Mala Reignz “Make you smile” video Styled by V.V!

Mala Reignz is a Bronx bombshell lyricist who is making a pretty good name for herself in the music industry. I have had the pleasure of styling her in her previous music video “Dum da dum” and was called in to style her newest video “Make you smile” a few months ago. Upon meeting Mala the first time, I really clicked with her right away as we both are kick-ass ambitious women who will stop at nothing to conquer our dreams. I admired her “work with what you’ve got attitude” which is something I definitely abide by. It is always nice to come across women who truly believe in their talent and this former poet definitely has it. Her newest video was less rockabilly but more simple and classic so I dressed her in a few really great timeless pieces and threw a wild card in there for her sassy leopard scene. I also dressed the girl Emanny is singing to with the striped blazer. Mala’s hair and makeup team did such a great job making everyone look glamorous and also chose great looks for Mala that matched the outfits I chose. I had so much fun on set and am so proud of you Mala, keep shining!


3 Comments on “Mala Reignz “Make you smile” video Styled by V.V!

  1. I like what you did and I will recommend your services to an up and coming singer I know.

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