Retro Super Future

I was put on to Retro Super Future many moons ago when I modeled for 21/7 Magazine back in the day and never really realized how awesome this brand was until I went to a sunglass shop in soho with my girl Ingrid. Ingrid was already a huge fan of the brand and owned quite a few pairs and I could see why. I fell in love with their Lucia Puma shades so much so, I had to have them. They make these shades in a ton of different colorways but this was my ultimate favorite. I couldn’t resist the tortoise-shell frames and dark lenses. They are pinup and retro because of the high slight cat-eye but have a cool art deco feel to them that I absolutely love. I normally don’t ever splurge on shades or even buy shades that aren’t vintage but I allowed myself to break my usual rules because these shades were worth it. I know I am going to wear the hell out of them so I know this was a good investment. I cannot wait to utilize them at Viva Las Vegas next week!

Here are some other rad colors they come in:
 Shop my favorites on my right side-bar and check out my listing of Retro Super Future Lucia shades!


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