Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 5!

Day 5 of my trip to Vegas for Viva Las Vegas was muy caliente! My day started early when I was set to be at the Stop Staring booth at the car show at 9:45am for a photo shoot. I was so ecstatic to be modeling for one of my favorite vintage reproduction brands and also very nervous as I haven’t really modeled in a while. However, after meeting the designer Alicia and her wonderful crew I became more at ease. They were really sweet and awesome people to collaborate with and the photographer was great too. The first outfit I modeled was a playsuit in which I had to take with me back home with the matching shorts as well. The second outfit was one of my signature looks in an army green dress I paired with my vintage army general hat I had with me for my day 6 outfit. Both shoots deemed successful and I can’t wait to see what Stop Staring has planned for them. It really has been amazing collaborating with them. Of course in the mix of it all I ended up leaving with a bunch of other stuff from their amazing new collection but you will all have to wait and see when I post it on my blog later ;). After the shoot I was off to Caesars because through out my entire trip I have been dying to go see one of my favorite shops in Las Vegas, the Bettie Page Clothing store. Derek and Enchante had never been to the store so I was excited to bring them as well. We had a BLAST trying on a bunch of dresses and it felt so good to be back after a year and see the brand/shop get better and better each time. The new collection was phenomenal and it was so hard for us to choose what we wanted to take home with us. While we were rummaging around the store we noticed a Retro Lovely magazine on top of one of the tables that had Derek Santiago’s work in it, what a coincidence! After trying on almost everything at the store Enchante and I left with a bunch of goodies! Enchante found herself an amazing bullet bra by Secrets in Lace, a Beach Bash Beach Wear dress, and a ravishing red Bettie Page dress you just have to see! Enchantes finds are proof you can find everything you need at the BPC store. I left with a few things as well, my favorite being this really amazing green dress called Alika from the new BPC collection. We had such a great time there before we were back off to the car show to check out the vendors. Because I was modeling earlier, I didn’t really have time to. If you thought my photos of the Vendors inside of the Orleans was good, you don’t want to miss these! I discovered some really amazing brands like Kitsch designers The Crave Yard who design and create retro brooches, wallets, and other cute things and milinary designer Portia Lynn Dahl who makes wonderful hats. I also met a very lovely lady named Andrea who had a cute booth with her amazing accessories called “Cutie Dynamite” and I saw my girl Raquel Reed there too! Too bad we didn’t get a pic of us! I also found a beautiful bowling bag with amazing pinstriped detail at this booth called “Sinners Plus” a brand who caters to curvy girls. I fell in love with it and just had to have it. I also found a bunch of other cool booths as well and you can see the photos inside. Upon leaving I had to say hi to my favorite pinup lady Lisa Love, she was signing her prints and had crowds of people asking for her much so that it was hard for me to get through to hug her lol. After the Car Show we were off to the Jacuzzi at the pool for some R&R. My legs were shotttt and I just wanted to relax. Check out the photos inside!Ready like spaghetti!Josephine was getting ready for her hair and makeup appointments and touched up my tresses before I left to the shoot. Such a doll.At the Stop Staring booth!………trying not to shop.Thanks to Enchante, I got lots of great behind the scenes footage of my shoot. So prepare to see the camera man, his bag, and the lens poking out from the sides of my photos.The cars were amazing!I through this outfit together in 2 minutes because I hardly had time for anything. I also hardly had any of my stuff with me so I paired this playsuit with a Forever 21 sweater I found at Buffalo Exchange earlier that week, my Christian Louboutin shoes, a vintage black belt, and my Retro Super Future shades.I also borrowed a killer clutch from Josephine.I was amazed at how this playsuit fit my curvy little midget body lol.WEPA!Jason was a pleasure to work with.That’s a wrap for the first outfit!Outfit dose!I meant business with this dress 😉I also modeled it without the hat a few times.Love these shots!Such a great dress!Meow<3Loved modeling with the Viva rat rod!
There were so many cute kids at the car show! This one wanted to take a photo with me. He was so cute!Omg. How adorable is this mother and daughter combo?

Off to Caesars!

My favorite couple in the world excited to see Caesars!Enchante looked darling in her Buffalo Exchange finds and managed to make a full outfit out of the things she purchased! Her Mermaid bag matched her mermaid floral dress. She looked so pretty.I wore one of my Buffalo Exchange finds on this day too. This dress is amazing and so comfortable for the walking we did.cheese!How pretty does Enchy look!? She even bought herself a Mermaid parasol at the Vendors in the Orleans that went with her outfit as well!Caesars is so beautiful and clean.We came across this beautiful shrine and Enchy fell in love!So cute!If you haven’t figured it out yet..Enchante loves mermaids lol.
Sea Horses!
Ugly fish. lolCasino tackiness lolol.I died when I saw this Versace add. It is sooo good.Shoes!Finally! The Bettie Page Store!!!! They also have one at Miracle Mile that you should all check out!On the way in we bumped into some familiar faces from the Bettie Page Reveals All premier. Such lovely people!
I also was so happy to see my favorite BPC girl Crystal, whom I met last year! She is such a sweety and so very helpful as well as the other BPC girls.Enchy loved the Juke Box out front. So did I.
Dress heaven!The BPC store also sells artwork by my favorite artist Olivia De Berardinis!
Olivia Books and Vintage Hairstyling as well. So helpful for pinups who want to perfect their retro look!We also found a recent issue of Retro Lovely that had Derek’s work in it!

Before you knew it, Enchante and I had arms full of apparel and had to try them on!

First time must be the charm because Enchante ended up leaving with this sassy little number! It is called the Megan Pencil dress; the key hole in the front and the flap collar on the back makes this one unique piece any girl would want in her closet. I would have gotten it too if I didn’t already have it in black! 😉Wepa!I tried on this AMAZING Glitz Gold Bolero and dress number and didn’t want to take it off. I felt like a 1950’s Hollywood actress!I love Goooooooldddd.
This Alika dress was my favorite. So much so I left with it. I loved the cross hatch knit at the top and the bow cinch at the waist. It was just lovely and I can’t wait to really wear it!I was so glad Enchy tried this Captain Blue pencil fit dress. I love this dress so much I already have it in this color way and the white as well.Faces of excitement lolThis is a discontinued style and it was so unfortunate because I love it so much! The candy stripes made me feel like I needed to wear this to Coney Island here in NY!Love Love Love!Shirt dresses are my favorite!Enchante fell in love with this retro printed Margarita Beach Bash dress. The color, print, and back were a win win win!
I tried on something yellow of my own like this Violetta Beach Bash playsuit. I nearly died when I tried it on! How cute is this! The skirt is removable!Tada!These BPC girls were so helpful.The deed is done! Thank you BPC!Off we go!But not before taking just a feeewww more pics at the beautiful Caesars palace.To the car show!I fell in love with this dress. Not sure who it is by but I took a pic of it anyway.This is the Kitsch designers I was boasting about above! The Crave Yard!These sweet and talented ladies create their own retro prints from scratch! Look at their aprons, totes, and oven hits!They also create these amazing retro brooches!..and wallets!
My favorite were the brooches, it was so hard to choose which one I wanted!So cute!My favorite!Love these too!The colors were amazing!I had to leave with this one and have worn it already since that day! I have never seen a company create retro brooches these days and was so glad to have come across The Crave Yard!I fell in love with this gold dress at the Swimsuits by Mary booth. Too bad it was already sold!This beautiful lady is a minilary designer whose hats caught my attention from afar! Her name is Portia Lynn Dahl.How amazing and creative are these hats!? She also makes cute hair accessories like the birds you see on the side.It was like entering a candy store!I loved this card hat. Too fricken cool!I also love this floral hat on the mannequin head.Talent!Bling also joined in the car show with candy covered compacts, cell phone covers, and nail art!Drool.So good so good so good.Love the nails as well!This cutie patootie is Andrea and she is the creative mind behind Cutie Dynamite. She had tons of sparkly accessories and we all know girls are like cats, we like anything shiny and sparkly.  I fell in love with her hair accessories and necklaces!So cute!Love the Barbie shades!Need those bones!Such great necklaces!Lisa Love’s booth!This print was a collaboration between Lisa Love and my best friend Derek Santiago. I love it!This is a Lisa Love portrait by her talented husband and artist Julian Mendoza.The pretty Lisa Love signing prints!I loved her candles! Too cute!This is the Sinners Plus booth where I found my amazing vintage bowling bag!I don’t bowl so I am definitely using it as a purse!Sweet!My day is to the jacuzzi with my gal pal Josephine.Josephine had just purchased this awesome bathing suit at the car show with me earlier. She looks great in it!
I went to the pool full-blown Newyorican in my Meshalo Swimsuit, Puerto Rican bandana, and my vintage Playboy shorts.

Viva Puerto Rico in Viva Las Vegas!

Stay tuned for day 6!


18 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 5!

  1. that stop staring play suit is so cute! you look fab in it!! It looks like you had ooldes of fun this day!!

  2. That dress that you didn’t know who made it was by Bettie Page clothing. I own it and love it!

  3. Another great post, lovely ladies, hot cars and the pics are great.

  4. WOARRR!
    That first pic is THE super mega über shit!!!

  5. In a blog world filled with vanilla blah, your spice, edge, COLOR, creativity, and attitude is so refreshing and much needed! Thanks for sharing your creativity and style – it’s such an inspiration.

  6. How cute – Love your style – and the pics really took me there. wonderful job.

  7. a. how cute are yall?! like … there arent words!
    b. yalls photos are fantastic! you can really see the genuine-ness of yall. yall are real. thats refreshing dude. your photos make me wish i were pals with yall! nothing but smiles!

  8. I love you my sweet! Thanks for the kind words, great photographs and fabulous read! Xoxxoxoxo

  9. I love you pretty! What a great blog! Xoxo for the great photos, kind words and priceless friendship. MUCH LOVE!

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