Dapper in denim..

Many of you may think it is a rare occasion to see me without my signature cat eye or baggy jeans but this is actually something I do regularly. I take a fashion day off to cater to my tomboyish side at least once or twice a week where I completely boycott makeup, heels, and my sassiness for a more subtle, less manageable look. On days like this I usually leave my camera home too, simply because I usually dress like this on non-blog-worthy days. This day was an exception as I was off to a meeting and thought I may need my camera. It was a productive casual day. Notice I didn’t say comfortable because believe it or not, I happen to be more comfortable in heels than flats and I feel more like myself in a dress, dolled up. This look is still me, I mean if you look at my childhood pictures, I was always in baggy jeans, boots, and my leather jacket. Not much has changed obviously. I only like jeans if they are baggy, you will rarely ever see me in skin-tight jeans because they just aren’t comfortable for me. I prefer men’s jeans actually as they just fit baggier than going up a few sizes in women’s jeans that are tailored to accentuate a woman’s curves. I am more of a pants, trousers, and leggings kind of girl in terms of women’s bottoms. Anyway, here are some photos of my look a few days ago.:)

I think I was about 5 years old here lol.I think I was 9 here.

This has become one of my favorite hats. It is vintage and was one of the last things I purchased at Billy’s Antiques. I have worn the hell out of it ever since and it always reminds me of the magical place I was once a part of. Sometimes it is refreshing to leave my cat-eye alone for a day or two. Just mascara and blush will do. 🙂My vintage doctors bag is also something I have worn to death since finding it at a flea market upstate for just $10. I mean it is so convenient because I am such a bag lady. I can fit my life into this bag and be on my merry way. My boots are from Steve Madden and my jeans are by Carrot, a new launch by Levi’s. I usually buy men’s jeans so I was shocked when I found them in the women’s section in Buffalo Exchange but they remind me so much of a pair of mens replay jeans I have that are my favorite. My fingerless gloves are Betsey Johnson and so is my hood. Even when I am dressed down I am still in Betsey!

My turtle neck is by Express and my leather jacket is Zara.

Good day!


9 Comments on “Dapper in denim..

  1. I love u anyway you dress but yup that’s you lil tomboy to the fullest! No matter how baggy the jeans you make it work with every single item you pick up from your room of wonderful pieces “go girl”

  2. love! i find mens tees and jeans much more appealing than woman tees and woman jeans. i feel like menswear has mastered the art of efficiency. womens are still catching up. we just love luxury and inconvenience lolol ..i always throw on one piece of menswear to all my outfits no matter how girly it is, for the contrast…feel like it brings things together nicely.

  3. You look super cute in those photos
    I want the strappy shoes you are wearing in the second childhood pic 🙂

  4. you always look amazing in whatever you wear! whether it be baggy jeans or a nice dress 🙂

  5. awe how adorable…i mean and these shots of you with the eagle and horsey from just a few days ago…amazing how quickly we develope…LOL…these younger pics really go to show how open to fashion your parents are too…thanks for sharing..

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