Classic in D&J Vintage for the JBRAND premiere.

I have been searching for the perfect vintage circle skirt for years now. Coming from the East coast my only hope has been ebay until I discovered D&J Vintage on Etsy. I actually met the merchant of D&J Vintage at the IFB conference and she was so incredibly sweet I just had to look at her Etsy store link on her twitter and was so blown away at her fabulous merchandise and her decent and reasonable pricing. I was in awe of many items in her shop but one item in particular stood out to me the most. It was this beautiful, colorful, vintage circle skirt that featured a floral print. It was just my size and in perfect condition. I just had to have it and when I tried it on it fit me like a glove. I was so psyched as this is my first wool circle skirt from the 40s/50s and it features all of the colors I love! I could not wait to wear it and finally decided to when I was invited to the StyleCaster’s premiere of JBrand at Bergdorf Goodman. Sometimes I wait for events just so I can wear the wonderful things I have in my closet lol. This was definitely the perfect event and I invited my friends Ingrid and Sarah to come with. My friends and I all have different personalities and a unique sense of style. Ingrid came to Bergdorf’s looking sassy and regal in a baby blue chain link cardigan, gold belt, nude pants, and brown boots and Sarah came militant in here Army top, khaki pants, and brown boots. Sarah’s Jacket was even Army Print and her makeup was flawless. I wore my new vintage skirt with an orange Zara blouse, a vintage necklace, my nude Steve Madden Pumps, my vintage brown doctors bag, cat-eye glasses, and jewelry. I love creating pin-up looks that aren’t so conventional. We all had a really good time networking and enjoying the clothes at the event and I even bumped into my friends Chris and Kristine there too! See photo’s and the history behind circle skirts inside 🙂
Me and my girls!J Brand’s vibrant colors light up Bergdorf Goodman.
The DJ played lots of old tunes, I was so happy!It’s been months since I saw Sarah and it was good to finally catch up! She looks amazing!The regal princess and the militant bombshell ❤My girl’s were gagging over the bartenders lol.I was gagging over this dress!Hot sex on a platter!I love this pic!
Sarah, me, and my bright orange top lol.Here is where you can see a better view of what we wore. Ingrid pulls of regal prints effortlessly like a Queen and Sarah (below) keeps her sassy femininity with militant looks like this.
Sarah is great with makeup. Girl has flawless skin and a flawless smile!I love her outfit and her awesome ring!

My outfit and the history behind circle skirts.

I wore vintage gems with my outfit and styled my hair to look short. Wasn’t crazy about how I did my hair this time around but that is only because I am a perfectionist lol.I was just glad I got to wear my D&J Vintage skirt. It is because of her store that I am now such a fan of Etsy! The cat-eye’s I recently restored looked great with this outfit too!My earrings and necklace are from Billy’s. It makes me miss that place so much. I wore orange lipstick to match my blouse and the colors in my skirt.The circle skirt actually came to fruition in the late 1940’s by a designer named Juli Lynne CharlotCharlot is also the mastermind behind the most well-known fashion staple in history, the poodle skirt, which was a huge hit in the 50’s. Because the circle skirt was such a fad for teens, many circle skirts featured records, decks of cards, and some mature motifs such as cigarettes and liquor which was a little scandalous for the 50s. Some of the best circle skirts of the 1950s came from Mexico. I find them on ebay all the time at ridiculous prices but I can’t blame them, the prints are AMAZING. They were imported to the US and some were made to order in catalogues. From what I have seen many Mexican circle skirts feature sceneries of the desert, sombreros, flowers, and other forms of Mexican culture. I always find them in black and the designs are always sewn in metallic thread. They are some of the most beautiful circle skirts I have ever seen. Many circle skirts are made of wool or felt which is great for Fall and Winter while some were made in lighter fabrics for warmer weather. Mine is made of wool so it was perfect for a cold day in New York City.Short girls like me are always intimidated by long skirts but there is something about the construction of vintage circle skirts that doesn’t drown us and make us look shorter than what we are. This is why I love high-waisted bottoms whether it be skirts, shorts, pants, or jeans. It not only works with my body type but makes me appear taller than just 5’1.
I wore my skirt with a light crinoline underneath to give it more flair.Head on over to D&J Vintage to see what other amazing vintage gems she has in store!

Good times, good outfits!


12 Comments on “Classic in D&J Vintage for the JBRAND premiere.

  1. I must disagree with you and say that I LOVE your hair here! Think it looks awesome ❤

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  3. You look amazing! How did you get your hair to look that short? I have hair as long as yours and I’ve tried to do the 50’s unsuccessfully.

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