Vintage cat-eye glasses!

I am addicted to vintage cat-eye glasses and have become an avid collector of them. These are my new finds as of recent. However, finding the right pair is tough because you have to try it before you buy it. Many people shop for vintage specs through ebay and I have done that and learned that what you see is not always what you get. Vintage specs from the 50s and 60s were made in a variety of sizes but most run fairly small. Shopping on ebay, I ended up with a bunch of cat-eye specs that were way too small for my face and had to sell them. My suggestion to anyone looking for really great frames is to attend flea markets or thrift stores where you can actually try them on. The best part about buying specs at flea markets and thrift shops are the prices as well (depending on where you go). I like to find mine at flea markets in deserted towns, places that have boxes full of them. If you aren’t afraid to wipe the dust off, you may find the perfect pair of vintage specs at the perfect price. Some of my vintage glasses cost as little as $3! The most I have ever spent on a pair of glasses was $50 just because the lenses and condition was perfect and didn’t need work. I got most of these specs restored and re-lensed at Luxeye Optical in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I have good vision so I got regular lenses for just $30 and they sometimes finish the job the same day I bring them in. All of my vintage glasses end up costing me less than $50 which is less than most expensive thrift stores and online shops may sell you- with warped lenses and screws that may be loose. Save your money vintage mavens and go on a treasure hunt at your local vintage flea markets and get some vintage specs restored at a great affordable optical shop like Luxeye Optical. I am sure you will hit the jackpot like I did!

Here are some photos of me in some of my new specs ❤When I bought these 25% of the handle was broken at the tip, didn’t care..At $3 you wouldn’t care either. They are still broken but not really noticeable. 🙂These are really cool despite the leucite turning a little yellow from the age, I bought them anyway. The blue brows of these specs are simple but classic. $5 specs + $30 lenses = $35!I bought these in pristine condition for just $5, they have a tiger strip design within the leucite that was irresistible. I mean look at them, they are amazing! They came with lenses that had a not so crazy prescription but I bought new lenses anyway. $35!These were a little more expensive at $20 and had no lenses at all. However, I fell in LOVE with them and they are actually my favorite out of my collection because of the intergalactic marble design. These ended up costing me $50 after I got them re-lensed.

There you go, you don’t have to go spending tons on a pair of glasses that fit your pinup personality. It is worth being patient and searching for a deal!

Happy thrifting!


17 Comments on “Vintage cat-eye glasses!

  1. I love vintage frames! My optometrist told me to look for ones that have NEVER been worn, however. The way they insert the lenses on older glasses that don’t have screws in the frames, is to heat the plastic and pop out the lenses and then put new ones in. Over time, the reheating causes the little ridge around the lenses to distort and then they don’t stay in the glasses very well. There’s a term for it but I can’t remember it right now!

  2. Great post! I’ve actually bought several vintage pairs from Etsy and a few sites successfully. If you know the measurements of the frames that fit you, it’s pretty easy to buy online. I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade, and since high school have worn vintage or vintage inspired frames, so I have lots of glasses to refer to for size. Reputable online sellers list the frames’ measurements, which appear ON the frame itself (usually on the inside of the ear piece or the bridge, or if it has worn off, they will provide measurements. Since I don’t have any place devoted to vintage eyewear that I can visit in person regularly, knowing my measurements has allowed me to find some fabulous cat eyes of my own through the awesomeness of the interwebs!

  3. I’m in love with Cat eyes too! and you are right searching for the perfect pair of glasses requires patience. I’m still on the hunt for mine! ❤

  4. You suit the style so well. I got a pair of Betsey Johnson cat eye shape sunglasses that were white , they had a few studs missing you could hardly notice I managed to get them cheap such a bargain.

  5. I recently Purchased a pair online from The Vintage Optical Shop, they have a great selection of vintage cat eye’s though the prices on most are closer to $100. Even though the size was correctly listed they did not work for me and I had to return them, their money back guarantee came in handy. I don’t get around to flea markets that often so shopping online works for me.

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  7. heeeey viny! believ it or not one month ago I found the same glasses you have (intergalactic marble design) at the flew market and fell instantly in love with. now I got new glasses and wear them all the time – just looooove it!!! too sad I can’t attach a picture

  8. I’m interested in purchasing a pair of vintage cat eye frames and vintage cat eye half reading glasses. Don’t have a clue where to go. Please help me. Point me in the right direction. Where do I go?

  9. Thank you, thank you! I have a pair of cateye readers that I love and have had for several years. Need new regular glasses and was shopping online to see if there were any available like them when I found your site. Now I’m going to go check out the antiques and collectibles stores instead! I absolutely love your pair with the tiger eye in them. ~ Margy

  10. Those black frames are really cool! Do you think you could buy the frames from a thrift store and then take them to an optician for a prescription? I love that look but I don’t know if opticians carry them.

  11. The blue frames that are turning yellow look a lot like the Shuron Nulady, which amazingly is still in production. You can order directly from Shuron, but it’s much cheaper to get them from a place like My point: if they are broken, there’s a chance you can reuse those lenses in a new frame. Just match the eye size and DBL (distance between lenses); those numbers should be somewhere on the frame, sometimes on the nose pads, or above the lenses near the hinges. Your friendly optician may be able to help you with that.

    Yellowing means the plastic has begun to deteriorate, and in time it will get sticky and smelly and become hopelessly brittle. That type of plastic, cellulose acetate, has many good properties, but lasting forever isn’t one of them.

  12. Hey were is a good website were I can shop for eyecat frames? I´m from Costa Rica so I can get them ship to me, but most of the stores online that I have visit dont have cute ones. 😦

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