Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 4!

If you thought day 3 of my trip to Viva Las Vegas was full of festivities, take a deep breath before you decide to look into this post any further. It was one of those spontaneous days where so many amazing things happened out of nowhere. The only bummer of my day was that my family left back to LA that morning. I wish they could have stayed for the whole convention but was glad I got to see them regardless. I was excited to sport my orange and turquoise ensemble on this day. It was the perfect color combo that matched my vintage purse to a T. It was one of those comfortable amazing outfits you never want to take off. Thanks to Josephine Love, my hair was luxurious and lasted the entire trip. That girl knows how to work this fur coat (my hair). Enchante also saved me by letting me borrow her Matesse “Swinger” orange lipstick because I forgot mine at home. We were a colorful little crew on this day and went full-blown glamorous for the night-time. Our first stop was the vendors as I wanted to take a personal tour to get to know many of the merchants there that had great inventory. I got to meet many merchants I will be collaborating with soon and also had a few surprise meet and greets from my lovely readers who also attended viva. I also found some cute vintage pieces I had to share with you all. After my vendor walk through I bumped into my friend Mark Mori, a filmmaker who produced and directed Bettie Page Reveals All, a brand new documentary that really gives us an insight to the life and times of Bettie Page straight from the source herself. I have been collaborating with him for a few years now and was so happy to see him at Viva this year. I was even more ecstatic when he asked me to be his guest at the Bettie Page Reveals All premier at the Orleans theater. Of course I accepted! But before then I just had to run up to the bowling alley with my crew to see the lovely Lisa Love. Lisa is not only one of thee most lovely pinup models I have ever seen but such a great person. I was happy to have seen her and to also say hi to her talented husband Julian Mendoza whose art work I have loved for a few years now. I also got to see my fairy pin-up mother Mariann who is the shop owner of Enz on 2nd Avenue. I love that woman to the death of me and she has been so supportive of me since the day I met her. God bless her for having the only rockabilly shop in NY.

Being at the Orleans makes you forget the world outside of it, the lights are so dim, you feel like its night-time in day light so we headed to the pool after seeing Lisa for some last-minute sun before running up to the Premier I was invited to. It was a red carpet event that I wasn’t exactly prepared for at first but still showed up in a last-minute ensemble that had me feeling like a million bucks. My girls Enchante and Josephine were pure glamazons too, I couldn’t be prouder to walk with such fierce ladies! The premier was AMAZING and Enchante and I left so inspired and had such a new perspective on the life and personality of Bettie Page. You all have to see it for yourself by visiting the website and purchasing the DVD. What made the premier even better is that I got to see so many people I already know and adore but haven’t seen since last Viva like Jan and Tatyana of Bettie Page Clothing. I even met lots of amazing people like Dan Whitsett, president of Secrets in Lace and pinup model Angelique Noire who is quite lovely by the way. Wow, I don’t think we ever really rested on this day; it was just one affair after another. We visited the vendors, ate at delicious restaurants, attended the red carpet, loved and enjoyed the premier of Bettie Page Reveals All, and saw some bands play. It was just magic all day through and through and definitely one of my favorite days of my trip. You HAVE to see all of the fashion inside!We all look like brujas getting ready but the finish line looks so bright! Thank you Josephine Love for making me feel glamorous for my entire trip!lolololPutting in the work!Hair did!Generic mirror photo! Love love love this outfit! I hope you all forget what it looks like so I can wear it again (like next week) and post it on my blog again lololol.Orange punch! which also happens to be the name of my polish via Orly. 😉Off to the vendors!Greatness everywhere. Deals and hidden gems too!Had to head on over to this fabulous booth to say hi to Angela, the mastermind behind the ever-so-vuluptious-curve-loving-line Mode Merr. Gotta love clothing lines who support women with curves!Vintage heaven!Pinstriped designs on purses. I died.I wanted to take this sign home with me but that silver emblem of a woman wasn’t pinup enough lol.Loved these wallets one of my friends was selling!He had me take pics with them. Hence why I am not looking at my own camera lol.Tees!Love the La Pachuca booth and I always end up getting something from there.This time I got a hoody for my momma with Julian Mendoza’s art work!Look at all the pretty dresses!I spy a boater hat!Loved this vintage swimsuit!Found some cute stuff here too.connecting and chatting with vendors about their fab merch.Done and done!Derek caught the moment when I bumped into Mark! This was when he invited me to the premier!We needed some noms so we went to a mexican spot inside the Orleans that had the yummiest food!My bestest friend in the whole world and his lovely Enchante!I love them ❤This is my I-am-trying-to-be-pretty-but-I-am-starving face.I had their mexican sampler and it was delish!and I had their fried ice-cream for desert! So yummy!

Off to see Lisa at the bowling alley!
Look at all of her beautiful prints!Love them all!Lisa and Derek!Lol at my post food coma face in this pic.
Lisa, Julian Mendoza, Enchy, Derek, and me. Weeeee!

Off to the pool for some last minute sun before the premier!Hula pinups!Enchante looks amazing in pink. I am sure you all can agree.Such a cutie!Caught off guard here but you can actually see my shoes! They match my top perfectly!

Top/belt: Zara  Pants: American Apparel  Shoes: D?Belt/purse/bangles/earrings: VintageLook at my fairy pinup mother Mariann! Such a hot mama!

Off to the premier!
Melody Sweets, Robin Leach, and the lovely Claire Sinclair on the red carpet
Me and Mark Mori 😀Tatyana of Bettie Page Clothing and I posing for the cameras. I love her!Mark Mori, Burlesque Icon Tempest Storm, Clarie Sinclair & Miss Rockabilly Rumble, Michele GannonSecrets In Lace Models with Mark Mori and SIL President Dan Whitsett. I actually had the pleasure of meeting with Dan Whitsett later on in my trip and we spoke about the significance and quality of SIL. I am more a fan of SIL than ever and cannot wait to tell you all why! Stay tuned 😉Me and Jan of Bettie Page Clothing! I really cannot fully express my appreciation of Jan and Tatyana for being such wonderful people since I first met them at the Bettie Page cruise they organized. They really changed my life.
Still connected after all this time!Sassy in peach Coco Lectric, my east coast pinup gal pal Bettina May in her lovely green gown, and me in orange striking a pose!

Hold up.

I was way too casual for this red carpet…

Outfit change!

BLAM! So happy I got to bring my lovely friend Enchante. She was pretty in pink in a Stop Staring dress and I was pretty in peach in one of my FAVORITE Betsey Johnson dresses.Wepa!Mark talking a little bit about his experience with Bettie Page before the documentary.Robin Leach explaining more about the documentary as well.Dapper Mark!We were so anxious!And it begins! Here are some screen shots of the intro and end. So cute!It really was an amazing documentary and reminded me why I like many other women all over the world have been inspired by such a wonderful human being. She was an outspoken exhibitionist who just wanted to have a fun and wonderful life following her passions as a model and her heart as a hopeless romantic who enjoyed the thrills of romance. Bettie was/is a fascinating human being.After the premier I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Angelique Noire. She looked so lovely in her sequin gown and her personality was no different.Check out her website by clicking here.

Off to our room to touch up this hair and meet up with my girl Josephine who just finished a days work as a hair and makeup artist.If I ever get famous…I am hiring Josephine to travel with me all over the world and make sure I look glamorous all the time.When people touch my hair I get sleepy lol.Love!Look at this sexy mama! Josephine looks amazing in her Stop Staring dress!So happy I got to hang out with both of my girls and we all were glamified! Look at how amazing Enchy looks in her silk paisley dress! Lets not forget to mention that hair! Josephine did her hair too!Sassy!!!Pretty….…Crazy!

but in all seriousness..doesn’t my hair look better now?This pretty much sums up Viva. A hotel packed full of pinups and greasers!
Me and Josephine at the Ballroom while bands play!So pretty!My loves!Silkyyyyyy!
So happy I ran into my fellow Puerto Rican bombshell Raquel DeVille!I was also happy that I ran into Roxy and Edson! I ADORE them!!!Getting sleepy I decided to take a few more photos of this immaculate dress I will probably wait a few years to wear again. Gaad what a perfect night for this dress. I felt really amazing in it.The hair definitely made the outfit too. Thank god for Josephine.My accessories are all vintage except for my shoes which were from some store in LA.But…we weren’t off to bed just yet. We visited more ballrooms to see more bands play!Kitties!and I end this post with lovely photos of Enchante’s ensemble which she actually found in Vegas that week! Thank you Buffalo Exchange for having a steady rotation of greatness.Good times!

Stay tuned for day 5! It just gets better!


6 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 4!

  1. This post definately had me in tears only because I wasn’t there to enjoy this wonderful event with you this year. I do feel a little better that this time around you had amazing friends that joined you to experience such an amazing event. “Oh how I wish I knew about this culture when I was younger”. I always had a passion for dressing up like the 60’s back then and “Oh!” how I loved my cat glasses. I would cut my hair real short, grease it and do my little loop in the front. Anyway, enough of me. You, Derek, Enchante, and Josephine looked great in the photos. You looked beautiful in that Betsey Johnson peach dress and your hair looked beautiful. I agree with you when you said if you ever become famous you would definately keep Josephine as your hair stylist. She is definately a KEEPER. It was so nice to see Jan, Tatyana and Tempest Storm in this post. Reminded me of what a GREAT time we had on that “Bettie Page Cruise”, its such a shame that they did not keep it as an anual event. I remember how we cried when we had to come home. Jan was so nice to us, never forget how we spent our day together with him and visited a lovely church in Mexico where I totally feel in love with the “Dia De Los Muertos” display they had there. Ever since that trip I am a big fan of the Mexican Art.

    Loved the pictures of the vendors and it was nice to see Angela and Mary Ann was there this year. Mary Ann has a nice shop and Angela has such amazing clothing that caters to woman of all sizes. Its not easy for plus size or some full figure woman to find the lovely Rockabilly clothing that she sells and always fit perfectly. I definately appreciate woman like her. I would have loved to see the “Bettie Page Tells all Premiere”, hovever, I was glad the you were invited to the Red Carpet event and able to see the movie.

    Sorry that I missed Edson too, however everyone in this post looked great. Angelique Noire looked beautiful in that dress and Tempest Storm looked amazing in hers. So many beautiful woman, the lovely Lisa, Coco and all the other pinup models. Wow! I can keep going but its time to stop.

    I’m glad you were so busy and while I worried about you leaving alone in the beggining, I thank all those that were there to enjoy the event with you. Wishing you all the best on what is yet to come your biggest fan. MOM

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