Vinny the riveter’s vintage finds!

Yesterday was one of those “never waste a minute” kind of days where I made the most and the best of my day. My day started with me running to the Salvation Army in Hells Kitchen to shoot for a project that is in the works. I cannot announce what it is until it comes to full fruition. Hopefully it will, I have my fingers crossed. We shot for most of the day the best part about it was that I was able to THRIFT and meet other thrifters like darling Patrice Williams who is not only a fellow thrifter but a blogger as well! Patrice runs the blog “Looking fly for a dime” and I suggest you all check her out! Patrice knows her vintage, why? because as soon as I walked in the door she had a vintage 50’s robe at hand that I was drooling over for hours until we made a trade. She happened to like a purse I had in my cart and I must say..I wasn’t going to miss that bag..but that robe…I would’ve missed it had she not been so generous in giving it up. I absolutely adored her and can’t wait to thrift with her again. I ended up with a garbage bag full of goodies that I can’t wait to wear and I have photos inside to prove it! I also invited my friend Tim who is my old coworker from Billy’s Antiques so we could catch up after thrifting and grab some grub. He ended up leaving with a bag full of stuff too. We snuck in a little fun photo shoot of my outfit before leaving the building as Tim usually takes my pictures (he is such a good friend 🙂 ). I definitely dressed for my thrifting occassion in a “Rosie the riveter” outfit I can’t wait to show you! After an exhausttting dayy of shopppinngg 😉 we headed on over to BBQ’s where we had some good-ol-fashioned southern food and what a perfect way to end the day than a big plate of food and a strawberry daiquiri. More details and photos inside!First and foremost…..THE ROBE. So glamorous and exactly what I needed in my life. Thank you Patrice<3!I love these regal cool prints so it was a no brainer that I had to have this Ralph Lauren top. I am going to wear the hell out of it.I also found this tagless cropped candy striped cropped sweater. I love stripes and I cant wait to wear this top with my Christian Louboutin candy striped shoes.This bolero stood out to me not only because it was cropped but because of the Chanel-like tweed material and the Versace-like lion button. This is going to look great with a pencil skirt or high waisted pants.I died when I found this vintage sweater. I love the abstract tribal design and the contrast of the black and white together. I am going to have a field day with this sweater, and it is long so I can make it into a dress!I found this vintage top while looking through the sweaters and I am absolutely in love with it. I mean look at the color and the neckline. This is sooo 1950s and would look great with a poodle skirt, pencil skirt, or high waisted pants. Adorbs!This was one of my favorite finds at the Salvation Army. This is a cashmere skull sweater by Lux. This isn’t vintage but it reminded me so much of Betsey Johnsons skull sweaters that I had to have it. Plus, I love skulls anyway..I mean…Who doesn’t?Before checking out I found a really cool silver necklet. How amazing is this!I snagged some other things but I will wait to show you them later ;). P.S this lady in this picture above is the same lady I used to see at the Salvation Army in Queens when I was just a tween! I have a good memory.Off to BBQ’s because we certainly weren’t going to wait on that Shake Shack line. Look how sad my face was lol.I was still ecstatic about all of my finds, this picture says it all lololBBQ’s!This is my amazing friend Timothy. Not really sure how my blog would have survived without him taking all of my pictures last summer or how I would have survived my stress without his friendship. I love you Tim!Yum no pictures pleaseStill sippin.Here are photos from the little shoot we did of my outfit.“Yo Vinny!”

Remember that Grey Antics top I scored at Buffalo Exchange the other day? Well, I happened to have pants that were the exact same color and fabric by American Apparel. I was soooo happy when I realized it! They go perfect together!My bandana is from the Freshthetic shop in Brooklyn. Its my favorite! My earrings are from Tarina Tarantino, I wear them in different colors all the time.My belt is vintage. I always find cool thin vintage belts like these for $2 at thrift shops.My glasses are also vintage, see my previous post for details.My hair is up in a pompadour wrapped with my bandana, my 1-2-3 ready hairstyle.I used a blue contrast of accessories to match my belt like my vintage suitcase and Pan American bag. They make quite a pair. Felt like I was about to go work on a plane with my vintage brown bomber jacket.My construction wedge boots are from Zara, I actually purchased them off of another blogger.Definitely one of my favorite outfits! Hope this one makes the big screen!

Photos by: Timothy Dark


18 Comments on “Vinny the riveter’s vintage finds!

  1. Awesome finds, I particularly like the Black bolero! I also like the outfit you wore for the shoot, was it denim, chambray or a metallic fabric used on the top and pants?

  2. Can I just say your totally a friend in my head, I came across you on a few different sites not even realizing you were the same person. this is the first time I’ve seen another woman of color do rockabilly pin up look and rock it soo mean! you not only inspired me to go thrifting again with a fresh set of eyes, you also inspired me to start my own blog! keep killin them and keep inspiring

  3. Great Great finds here! I’m so jealous of your ability to find such incredible finds! Inspiring me to up my vintage searching game ❤

    • $12.99 doll! Can you believe it! I have been looking for one for AGES and they are so expensive on ebay. So happy this one ended up in my shopping bag!

  4. Love your blog and pictures. Also you tumblr site is so inspiring. I love your 40’s style shoot. Also great haul pictures. I need to head out thrifting sometime. So many great items.

  5. super dope outfit girl, so sad for Shake Shack, that frickin line is THE WORST you need to head up to the one on 77th and Columbus way better!!! lol

  6. I love that particular salvation army I always find great pieces there! however, i’ve visited buffalo exchange on west 26th 2x and i left empty handed each time 😦 ….which one do you go to?

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