A day in the life..

Lately life has been kind of crazy. I am experiencing lots of changes that has my head spinning. Most of these changes are great ones but even great changes need warming up to. The other day I got to tell my story..my life story on video. It was nerve wrecking as I am still getting used to this whole film thing but It was a long walk down memory lane and a huge eye opener for me as It made me remember how far I have come. Sometimes we need to revisit our roots so we can see how far we have grown from the seed. I am still learning in this journey called life and will accept any challenges before me with open arms, open eyes, and an open heart. I know I have a purpose and I believe that I am following it down the right path, I can only hope that never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel because I am no good at getting lost. This is a rather short post with just a few pictures that described my wonderful day. Astoria Queens is such a lovely place.Court Square train station.Astoria Projects in a Vintage Chanel chain logo jacket, Kiki De Montparnasse leather pants, Steve Madden Leopard boots, Betsey Johnson fingerless gloves, and my vintage shades and doctors bag from the 1950s.

“The World is Yours”

Special thanks to EwokOne for these photos.

6 Comments on “A day in the life..

  1. It’s so funny how we’re always in the same place on the same days and never run into each other! When I mentioned to you that I was by Billy’s one time in the car, and I go through the Court Sq station everyday for work! Haha! Keep you’re head up and stay focused. You’re going to go far in life! Kudos to all your good work!


  2. Yep staying focused on a goal is key…….I think with success, in any part of our lives, staying humble (which for many of us remembering where we came from helps) yet confident is important as well….without humility many fall and lose that inner beauty and the ability to find areas to improve, without confidence there is no falling because not much can be achieved…

    You look fabulous, the jacket reminds me of the 80’s yet the glasses remind me of the 60’s..nice eclectic look..have a good day!

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  4. I really love the fact that you stayed true to yourself and took a wonderful photo in front of the most urban background there is…the projects! I think many of us that live in the innercity are ashamed to step out the box and do that but there is beauty in what most find scary sometimes. Beautiful portraits! Much love!

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