Letters from Vinny: Tips on finding your own style!

There is no wrong or right in fashion though many of us, including the media, may be opinionated on what we do or do not like. However, that should be your last concern because finding your own style requires that you not be concerned with what others think, but how you feel about it. If you still haven’t figured out your style, think of this as a fun and easy way to getting to know yourself better. The key to establishing your own style is to figure out what shapes, fabrics, and genre’s of fashion suit you and your comfort. Forget following trends or buying into labels for the sake of being safe from criticism, you want to incorporate those things you are inspired by within your own style to make it uniquely YOU. This is the beauty of self-expression. It is your choice whether you want to be gothic, plain Jane, rockabilly, an 80’s baby, conservative, urban, or city chic. Self-expression is having your clothes speak for yourself without you having to say a word. It is about setting your own trends and following through with confidence. It is about evolving from within and reinventing yourselves over and over again. Still haven’t figured it all out yet? I’m here to help. Here are tips on how to find your own style:

Find Inspiration.

I am inspired by many things, mainly the 20s, 50s, and 60s, eras but am also inspired by culture and seamlessly combine all of these things within my own style. This is what I mean about finding your inspiration. You don’t have to limit yourself, inspiration can be a combination of many things and this is what makes it fun. Fashion doesn’t require much thought but to just allow yourself the freedom to dress however you feel in that moment. Buy a cork board, create collages of everything and anything you love. Inspiration is everywhere, not just in magazines and on the internet. Some people let their emotions inspire and dictate their fashion choices, while some let art, music, the weather, or trends do the talking. You don’t want to follow trends so religiously that you end up losing yourself in the mix. You want to look at trends like you would look at the toppings on your pizza, this is just adding extra flavor to the greatness that is already YOU. Great, now I am hungry..Anyway, You have to understand what moves you and never limit yourself to trends. What is “so last season” to this person may be “so this season” to you, why water yourself down or limit yourselves to the standards of people and the media? Be Free!

Know your body.

Knowing what fabrics and shapes look great on you is a very important step in finding your own style.  Whether you are tall, short, big, or small..Fashion is not limited to a certain body type. You just want to make sure you wear garments that compliment your unique figure. Here are some examples: Someone who is busty but small from the waist down should wear empire waist dresses, pleated skirts, and trousers with pleats as well to balance their shape. A person with a short torso should avoid high-waisted bottoms because it will make their torso look even shorter. The same goes for a person who is tall but doesn’t want to appear so tall should wear low-rise bottoms, and kitten heels. Everybody is different at it would be hard for me to elaborate every type of body and what works for them because everyone has their own preferences. Finding your preference is fairly easy but does take practice and a few visits to the fitting room but it is all worth it in the end because fashion isn’t fashion if you are uncomfortable with your style. You want to make sure you understand your body and your comfort levels. You also want to make sure that you understand what colors look best on you as well. I feel I look best in black, teal, burnt orange, and red so these are the colors I wear most of the time. Sometimes though I may like nude and pink, they can wash me out because of my skin tone. You want to know what colors and shapes bring out your best features and make sure you are comfortable in the mix of it all.

Be confident.

They say the best accessory you could ever carry is your confidence. There is nothing more sexy than a woman who OWNS her look. It’s the laws of attraction, if you believe in you, everyone else will. The same applies to self-expression. Though the public can never validate the greatness of your style, however, it doesn’t hurt to have them believe in it as much as you do. Confidence in your look is what you achieve after you have figured out what inspires you and what shapes suit your body. It is about throwing your insecurities away and accepting yourself as a whole. It is about going against the grain as if it were light work, a piece of cake, or a simple walk in the park. If you realize you are unique and one of one and none to come, not jealousy, not envy, not the pressures of society, or any type of negativity, will phase you. You can’t think of fashion as a popularity contest or competition, you have to compete with “yourself” to be a better version of “you” every day.


Fashion is always evolving which means inspiration is always brewing. How do you think Madonna came up with all of her different looks? Inspiration is the fuel of passion and it forces us to take action. There is no harm in finding yourself or reinventing yourself over and over again as it is the beauty of life. With that said I hope that many of you women out there who are struggling with your identity, find your inspiration, understand your body, and walk like the “Queen’s” that you are. Understand the word “FREEDOM” when it comes to freedom of YOUR expression and feel free to express yourselves however the hell you want to. People don’t have to understand it, this is who YOU are and the only thing that matters.

Much love, success, and good luck dolls!


Vinny ❤

6 Comments on “Letters from Vinny: Tips on finding your own style!

  1. This was truly inspiring- u kind of fall into that category I don’t know what fits me best I live the urban city look but I’m just never inspired to put pieces together- this post really made me think about how to find inspiration. 🙂 awww thank Jaz !!!

  2. Great advice. I’ve been fashion blogging for four years and I still find myself trying to mesh all the different influences that impact my personal style. I am literally inspired by EVERYTHING lol its hard to put it all in one outfit but sometimes I manage to haha!

  3. Lovely post, great accompanying pictures as well. I like the idea of reinvention, I’ve been thinking about if for a while actually.

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