NYFW: GEN ART Soiree & ROCK FREAK Hugo Boss Party.

New York fashion week was coming to a close and me and my girls wanted to end it with a BANG. Our first stop was a Gen Art Soiree at the Royalton hotel and after that we were off to Lavo for the Rock Freak Hugo Boss party DJ’d by Questlove and Cassidy. I had to get ready last minute because I was running around all day so I went into my vintage archives and pulled out a vintage jumpsuit Ive had sitting in my closet for years. I wanted a look that was powerful, masculine, and feminine at the same time. Something only a business woman with balls would wear. This jumpsuit was perfect. What’s great about it is the very low V-cut neckline that exposes lots of skin which added sex appeal to my androgynous look (cause this girl doesn’t want to look took masculine). I was vintage from head to toe in my fox fur stole, fox emblem belt, greek gold/brass studded earrings, black gloves, and my favorite black fedora. The fox belt and stole was such a great combination and everything about this outfit just fell so greatly together. My shoes, however, were not vintage but still oh-so-fabulous. They are by Yves Saint Laurent and I adore them because they are chic and comfortable. This is more of a simpler look for me but was definitely my favorite of all outfits I wore for fashion week this year (super ironic). I wish I could express fully how great a good outfit can make a woman feel. I like to wear things that evoke my strength and confidence and I just felt regal in this ensemble. My friends were no different and all looked incredible for our amazing night out. Check out some more photos inside.
I had never been to the Royalton and the lobby was breathtaking and really cozy. My girl Caitlin (Darling Cait) invited me here and I am so glad she did. I had a really good time with her and we met lots of really cool people.Here are more photos on what I wore.WEPA!Ok can we talk about my girl Cait and how gorg she is? I mean, the girl is a classic beauty that looks good in everything with an amazing personality to match. I am obsessed with her Miu Miu shoes.Darling Cait is a singer/songwritter. She’s an all-around jack of all trades because I am sure she can do it all.WERK!Founder of Gen Art, Ian Gerard and Cait. He was a very cool guy and his friends were super chill.Cait is a walking pinup girl.<3This place is beautiful.DJ was playing some really dope tunes.finally a pic of us together lol.
Just me and these fuzzy pillows. lol

Off to Lavo!

My girl Janet invited Cait and I here and I had to bring Ingrid with me so we could solidify the crew and MAN did we have a blast. Cassidy and Questlove were amazing.Go Questlove!Go Cassidy! These guys always know how to make us girls dance.Who run this motha? GIRLS!My two loves, Cait and Janet. I haven’t seen Janet in a minute so I was so happy I got to see her. I adore these two.I was also so happy Ingrid was able to join us, she’s my ride or die! We always have a good time when we are together. Nothing but positive vibes and fun conversations and oh yeah…lots of dancing!We had no room to take full pics, that is how packed our booth was. lolMac and Cheese! lolRice and Beans! lmao

After the madness we all went where? TO EAT at Remedy Diner in L.E.S. We were so tired but so hungry loll.

Look at my beautiful hot cocoa! yummy!

GREAT times!


7 Comments on “NYFW: GEN ART Soiree & ROCK FREAK Hugo Boss Party.

  1. by far my absolute favorite outfit ever posted on your blog! (i love so many more but this neckline is just AMAZ’) QUESTION: so did you use any of that garment double sided tape for the deep neckline to avoid any “accidental peepshows” ? lol

  2. Love to see you and your friends looking so lovely and having a great time .

  3. You and all yours friends are gorgeous! I love the low front, it looks so perfect on you. Also the fur is so lux.

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