IFB Conference 2012 Recap!

New York fashion week is a lot of fun and I look forward to lots of cool shows but one event I especially look forward to is the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference at Milk Studios. The IFB conference is where I get to learn more about the world of blogging all the while meeting really cool fashion bloggers who understand the lifestyle I live. It is nice to be in one room with a bunch of people who share the same interests despite having all sorts of different blog material. I attended my first IFB conference last fashion week and I plan to keep coming. I was also on the cover of the IFB program along side my favorite blogazons, Sammy Davis of SammyDvintage.com, and Jenni Radosevich of ISPYDIY. It was good to see them again at this conference and catch up on the great things they have been doing. It was also good to see Jennine of The Coveted, she is the reason this conference even exists. Jennine has managed to connect bloggers from all over the world to one another here in NYC. She has also created a platform (IFB) that educates bloggers on how to turn their passion into a career. I cannot tell you how great and informative these conferences are. The moderators and panelists always do a great job inspiring us to keep blogging if we are passionate about it. It is just one big space full of positive energy and great people. I was completely floored at how much love I received when I arrived from bloggers who follow my blog. I tend to forget how many people really follow my blog and it always situations like this that make me realize that my efforts I have put into my blog for years have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Not that I look for recognition, I guess I just never expected it to blow up as big as it has. I know I still have a journey ahead of me and lots more to learn which is why I will be attending every conference with an open mind and open arms. I definitely did that this time despite being dress so militantly. I wore an AMAZING Stop Staring army green dress, a vintage army cap, my vintage Black Russian Kahlua Sour ambassador briefcase, Top Shop black pumps, and Agent Provocateur cuban heel stockings. Check out more details of my day inside!

The gift bags were full of goodies! Magazines, Clutches, jewelry, candy, nail polish, makeup, and more! There was also a gift certificate inside for JustFab.com and I got a free pair of shoes!Moderator Jess Estrada of FreshJess.com working her magic on the deck with all of the awesome panelists. I met Jess Estrada for the first time yesterday and was thrilled she likes my blog, she was super sweet. Adore her! ❤

Vanessa from 24Blogazine shot this photo of me. She was so lovely!

I also met another blogger named Matra at the conference. She was sooo cute and also likes my blog. I was so happy to have met her<3J Brand showed off their new collection at the conference. So many cute leather jackets!Arizona also had a concession at the conference and it was one of my favorites because of the cute tote bags and ADORABLE tiny can lip balms! Tooo Cute.I am hooked to Arizona’s Pina Colada juice. It is sooo good.

Lip Balms!

I wish I would have taken more of these lil lip balms. They are so cute and smell delish!Thank you Arizona!Fashion Traffic was another one of my favorite concessions at the conference because I absolutely adored the staff and can’t tell you how thrilled I was to come across a platform like this that connects bloggers to advertisers. As a blogger who has done a ton of product reviews, this is the perfect advertising hub.They were even kind enough to let me hang around their booth since the conference ran out of seats!Yummy FOOD!Marielle Sales took the best photo of me eating my sandwich loll. She was so sweet and took such great photos of this event. This photo is just priceless. See more Marielle’s photos on Guest of a Guest.Everyone loved my lil briefcase. I do to, it is one of my favorites.
Marielle of Guest of a Guest with Bryan Boy who was one of the panelists at the conference.WEPA!Snapshot of me and another blogger who loved my bag because she said she is “Black and Russian”. Too funny!The panelists were extremely informative and answered all blogger questions so eloquently. I left the conference with a brand new state of mind and full of inspiration.It was a full house!Met these lovely ladies at the conference. So sassy! So fierce!I adored them!I met a lovely woman named Ana at the conference and she is an AMAZING bag designer. Her brand is called Ines Figaredo. I was in awe of her designs..I mean come on, this skull bag is gold plated with real teeth and the other bag has gold butterflies all over it..My favorite aside from the skull was this circus purse below!
I had this cute blogger pose with this Ines purse. Ana informed us that she creates every singe purse by hand. What a talent!
Design Within Reach also had a concession at the conference. I fell in love with the cute decor they had at their booth. DWR’s Kevin Shea took this awesome photo of me at the conference. You can find him on instagram @Kevinshea_nyc! See the regular photo version of this below. So cool!!Thank you Design Within Reach for tugging on my heart strings with your amazing retro interior design! Can I tell you I am so enamored with Stop Staring that I plan to wear a bunch of their dresses all of fashion week? I just can’t get enough of them!
This dress looks so good with my vintage army cap. Let me just fill you in if you aren’t following me on insagram (@vintagevandal)..When I purchased this cap it had a telegram attached to the inside. It made this vintage find even more special. See my instagram photo I posted before the event below.US Army 1972 but the front of this telegram is dated 71. Both sides were utilized. I keep the telegram inside even when I wear the hat.
Back to the outfit. Cuban heels a must!
La Capitan!Geraldine is another blogger I met at the conference who told me I inspired her to follow her dreams. It is really something special when someone tells you that you motivated them to take on their passions. Thank you Geraldine for inspiring me to keep going<3At the end of the conference this cutie told me she loves vintage too! Vintage bloggers unite!I finally got to see my girl Sammy at the conference. Better late than ever right? Look at how awesome she looked in her vintage drop waisted dress, pink tights, feather sboa, black hat, and patent leather shoes! She is such a zany character and her style matches her bubbly and fun personality. I just love her for so many reasons.What a doll!Lolol adorable!After the conference Sammy and I grabbed a bite to eat then I was off home..what a lovely day!

Special thanks to all of the bloggers I met at the conference, the panelists who did a great job executing the blogging business, the sponsors, and IFB for organizing such a great event.

Good times!


14 Comments on “IFB Conference 2012 Recap!


  2. It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday, it was honestly the highlight of my day. Thanks for all the inspiration, it means a lot. Keep up the great work because you are extremely great at what you do.

  3. Gurrrrl, you and Sammy were two of my biggest blogger crushes at the last IFB Con. And this one you look frickin’ AH-MAZING! Lawdy! Great re-cap for those of us who couldn’t make it. Thanks for that! And I am not one drop of surprised that your blog has blown up the way it has. You’ve got great, and original style and are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and sweet-as-pie to boot. You are only going to blow up bigger this year. Congrats on that, it’s going to be most deserved. xo. -Bella Q

  4. Just saw you looking amazing in a metropcs commercial. That’s so great! How did you get casted? I was interested in doing extra work or commercials, but I kept finding scams. Any advice?

  5. Jasmin, you absolutely light up a room and it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and having you light up our booth! 🙂 Not only are you beautiful on the outside and impeccably dressed, of course(!), but you are so kind and sweet as well. How do you do it? It’s official, I’m in awe and a huge huge fan…
    Love, Davina from Fashion Traffic

  6. I’m *blushing.* Thank you for this WONDERFUL recap of IFB — I was only there for the last panel but after reading this I felt like I was there the ENTIRE DAY! I totally missed out on the Design Within Reach! I have dreams of launching wallpaper designed with vintage ads 😉 Jasmine thanks for being a soul sister and inspiring all of us here. Salute! XO

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  8. Thanks so much for including me! I’m so happy to have met you at IFB con. I’m in Brooklyn tomorrow and a few NYFW shows this weekend – hope to run into you! xo

  9. You look amazing! And I’m so pissed I missed my two favorite gals! Sammy looks awesome, per usual!

    I totally know those two fiery divas, Kia and Lizzy from Philly! Love all of the blogging connections!

  10. I spy sooooooo many of my favorite bloggers. I wish I could attend this event. I love fun atmosphere of the conference. I love your pinup militay look. The hat is such a sentimental item. I love the telegram inside.

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