The Brooklyn Gypsy.

It was a beautiful Spring Monday in NYC a few days ago and my friend Ingrid and I decided to start it off by walking the Williamsburg bridge. I had never walked the Williamsburg bridge before and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I was a little crazy for doing it in heels but I survived. As a New Yorker I haven’t done many things most tourists come here to do, I guess I have taken my city for granted all of these years. This Spring and Summer I plan to get lost in my city and do the things I never got the chance to do and see places I never got the chance to see. It is amazing what you can find getting lost here. Speaking of…Before we headed to the bridge we stumbled across another Dface mural and were so ecstatic. These Dface murals are sooo my style because they are old-fashioned images in vibrant colors and they also have a pop art element to them. Even the bridge was covered in art, some of which I captured in photos. See more of my outfit and more photos of my day inside!
This is the second Dface mural we found. So amazing.This made me think of someone I know<3There was still a breeze so I wore a long vintage skirt and blouse with vintage accessories and my Bishette purse…I love long skirts and long dresses. I plan to sport them a lot this S/S.I found this blouse at the Salvation army for just $2.50 years ago on a half off day.
My shades are Balenciaga and have been sitting in my shade case forever. So glad I finally put them to use.
I love my Bishette bag.My shoes are by Jessica Simpson. I love mixing prints and making them work.My ring is an old H&M ring and my Bracelet/earrings are vintage.

Good times!


9 Comments on “The Brooklyn Gypsy.

  1. Its nice to walk around and see so many amazing places and people. Glad you ladies enjoyed the nice weather.

  2. I’m the same, having lived in London my whole life I take it for granted and don’t really visit the touristy places, I plan to change that this summer and explore more of London. It’s so great to stop and rediscover the beauty of where you live.

  3. Great post! You look gorgeous as always. I’m going to NY this summer for 2 weeks & was wondering if you can recommend any places/ restuarants/ vintage, thrift shops & thins to do. Would be awesome! Thanks!!!

  4. i love your blouse- what a great find! and your shades are killer! I havent really discovered my city too much either…but, thats cuase it aint no New York!

    • This is one of the most amazing and in depth post I have read in a long time..I love your flare for fashion and I admire your style so much..I am so excited to read more and getting inspired by you..Thank you!

    • Love the contrast styling.. and boy do I remember going to CI as a kid too! Your story was well put together incorporating historical content visually as well. I really enjoyed reading it great inspiration!

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