food was great, the service was great, and just looking at the photos makes me want to go back to Vegas. After we stuffed ourselves, we attended the Shark Reef aquarium where me and Enchante looked at all of the beautiful sea life in awe. We are both love the ocean so we were like two kids at a candy store. The aquarium was beautiful and relaxing since we got there so early. However, I couldn’t stay long as I had a meeting at the Cosmopolitan with  Secrets in Lace president Dan Whitsett. I had never been to the Cosmopolitan but god it was a dream when I saw how glamorous this hotel was. There were chandeliers everywhere, millions of crystals, giant show sculptures, and portraits of shoes dipped in chocolate. This hotel was chic and I was totally loving it. My meeting was just as awesome and I cannot wait to show you what is in store for I had Derek and Enchante join me and we were all inspired by the story behind this wonderful brand. I was so enlightened that I got carried away with the time and had to cancel one of my photo shoots but it was ok as I was really tired any way. I don’t like to do shoots when I am not 100% at my best energetically or passionately. Had I went to that shoot, I would have done a terrible job. So I was off to the pool for some R&R and also took some last-minute photos with Enchante by some cool classic cars before I had to head upstairs to pack and be on my way. Check out some photos inside!Mandalay Bay!Ironically, the outfit I had planned for my last day at viva fit in with all of my activities. I looked like a safari pinup! I just needed a different hat;). This militant look has become one of my signature looks. I just love it.
My Besty and his bella Enchy! She wore one of her new Beach Bash Beach Wear dresses from the Bettie Page Clothing store.Border Grill!
Oh man, we definitely ate well in Vegas.I’m ready!DROOL.DROOOOOL.Off to the Shark Reef…but not before doing….this! loll..lololol..lololol…lolol…lolhaha!The entrance to the Shark Reef was so prettyyyy.How pretty does Enchy look!?Fishies!Look at this sassy komodo dragon!piranhas!Hugging lizards<3That guy on top of us looks uncomfortable lollWoot woot!aww!Jelly fishing!Sea life everywhere!Finally a pic with all 3 of us!Sting rays!The most fashionable lion fish in that shark reef.Giant star fish!My favorite. Ze octopus. This Octy was dancing all around the tank giving us a show.Wish you could see the fishes below our feet!SHARK!tons of them.
so beautiful![insert shark panic music here]That’s all for the shark reef folks. You have to see it in person though. So damn cool! For those of you wondering, my romper is by Betsey Johnson, my boots are by Zara, and my belt, hat, and shades are vintage.I  love Enchy’s new Beach Bash Beach Wear dress!My favorite couple!Enchante, princess of the sea!
Jasmin McSharkington and Enchante Jawsclaws.LMAO!The Cosmopolitannnnnnn!I like shiny things.This place has lots of shiny things. Just look at the glittery floors!Chocolate shoesss!Looks like a telescope.DREAM SHOE!See look! They fit!!I wanted to take this giant shoe home with me.Enchante and this crazy pink stiletto that had a corset heel and toe!WEPA!

I wish I had photos of my meeting but…even better, I will have a dedicated post on what we spoke about soon!

Off to the pool!Enchante looking lovely in her new swim suit, shoes, parasol, and vintage bag.Pool was packed for a sunday!SALUTE! It was ironic that my swimsuit went so well underneath my general outfit. It was one of those perfect outfit days where I didn’t really have to change at all.Even more Ironic, I wore my Meshalo Swimsuit with my vintage playboy shorts that just so happened to match perfectly as well!Hawt momma!WEEEEPPPPAAA~!Looking mighty healthy lol. Visit Meshalo to see their selection of great swimwear!Classic cars near by!UNF.Oof.Of course we took photo opps!lol we can never stay serious for too long.Bang Bang!BOSS lady.

After R&R by the pool and some photo opps we all went to get a grab to eat and I am going to end this post on the lovely outfit Enchante wore!

Good times! Great trip!

Till next year Viva Las Vegas!


6 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 6!

  1. Dat ass!! Your friend has the best shoes and her bathing suit is bomb!

  2. Great post as always. I must visit that Aquarium when I go next year. You guys look great as always. Glad you had so much fun.

  3. I absolutely love that photo of you in the jumbo sized black heel. Man I miss hanging out with you, your mom, and Edson last year. Hopefully I beat cancer this year so ER can all hang out again next year. I’d love to shoot you. Tata!!

    Rodriguez family

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