Sons of Essex x WIP

Last week my girl Cait invited me to celebrate our friend Christina’s birthday at Sons of Essex followed by an after party at WIP. Of course I had to invite my friend Inimac as my plus one because lets face it, we have become quite the pair. I had never been to Sons of Essex or WIP so I was excited to come out and celebrate Christina’s birthday. I have been experimenting with new hair styles lately and as you saw in my last post I managed to finagle my hair into this wonderful contraption of a hairdo. It was only right since it had held up to attend these festivities in a 1940s inspired vintage outfit. I am a perfectionist so my hair must ALWAYS match my outfit so I rummaged through my closet and found a vintage army green colored dress I had bought almost 8 years ago and hardly wore in all this time. It was sleek and chic and to add to it I wore a fur collar my girl Sammy Davis gifted me (I love you!), a muff I found at a flea market that just so happens to match my collar, a skinny brown waist belt, and my favorite Tecasan leopard heels. My coat is vintage too and looked great with the collar. As for makeup, I did something I rarely do..I skipped the dramatic cat eye and just went with simple mascara, a rosy cheek, and my favorite red liquid lip color by Stila. This was more of a natural look for me and I really loved it so you can expect to see a softer side of me this Spring. Ingrid wore an amazing vintage body suit and pants combo with her wedge boots. She always looks amazing and regal when she pulls her hair back and accessorizes herself in her gorgeous vintage jewelry. Darling Cait went for a boho chic look in a long maxi dress, a cute little jacket, and heels. She had just dyed her hair and god did they do a lovely job giving her fiery locks. Birthday girl Christina looked lovely in a long dress as well only hers had a leather bust, soft but edgy. Sons of Essex was amazing, especially for the way we were all dressed. It had a very old-fashioned feel to it and the food was amazing. WIP was great too, we had a great time checking out the art and dancing to the DJ’s great tunes.Vinny in Vintage.Ini in Vintage.My hair held up pretty well through my sleep. Gotta do this hairdo more often 😉Ini and Vinny on the choo choo train.At Sons of Essex. I ordered the burger and..Ini ordered the mac and cheeeseee.The lovely Christina and Darling Cait at WIP. Happy birthday doll!Hot sex on a platter.Style for dayssssss.I was the only Mary Poppin’s pop and locking in the club. LMAO
lol Cait is hilarious. Gotta love a gorgeous girl with a funny bone.
She seems so innocent…Not!Vinny Von Vintage is the name. Don’t wear it out.Ok grandma.Ini looks like she wants to punch the camera man. Thug life.Hey Mr.DJ put a record on..I wanna dance with my ladiiesssss.
Chilling, chilling, cooling, out!Who’s that girllll. La lalalalalalalalalalala.Full house.O shiiiizzzzz, it’s Mel Debarge!Caught a cute moment of Mel hugging Christina. Too cute!Art was everywhere!Ingrid’s purse. Drool worthy.Our Chooz!I prefer….Powder room.
Water and Juice. We don’t drink but we still dance on tables :).Good times!


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