My cousin Jayden wins the TimeOut NY Kids Cover Contest!

I am so excited to announce that my little cousin Jayden Pyram has won the TimeOut Kids NY Contest!!! Jayden will get a professional photo shoot for the cover of the summer edition of Time Out Kids, as well as a batch of new Polarn O. Pyret clothing and a free ice-skating birthday party from Chelsea Piers! I am so proud of him and was so happy to have found out he won yesterday evening. This kid is so special to me and I know he is destined for greatness. I absolutely ADORE him, he just has this light and charm about him that people fall in love with instantly. From his smile to his style to his lovable and huggable personality, he is one of the coolest kids I know. He has a bright and wonderful future ahead of him and I am so proud that he is already on his merry way to the top. I can’t wait to see the issue when it comes out and promise to keep you all updated when it is released. Thank you to all of you who voted for Jayden, this was all possible because of your support! Click the photo below to see what TOK said about little Jayden!

This isn’t the first time someone noticed Jayden’s charm. Check him out below in an editorial.

I got to see little Jayden the same day he shot for TOK and he looked adorable as usual. He was so happy and excited ❤Here are more photos of Jayden below:I am so proud of you Jayden! This is only the beginning! Cuzy Jazzy loves you!


11 Comments on “My cousin Jayden wins the TimeOut NY Kids Cover Contest!

  1. This kid is already a thousand times more stylish and charismatic than I’ll ever be. What a stud.

  2. Yes. Congratulations to my nephew “Jayden’ for doing a great job on his photoshoot and winning the contest. I can’t wait to see whats coming. I feel great things will be coming his way.

  3. He is too cute! First TimeOut next J.Crew Crewcuts! Congrats to your nephew & sister!

    • Thank you, spikesequins for voting for my lil’ dude….we truly appreciate your support….Xoxoxo

  4. So, so touching…….thank you my dear niece for your ongoing support & love for Jayden. There are but so little of “you” who knows what Jayden truly embodies………but as always VV kind & sincere words has defined him well enough. We love u! Xoxoxoxo Jayden & Mom

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