Vogue China March 2012 Issue channels the 50’s!

{We Go Together – Captured by Lincoln Pilcher, models Wang XiaoLily Zhi and Zhao Lei get caught in a love triangle for the March edition of Vogue China. Garbed in 50′s style outfits from labels such as Alexander Wang, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein selected by stylist Morgan Pilcher. Whether at an ice cream shop or in a vintage car, the trio keeps it cool in the retro attire. / Hair by Jordan M, Makeup by Tamah K -Excerpt via Fashion Gone Rogue}

I am completely enamored by this rockabilly spread in Vogue China’s March issue. As a fan of Chinese culture and fashion I was not surprised at how easy it was for them to capture the essence of 1950’s fashion in this issue. Especially since rockabilly culture is a big phenomenon in China and Japan. Even the New York rockabilly scene is mostly Chinese and Japanese. I am pleased Vogue has shed light on a culture that is mainly on the west coast but is coming back full circle. From the looks of it, this spread had many influences. Wang Xiao is a bit of a wild card, reminiscent of bad girl Rizzo from grease, while Lily Zhi channels her inner Bettie Page in blunt cut short bangs and her soft yet radiant demure. Don’t get me started on Zhao Lei who is obviously channeling his inner Travolta in his Greaser ensemble, he looks smokin hot! I am drooling over the wardrobe and couldn’t be more satisfied with the styling work of Morgan Pilcher. See for yourself below!

Photos via Fashion Gone Rogue

Bravo Vogue China, Bravo!


6 Comments on “Vogue China March 2012 Issue channels the 50’s!

  1. I’m pretty sure that first black skirt with the blue ribbon trim is from the much-loathed Viktor & Rolf collection. I personally love it, though!

  2. Thanks for sharing about this culture of fashion,, because I wasn’t aware of it.

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