Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show!

Last weekend was the annual Manhattan Vintage Clothing show at the Metropolitan Pavillion. I would always hear about it but never got the chance to go and to my surprise I was sent 2 complimentary tickets to attend this year and just couldn’t resist! I was so excited I went on the first day and what made it even more special was that my mother accompanied me. My mother loves vintage just as much as I do and is like my best friend so I like to bring her everywhere with me lol. We arrived at the show and I immediately got the shakes. This is what usually happens when I am surrounded by this much treasure. As soon as we got in we were bombarded with the most luxurious of vintage jewelry, beautiful cocktail dresses and hats, designer bags and shoes, and some booths even had antiques! I have to say even though I was impressed with the inventory, I wasn’t so impressed with the prices but just like any other vintage market you have to know what you are buying, know what its worth, know how to bargain, and know how to put that poker face on. Luckily I know how to do all of those things and was able to bargain with many of the merchants. I got some GREAT items and met some great people, some of which I already knew from the 25th street garage thrift market. I also attended this event in classic fashion which made my experience even better. I wore my new Stop Staring navy blue dress with my vintage blue gloves, my vintage suitcase, nude Steve Madden pumps, and my vintage hat that was lightly decorated in nude colored flowers. I also sported my new blue cat-eye frames and pearl earrings. Check out more details of the show, my outfit, and the great goodies I found inside!Ready set shop!There was great designer vintage everywhere.Beautiful cocktail dresses, robes, and more..Heaven.Painted pinups.I have been wearing stop staring dresses for a few years now and that hasn’t changed a bit. Stop Staring dresses exude that mid-century fit and sex appeal that just works with my figure. I cannot tell you how many compliments I receive every time I wear one of their dresses and how amazing I feel in them. This is my new Stop Staring dress I have been dying to wear but waiting for the perfect occasion. This was certainly it.I had to add a vintage touch to this ensemble by accessorizing in classic mid-century accessories.I have these Steve Madden shoes in like every color lol. They are so comfortable.
My cashmere fur solar cardigan is vintage, I purchased it in Vegas a few years ago at VLV. My ring and necklace is from Billy’s Antiques. R.I.P Billy’s!
I love delicate vintage necklaces like this.My suitcase is old and falling apart but I won’t part with it!My momma and I. I love spending time with her, it makes me feel like a kid all over again. Wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Here were some of my favorite booths at the show.

TANGERINE BOUTIQUETangerine Boutique stuck out to me because not only were their great jewelry but also great apparel at reasonable prices. I know people have to pay their bills so I can’t knock the hustle of vintage merchants, however, marking up a price by hundreds of dollars is just not respectable and I feel almost offended. Especially since I know the business and where many of these people shop and how much they get their merchandise for. Designer labels? I get it..but stained little house on the prairie dresses that were purchased for a $1 at some flea market that look like they were locked up in a basement full of mold for $300 dollars? I’ll pass.Found a really cool suit at this booth, too bad I have something like it. I love the beaded neckline and cuffs!See what I meant by Tangerine Boutique‘s great jewelry? I loveee that lion necklace!
Tangerine Boutique also had a cute little book on how to vintage shop which I thought was really cute. Even the customer service was great.

MARAMara’s booth looked really familiar till I realized I bought items from her before at the garage flea on 25th street and 7th ave! Mara is so sweet and is another merchant that offers great apparel and accessories and not to mention great service. I fell in love with her swimwear and her purses.Really cool swimwear!I died when I saw this clutch. She offered me a great price on it but I wanted to look around first. Kinda regretting passing on it but I may be able to retrieve it this weekend.KITSCH N’ WEARI found a really cool Bowler hat at this booth. The merchant was sooo funny and sooo cool I could have stayed there all day talking to her about her great merchandise. She had an exquisite hat collection along with some really cool jewelry pieces.This is the bowler hat I bought from Kitsch, I died when I saw it and just had to have it. It is fur and has much less height than my other black bowler hat I bought in San Diego. This is definitely a unique piece I added to my collection.Look at all of that bakelite jewelry!

I have quite a collection of vintage cat-eye glasses and cannot resist a unique pair if I find some. I happened to find two unique pairs of vintage cat-eye glasses at this booth (forgot the name) and couldn’t be happier!Both glasses are in great condition and from the 1950s. The top glasses have a metallic wing design to them and the bottom pair are gray with beautiful pinkish swarovski crystals. I can’t wait to wear them!I found this cool baby blue coat whilst walking around and was so sad it wasn’t my size! Too cool! I love the color!

QP & MONTY LLC Ignacio Quiles was one of the cool people I met here at the MVS. This man has impeccable style and one of the best menswear booths I saw at the MVS. Not to mention he was cool as hell and Puerto Rican. I love the fact that I met a Puerto Rican merchant here at the show, a gentleman with great style, and great taste in vintage. It is good to know there are more of us in this city. Ignacio had an assortment of vintage vests, cuff links, tie bars, ties, and more. I am convinced this man is the go-to guy for mens vintage and you can find him on weekends at Artists & Fleas on N 7th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For weekdays you can find Ignacio at Studio on 361 Stagg Street, Brooklyn.Dapper!I love menswear!
Suspenders!Tie bars and cuff links!BUY & SELL VINTAGEI have been in search for a vintage leopard trench for sooooooo long. I didn’t care if it was faux fur or real fur, I just wanted one that fit me right and looked amazing. Well..I definitely found it here at this booth! This is a faux-fur trench that I have been wearing every single day since last friday. Not only is it warm but it fits amazing and matches everything!So so so happy I found this and it was only $65! Talk about a bargain!

VINTAGELEMONDEVintagelemonde had a great assortment of funky, rare, and unique vintage pieces. Despite being pricey I think her booth was pretty terrific and worth the dime.Love that racket suitcase!This was my favorite piece from the Vintagelemonde booth. They were out of this world!
MATINEE IDOLMatinee Idol was also one of my favorite booths because I not only found a cool vintage outfit for myself but for my mom too! The merchant of this booth, Gene Elm, was so awesome and super sweet. I had forgotten a belt to the suit I bought at his booth and he was so kind as to look for me just to give it to me before I left the show. I found a really cool anchor and stars 3 piece suit at his booth that I cannot be more excited about. It is such a unique vintage outfit to add to my collection especially since all of the pieces can be worn separately. Check it out below.I love the bright orange contrast of the top of the dress, had it been red I would have passed. This orange color against the blue and white gives this outfit that cool funky creative edge. I can imagine myself wearing this with orange lipstick and cool cat-eye glasses. God, I can’t wait to wear it!I love the jacket, I can even wear it alone with the belt and high-waisted shorts.It is hard to imagine this being over 50 years old. The designer was definitely ahead of their time.I also found a cool 2 piece vintage dress and cardigan set for my mother and she looked sooooo cute in it.I love it on her! Like mother, like daughter, vintage dresses from the 50s and 60s suit us so well! I love my mom, she is too fricken cute. Look at that waist!

10 of a Find Vintage.Fell in love with this cool black dress at 10 of a Find Vintage. The merchant Christina Graham was super cool too!As I was ready to go I ran into Ignacio again and we had to do a farewell pic lololol. WOO!

Good times!

Big thank you to Manhattan Vintage for inviting me to such a lovely event!


21 Comments on “Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show!

  1. I always get invited to this as well but I was really disappointed last time with the selection and super expensive prices. Some of the products were $500 and up! It was insane and like you said some were moldy and not in good condition. Glad you found some goodies. Maybe I’ll give it another go when I get passes next time 🙂

  2. Omgg i loved everythin about this post!! Ur outfit was amazin and so was all ur vintage finds! And my aunt looked absolutely beautiful in that dress it fit her perfectly! Nice of you two to spend the day together.

  3. I would lovvvvvvve to attend something like this! I can see one of the drawbacks though: the prices. Just to reiterate what youve already said: know the game. Know an item’s worth. Don’t get hustled. I learned my lesson nearly 10+ years ago after I saw a store owner stocking up on clothing at a Sally’s Army 50% off sale; she found stuff for PENNIES and when I visited her store two weekends later those same goodies were priced above $100. AWFUL.

    Ignacio looks STELLAR. I love him just by looking at him!!!

  4. french looks so cute and so do you i love that dress you have on fits like a glove and looks super comfy im glad yo had a good time and found some hot stuff jazzy

  5. Definately had a great time shopping with my daughter. I love to help her find some of those amazing items she purchased. Nothing pleases me more to see her all dolled up with some amazing finds. The show did have amazing clothing and accessories, however, some of them were overpriced. Some vendors had great attitudes and were willing to negotiate the prices. I also fell in love with Ignacio’s personality the moment we met him.

  6. You are so cute. That leopard coat is KILLING ME. WOW! And that blue dress looks wonderful on you. I love that you got “the shakes.” LOLOL

  7. Loved reading about your trip to the Manhattan Vintage Show SOOOO MUCH! I missed the show when I was living back there… and now I’m in California again. Hopefully I can make the upcoming tradeshow in San Francisco. That blue Stop Staring Dress is so insanely adorable on you, what a show stopper! And I love that you’re shopping with your mom, my mom is one of my favorite vintage shopping companions. Vintage isn’t her style at all, but she has been indulging my obsession for over 12 years now! Great blog post, I feel like I was there!


    I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog, hope you will stop by:

  8. Jasmin your eye for vintage is insane! Makes me want to step up my game you always look so amazing! The hat in this outfit is the icing on the cake for me<3

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! always looking so fab! and I admire all your great finds….but how could you past on that clutch ??? LOL….I would have died !!!! and all praise to the Puerto Rican dapper Ignacio !!!

  10. Omg!! What a great review! Ive been meaning to check this out. I met Ignacio while vending at artists and fleas in the summer and he has both amazing items and personal style. I bought a vest and bracelet from him that I absolutely adore. That trench is to die for. I actually bought a similar coat a few weeks ago that I cant get enough of. That dress was made for your mom. Sounds like you two had a ball!

  11. I’m surprised the vendors let you take all those photos. The last time I went they scoffed at my camera and had a fit any time I even asked to take a photo. The prices were ridiculous and only a few people were actually friendly. I found a few handbags the first time I went to the show a few years ago. But I doubt I’d return.

  12. Wonderful post and find! That coat is fitted perfectly on you! I am doing the Manhattan Vintage Show for the first time and am excited to be invited. I hate to hear about those shady dealers, but trust me there is some major work in finding those one of a kind pieces. A good dealer should have them clean and ready! Plus, I have to drive two hours to estate sales and to see personal collections just to edit and find these beauties. I spend tons of times in different locations finding pieces. Then, I care for them – assess era, flaws, clean them etc – get them ready and photograph them all. Anyway, you are right.. know your prices, quality and styles. That way you tell if the vendor is a good one! Sometimes again price is just about how much they paid, how hard it was to get and how rare. I have been collecting, bargaining etc since I was in junior high and understand what it is like to be on both sides of the booth:) Really it is about customer service and the love of vintage!!! I loved your post keep it up!

  13. One thing about about the show and the prices….one has to realize what the rent is……its an unreal OVERCHARGED $1100 FOR THE SMALLEST BOOTH. One would love to bring low priced vintage as well as the high end but in reality $20 items can’t fill a booth when the rent is as high as they charge….its a shame an affordable show can’t be done in the city

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