Reebok Classics Presents: World Piecebook

The World Piecebook was created by OG graffiti artists Sacha Jenkins and David Villorente who feature the best of the best graffiti drawings in their Piecebooks. World Piecebook is their newest release and third volume of blackbook drawings from writers around the world. They have compiled all of the best and rare graffiti drawings from 1985-2005 into their books for the world to see and I am sure it was no easy task but they did it. These are the black books of all black books featuring the best graffiti artists in the world and instead of having to keep one (shhhh) that has been passed on there is enough piecebooks to go around.. Get your Piecebooks here.

These videos were shot at Art Basel in Miami last year and I had the pleasure of meeting many of these amazing artists and got to visit lots of really great galleries that are featured (search “Art Basel” in my web search for my posts). It was one of the best experiences of my life being able to fly out to Miami with the KD crew as a model for Kweenz Destroy and I learned so much more about this culture that has surrounded and inspired me my entire life. Even though graffiti is huge right now, there are many who stand out from the rest who have their own character, own style, and exude originality and authenticity. Many of which are featured in this amazing video and in these books. I had to share it with you all and recommend that you try to attend Art Basel this year to catch a glimpse of this amazing movement first hand. I can’t tell you how many wonderful and talented people I met who inspired me greatly.

Big shout out to Cope2 and Ewok 5MH!


One Comment on “Reebok Classics Presents: World Piecebook

  1. Enjoyed watching the videos. Definately need to get my hands on one of these books. So many amazing artists and beautiful art.

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