Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 1&2!

Every year around Easter time I head to Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas convention at the Orleans hotel. It is something I look forward to every year because it is a convention that brings together people from all over the world who love and live the rockabilly culture into one place. I think this is my 4th time attending and I plan to do it annually because not much of a culture exists here in New York. I feel like every time I go I recharge my batteries and come back inspired. This time I was attending with my best friend Derek, his bella/my gal pal Enchante, and my friend/hair guru Josephine Love. I even got to see my aunt and uncle from LA for two days. I was bummed my mother couldn’t come this time and missed her terribly but it was at least fortunate that my friends and family from LA could make it. I had a wonderful time with them and was glad they got to experience the pinups, the greasers, the burly queens, the classic cars, and the vintage of Viva Las Vegas.

As expected this trip was a whirlwind of events and outfit changes that left me and the crew in bed before 12am every night. We would literally get up at 7am every morning because of the time difference and end our days at 10/11pm every night. However, because we crammed everything we wanted to do in the little time we spent there, we were able to see and experience everything. I was just trying to balance my time with my friends and my family along with a few things I was already booked for like my shoot with Stop Staring and Edson Carlos. Sadly I didn’t make my shoot with Edson because of how busy my schedule became but am glad he is a friend of mine so I can shoot with him the next time I see him. The beginning of my trip was just the pre-game of what was to come. I spent day 1 at the Luxor alone because Derek and Enchy’s had a later flight so I did my own exploring on the Vegas strip and headed to Buffalo Exchange. I was delighted to see them that night and spent the next day experiencing the Luxor’s Oasis pool before we were off to Buffalo Exchange again to do some pre-shopping before VLV. That was just our morning…..

See more photos and more details inside.Ready for VLV with my pinup carry-on. I put my best stuff in my carry on because I have heard stories of lost luggage and stolen items. No thanks!The beautiful Luxor Hotel. I felt like a modern-day Cleopatra here.Beautiful.Even the carpets were luxurious.We stayed at the Pyramid and this was our view from the inside. So pretty.Our view from our room.Off I go to Buffalo Exchange when I see an advertisement inspired by the 1950’s! I almost don’t want anyone to purchase an ad there so it can stay!Because I was solo, It was difficult to take photos of the things I got at Buffalo or even the things I saw. However, I snapped a photo of this blazer to send to my friend Nina who bought the same blazer at my local goodwill almost 4 years ago. So nostalgic to see it again!
I found these amazing ORANGE Steve Madden spectators with a semi-creeper heel and this was the highlight of my trip to Buffalo since I didn’t really find much.On my way back to the Luxor I got to see the Bellagio water show!Then I headed to Pinks to have some noms. I was starving!Harley Davidson Cafe!This was one of the shirts I got at Buffalo Exchange that day. After all of that walking I ran back home, took a nap, freshened up, and went downstairs for some noms where I eventually met up with Derek and Enchante. Saved!I am not a gambler so I just took pretty pics of the machines.…And ate at Nathan’s 🙂The next morning me and Enchante were off to the pool before checking out and checking in to the Orleans hotel. The Oasis pool at the Luxor was breathtaking.
Thunder thighs poolside!You can tell how happy we were in these photos.Off to get dressed for the day!
I wanted to be super casual because I was exhausted from my travels the night before so I wore a vintage top, high-waisted vintage repro pants from Reminiscence, flip-flops, my Tarina Tarantino skulls, a vintage necklace, and my Retro Super Future shades.Loved our view! Off to Buffalo Exchange again to see if my luck has changed!racks on racks on racks. Enchante found lots of goodies!including this cute vintage style mermaid wicker bag!My luck definitely changed and I found lots of really great pieces! Can’t wait to sport them in NY!Look at how happy I was! Here are some cell phone shots of some of the things I got within both of my visits.

I love this top and I don’t need to tell you why..I mean..Marilyn, Mae West, and more? what else could you ask for?I fell in love with this dress at the window! Had to have it 🙂Love these boots!Enchante found this and didn’t want it so I gladly took it off her hands. She has a good eye!I love this vintage top and it just so happened I found a skirt that matched!

This photo does this dress no justice. Just wait till I actually wear it in NY. They are all wrinkled because I just took them out of my suitcase lol

Off to the Orleans, thank god we were able to book a room here thanks to our good friend Lisa Love. The Luxor was delightful but quite far from the convention and Lisa saved us! Now we were literally at the heart of VLV and the festivities were only a few foot steps away!Back at the room Enchante tried on her new J Brand jeans. She looked great in them!A few minutes later I got to see my family! They also had a room at the Orleans so everything worked out! I was so happy to see my uncle David and my aunt Elaine. I missed them so much!My uncle is too cool for school and had a shirt that repped Puerto Rico, I don’t blame him..There are hardly any Puerto ricans in LA! Viva Puerto Rico! He is so awesome!My aunt Elaine is the coolest most down-to-earth woman and also a genius hair stylist. I adore her!
Off to the New York hotel for some sight-seeing!I actually really enjoyed walking around the NY hotel. I thought it would hit too close to home so I didn’t see it as a necessity but it ended up being lovelier than I expected!The bathrooms were adorned with amazing portraits!Loved the decor of the NY hotel. These giant murals are so amazing.Walking the strip I came across my devilish side 😉Nothing compares to the crazy architecture of Vegas.
At Miracle Mile we came across a cool ice-cream shop and of course we couldn’t resist a few scoops!Cupcakes and Hello Kitty.Happy as a kid.Heaven.Cake pops!Showgirls at Miracle Mile!PRADA……..DROOLDROOL.UNF.Ayayai.Tio cruising!

That is it for day one and two! Good times! Stay tuned for day 3!


7 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 15: Day 1&2!

  1. Glad you had such a great time your first two days…can’t wait for the next post.


  3. Hi jazz, we miss you too. Luv all your pictures. Your the prettiest model ever, and the smartest. God bless, love Tia Elaine.

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