It was a warm day in Brooklyn for a bad girl so I put on my Bernie Dexter cigarette pants, my Super Trash pleather jacket, my vintage cat-eye glasses, Betsey Johnson fingerless gloves, and drenched myself in Classic Hardware jewelry. LA bad girl, Karyn Cantor, is the mastermind behind the ornate and beautiful jewelry of Classic Hardware. She is an all around artist who teaches photography, jewelry design, metal art, video production and the history of rock ‘n roll. Karyn is dominating the jewelry game with her broad knowledge of everything art and music. I was referred to her online shop by a friend and was immediately enamored by the rockabilly and pinup artwork used in her designs. Her shop features a variety of accessories like pins, necklaces, bracelets, lockets, cufflinks, rings and more. She even sells the artwork she features in her designs. Her rebellious pinup images and eerie dark ornate ships and seahorses deemed my favorite. She offers high quality jewelry and more for the belle of the ball or the bell of the brawl and what makes her stuff even better is that pinch of humor she adds to many of her pieces. I was fortunate to get my hands on a few and felt today was a good day to sport them. These attention grabbing pieces were the talk of Brooklyn and if Rizo was current she’d have to step aside. See what the fuss is about by clicking below.

Sass Oval Victorian Frame Pin

I can see myself pining this broche to everything I wear. Especially since it’s a cute and eerie pinup girl. I love eerie things.

Bad Girls Vintageware 5 link bracelet

I have already worn the hell out of this bracelet. It matches everything and has a bunch of rebellious pinup images that are either feisty or humorous.

Cocktail Kutie Victorian Oval Bow Frame Necklace

I love this necklace because it is cute and fun and features an adorable tiki pinup girl image. The cute bow is that great finishing touch and what’s great about this piece is that I can pair it with others just like it. See reference below.

Kelly Vivanco (Animal) Victorian Oval 5 Link Bracelet

I paired the Cocktail Cutie necklace with this Kelly Vivanco bracelet and it still looked great together despite featuring different works of art. I love the eerieness of this bracelet and can see myself wearing it with many of my Victorian outfits.

Seahorse Victorian Oval Bow Frame Necklace

I love horses, sea horses, unicorns, and etc so this necklace hit home and brought me right back to my whimsical childhood. Every time I wear it I think of all of the horses I used to draw. I love it!

Ship Victorian Oval Ring

I am infatuated with haunted ships and the ocean so it was a no brainer that I had to have this ring. I love the darkness of it and it matches the sea-horse necklace perfectly!

I actually really wore this outfit yesterday and it just went so perfectly with the jewelry, I didn’t even break a sweat. This just goes to show the versatility of Classic Hardware. Visit the shop to see more!


Photos by: Timothy Dark

Edited by: V.V

Wardrobe: Sweater/Fingerless gloves-Betsey Johnson// Jacket-Super Trash// Pants-Bernie Dexter// Top: Sourpuss// Shoes: Tecasan// Sun Glasses-Vintage// Skull Earrings-Tarina Tarantino// All other accessories-Classic Hardware




  1. Oh! How I fell in love with all the jewelry. I will definately go into their website and make a purchase. Girl! You can sell me everthing you are wearing. Loved the hair too. You are definately someone to look out for. Great shoot. Love ya.

  2. So beautiful! Wonderful photos! Love everything from the outfit to the jewelry to the hair! Pure pinup perfection 🙂

  3. Jazzy this is super bad ass that jacket is amazing fell in love with the bracelet lol I love it. Keep up the good work proud of you!!!!! love always jess

  4. you live near the 11221?!?! i grew up in the projects across the street from that church!

  5. Just found your blog today. Loving it! You’re inspiring me to emrbace my curvy bum in tight pants, lol. Definitely subscribing after I finish poking around.

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