Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 3!

It was day 3 in Vegas and we were ready for the first day of the Viva Las Vegas convention festivities. The first day of vlv is really just to register, check out the vendors, and see some bands play so I took the opportunity to do all of those things whilst venturing out with my family to go antique shopping. Me and the girls were excited to really dress up and strut our east coast flavor. However, walking in heels from 9am-12am is no joke so of course there were many outfit changes. I made sure I made use of my first outfit of the day which was one of my favorites out of everything I brought with me. I wore a regal silk scarf around my head, my vintage Sharagano blouse, my Betsey Johnson nautical shorts, a vintage belt, and my Christian Louboutin stilettos. All of my accessories were vintage including my change of shades throughout the day. I just wanted to mashup 90’s Versace with mid-century pinup style and that is why I love this outfit so much. It was busy but it just worked.

Believe it or not, the girls and I went BACK to Buffalo Exchange. Obsessed? maybe. I swear every time I go there I end up finding something and lord I found lots of really cute pieces this time. Plus I always find cheaper vintage their as opposed to the VLV vendors who sell over-priced vintage. Anyway, after that I was off to see my family again for some Antique shopping in the Fremont area of Las Vegas. When I got back I headed straight to the VLV vendors to see if there was any good vintage deals but I didn’t find much. After running around all day I felt my body start to break down and I needed sleep BAD so I got back to the hotel room changed into some comfy clothes and headed downstairs for some R&R and good noms at Koji. This Japanese restaurant at the Orleans that had me addicted to their spicy mayo. Though dinner was pleasant I didn’t last the night to see the bands. I just went to our room and passed out.

See more inside!

Enchante looked lovely in her hot pink dress, mexican knitted sweater, and hair flower!  Josephine love finally checked in and god did we have fun and lets not forget to mention  that she made us look glamorous for the entire trip as she is an expert in hair and makeup! She did Enchante’s hair on this day!East coast pinups! Betty Chantel, Enchante, Josephine, and I! ❤Enchante and her beau/my bestest friend in the whole wide world Derek Santiago.I was ready!WERK!I love that this Sheragano top has stripes, gold frames, apparel, and accessories printed all over it!These Betsey Johnson shorts fit like a glove. I absolutely love them!On our way out I bumped into my wonderful friend Paul Waring who brought two magazines in from the UK that I was featured in! Check it out by clicking here! He is such a sweet heart!

Off to Buffalo Exchange again!Found this really amazing Arden B dress that looked divine!I also found this cat suit I plan to wear for a photo shoot. Meoooow.I found more things but never got to take pictures of them. I am sure they will end up on my blog anyway somehow.

Antique Mall!I love antique malls and was introduced to them by my uncle David and my aunt Elaine. We went to tons of them last time I was in California and I found some really cool things. We didn’t have much luck at this Vegas one but I still took some really cool photos of some things that caught my eye 🙂Comics!I spy Jane Russell!Rocketeer!More comics!Oh Dean!
Tio David!One of my favorite films of all time!
Our favorite room of the Antique Mall.Stuffed snake anyone? Gross.Oh my god it’s Cher! This made me think of our favorite designer Bob Mackie!Tiny planes!Love these old signs!
The shabby chic room!Noms at this cool spot called The Flaming Kabab. The food was delish!

Back to the Orleans to check out the Vendors!The rooms that hosted the vendors were packed full of people.I spotted a bunch of inny minnie Vinny’s at the Mode Merr booth!

Enchante and I fell in love with these Besame lipsticks. The colors are vibrant and the packaging alone is so elegant.Gotta love an old fashioned packaging of hosiery. Josephine loved them!
After the vendors I stopped by the gift shop where I found a Chevy shelf in pink. It was instantly mine and I can’t wait to utilize it when I move! It looks just like this red one above!Josephine and I comfy in our casual clothes for sushi at Koji! I love this woman!Check out the Kweenz Destroy vest. I was still representing the East coast!Oh man..Just looking at this is torture. It was sooo good.…So was my fortune cookie 🙂

Good times!

Stay tuned for day 4!


12 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 3!

  1. Jesus Christ woman your body is ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!!!!! That cat suit is sick! This looked like fun! I wanna go next year!

  2. your blog is fantastic! soo well done! i cannot WAIT to see the pictures of all of us together at viva!
    suzy- the crave yard
    montreal, canada 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for taking a quick minute to take a pic with me down in the Orleans food court on the day of the car show! I know you were grabbing a quick bite to eat in the middle of your busy schedule but I really appreciated it! You’re such a sweetheart, so lucky to meet you 🙂

  4. I truly need to know how to wrapped this scarf mine never comes out like this, and your eye make up is always on point.

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