StyleCaster x Sebastian Infinite Possibilities @ the Darby

The other night I was invited to a StyleCaster event at the Darby in the city so I brought my friend Queena with me. First we went to my new favorite spot Coppelia to eat cuban food and then we were off to the Darby to dance the night away. It was my first time at the Darby and I have to say I was impressed. I loved the decor and the service was really friendly. As soon as we got in we were greeted and given cute little totes and it was only just a few minutes after arriving that we were already on the dance floor. I attended the event in a Ralph Lauren top I snagged at the Salvation Army last Tuesday (yes I couldn’t wait to wear it), my army green trousers, Dolce and Gabbana booties, and my vintage purse case. I went super casual as I had to be ready in a jiffy. My girl Queena wore a really amazing gold sweater, cool black pants, Lita boots, and wore sick jewelry. Queena is a dancer, stylist, and designer who fancy’s Avant Garde fashion. I adore her and her hustle and we had such a great time. Trust this wont be the first or last time you see this girl on my blog. See more photos of our night inside!Queena and I!I love this girl!Darby was like a cool behive.Pink!Super cashhhh..These have been my colors this season.I love anything nautical and I adore fun regal prints.Queena has style for DAYS!
This canadian bombshell just recently styled Renee Graziano of the Mob Wives for Mob Candy magazine and has done work for Vogue Italia, T & M Magazine, PaperCut magazine, and more. Check her out by visiting her website.Dance girl DANCE!WEPA!I love this pic!Dapper ❤Good times!


3 Comments on “StyleCaster x Sebastian Infinite Possibilities @ the Darby

  1. I love her pants omg n I love your look jazzy you look great in high waist pants their very form fitting and compliment your frame . You two girls look awesome head to toe

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