NYFW: Betsey Johnson Fall 2012 Collection!

There is one show I look forward to every fashion week and it’s the Betsey Johnson fashion show. I can’t tell you how much fun I have every time I attend. I don’t just come, sit, watch, and leave. There is something different about the energy at BJ shows, and the people who attend. It is always a pleasure to see tons of people dressed up like we are all going to the same cocktail party. The music, the models, the outfits, the colors, and Betsey Johnson’s cartwheels are all of the wonderful things I look forward to every time I attend a show. Of course, this time was no different. It was everything I had hoped for and more. BJ had created a collection that channeled the late 60’s and early 70’s with a color palette I absolutely adored. Her collection featured fuchsia, teal, orange, and lime green colors that lightened up the catwalk for Fall. Models were dressed in mod shades, cute shabby furs, floral print dresses, sequin mini’s, leather suits, sweater dresses, and more. All of which made a statement every time a model stepped on the runway. Betsey Johnson has a way of creating clothing and accessories for the bold fashionista in all of us and what a true inspiration she has been allowing me with her pieces to be as bold as I want to be. We need more designers that bring the fun to fashion and BJ does that effortlessly. This show was astounding and I am so glad I was able to see it 3rd row next to pretty in pink Gala Darling. After the show, I headed back stage to take some behind the scenes footage and to see many of my friends from the company. I love them all so much and was so glad I got to see them. After all the madness at Lincoln center I was off to Stone Rose lounge at the Time Warner center for the after party. It was my absolute favorite night of NYFW because we had a BLAST! Check out more inside!
How do I look’s, Jeanie Mai front row alongside Nigel BarkerAdrienne Bailon and Kristin Cavallari also attended and sat front row along with other celebs.So many cameras!Lets go!I am so inspired by this look and can’t wait to work it out for the end of this winter!Love love love the Jacquard skull print of this sweater dress!Leather shorts and sheer tops!Red gloves and houndstooth!Mod shabby fur jackets and houndstooth mini skirts!Mod shapeless sequin dresses!Tiger lilies, chain links, fur stoles, and amazing hats!
Vibrant colors in florals and tweeds!Plaid suits with hot pink accents!Love the long floral dresses!Lime green leather suits with power shoulders!Loved this coat with the hot pink contrast of the dress underneath and the tights!The colors of this outfit blew me away! Look at these floral galactic pants, the lime green sheer top, and the HOT HOT HOT pink fur stole!
Love this rose printed cocktail dress! The color is amazing!Cute sequin jackets!Lovely hot pink dresses and matching shrugs!Last but not least, Lulu, Betsey Johnson’s daughter wore a beautiful hot pink silk gown that fit her like a glove! She looked stunning and worked that runway!Shortly after Lulu’s walk, her daughter and mother Betsey joined her and it was so cute to see the family together.lol look at how cute Betsey’s glitter pants are!Of course she did her signature cartwheel. She has still got it and her energy gets better every year.Go Betsey!To end the show the models came out in really cute crop tops and silver mini skirts. So cute!
Wooo!I had to snap a photo of Gala’s outfit after the show. She looked so cute! I love her cute bow headpiece! We both really enjoyed the show.I love love loved the goody bags too! BJ bags are the best!Off to the back stage area!I bumped into my friend Clarence back stage and was thrilled as I haven’t seen him since I worked at Billy’s. Check out his post-it jacket!lol too cool for school. His personality is hilarious, I adore him so much.I also ran into my friend Julie Mollo, a fellow fashion designer who puts the fun back in fashion. I mean..just look at her jacket and romper she made!Amazing right?It was a full house back stage!DOUBLE TROUBLE! I adorrrre these two!Ang looks so cute in her Betsey Johnson floral jersey dress! I wore a top an old friend made and a tulle skirt I bought off of the window at Mango, a vintage bowler hat, and my Dolce and Gabbana spiked boots. I was going for a gothic lolita look.My girl Dior looked amazing, she is the only person I know that can pull of any color whether it be in her hair or her outfit. I love her to death!As we left back stage I came across these Fake bags, these two were my favorite. “Fake you you faking fake”.Betsey Johnson‘s Fake bag said “You can’t Fake Fashion”. So true!I had to bring the gang to Barbie’s Dream Closet on the way to Stone Rose lounge. It was the last day and they just haddd to see it! Look at Julie working that virtual closet!Clarence is so adorable watching the process.Of course Dior loved everything here, she is practically a living Barbie!Look at her Irregular Choice boots!She did the virtual closet and her outfit was hilarious! We actually met some lovely ladies who work for Mattel when we were on our way out. They were so sweet and we thanked them for creating such an amazing event. See my dedicated post “Barbie’s Dream Closet!” by clicking here!

Off to Stone Rose lounge!
Party timmmeee woooo!My girl Inimac joined us for the after party in an awesome BJ thermal dress. Look at her bling! Too cute!Full house!My girls<3Betsey’s show was playing on the screen above the DJ!More of my outfit 😀WOOT WOOT!like my wig 😉<3!Inimac, Dior, and Pumpkin!My aunt also came to join us and she looked FABULOUSSSS!Inimac!Now the whole gang was here! Two of my favorite dolls showed up! This is Mary of Shopglamarous and Nubia of NubiaNonsense! I loveee these girls!Hey mister DJ put a record on I wanna dance with my ladies!Me and my aunty Alex!She looked AMAZING! She was steam punk and I was gothic lolita!So pretty!Me and the ladiessss.Betsey on the 1’s and 2’s!WEPA!
Wigs off, must dance!How unbearably cute are these two?!GOOD TIMES!


8 Comments on “NYFW: Betsey Johnson Fall 2012 Collection!

  1. I like that she is not afraid of showing colorful “happy-pieces”, but some of the dresses look very cheep and unoriginal, like the bright pink gown and details like the hot-pink fuzzy scarf… That being said, I love the black/gold victorian gown, and most of all: I LOVE your outfit, it is spectacular!

  2. It was awesome seeing you at the Show! I see I was part of your pictures, loved, loved seeing and talking to you.Working in the fashion industry almost 20 years , Betsey Johnson Show is the one I always look forward to attend and or work behind the scene. Betsey Show is truly an experience, always much fun and energy. It was great seeing my old family and being a part of the show. Till next Fashion Show! Love, Hugs! Live on BJ!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. I love your take on gothic lolita, you totally worked it

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