NYC Sex Trash S/S ’12 “Virginal Blanc”

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NYC SEX Trash S/S ’12 “Virginal Blanc”

 Its been a long time since I’ve modeled Sex Trash on a yacht for the annual Patricia Field Gay Pride party and it felt good to be back in studded corsets and dark silhouettes. Stephanie Paterek continues to take lingerie to an entirely different level making bad girls all over the world feel sexy and regal in her timeless pieces. Check out the slide show above to see the new collection and visit her shop for some of these badass pieces!!

Campaign Designer: Stephanie Paterek

Photography: Kareem Black 
Hair: Tina LeNoble/Arrojo 
Makeup Key: Melissa Fretz/NARS Assisted by Mary Beth Pellegrino
Models: Vintage Vandal and Erica Jamz
Stylist: Julie Brooke Williams Assisted by Dianna Hansen
Stephanie Paterek’s Assistant: Cassandra McLennon

White Lingerie: NYC Sex Trash by Stephanie Paterek
Heels: Christian Louboutin
Hosiery: Foga


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