Yumna Al-Arashi’s “Internet Bitch” Styled by V.V!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of collaborating with Yumna Al-Arashi, a very talented photographer and a good friend of mine. Her passion for photography couldnt’ be a better marriage because her fun and quirky personality shines through her work. Yumna is a whimsical gypsy who enjoys traveling all over the world capturing beauty, art, and those precious moments when one connects with nature. This woman is brilliant beyond measure and I cannot wait to see her continue to flourish. Many of my favorite photos of myself were shot my Yumna and I feel fortunate that I could now lend my expertise in styling her model for this new project she was working on called “Internet Bitch”. The whole concept of this shoot is self-explanatory. Many of us allow technology to run and ruin our lives like a bad addiction, But if you learn how to make technology work for you and not against you, the possibilities are endless. With that said….

“Don’t be technology’s bitch. Make technology your bitch.”

Inside is the finished project of Yumna’s “Internet Bitch” along with behind the scenes footage and more details about the shoot. Must be 18+ to view photos.

Behind the scenes!

Cyndle did an amazing job with makeup. Her work was flawless and Stephanie looked beautiful for both looks.Peter did a great job with Stephanie‘s hair. How could anyone not love a pink finger waved hairdo?I did the styling. Stephanie was really pleasant to work with. She had me laughing the entire time. Gotta love a model with humor and a great personality. She did an AMAZING job modeling for this shoot.For the first look which was more of a sweet sexy look, I put Stephanie in a leopard Lucy B Lingerie bra and brief set, a vintage robe, fur stole, and white pumps. I had her drenched in vintage jewels with the exception of her kitty Betsey Johnson earrings.For the second look which was more of a dark look, I put Stephanie in leather Agent Provocateur shorts, a Jessica Simpson pleather sleeved blazer, biker gloves, a vintage military cap, vintage panther earrings, a Versace for H&M choker, Leg avenue thigh high stockings, and Topshop boots. Fabbbulous.

It was the perfect shoot with the perfect team. Special thanks to Eric White for taking behind the scenes, I wish I would have gotten a picture of him. He is also a very skilled photographer and a dapper one at that!

Model: Stephanie Wagenman (yes, Betsey Johnson’s muse!)
Makeup: Cyndle Strawhecker
Hair: Peter Mattelinano
Styling: Jasmin Rodriguez (Vintage Vandalizm)
Assistance: Eric White

Visit Yumna Al-Arashi’s website now!


2 Comments on “Yumna Al-Arashi’s “Internet Bitch” Styled by V.V!

  1. I loveee it great job her finger waves were hot I loved the dark look that blazer n shorts are cool “you sure can style jazzy” shout out to everyone else as well great work!
    Jazzy your blog should be turned into a magazine always great articles to read you always do a section letting people know where to get some of the items u model. I don’t know. About you but I can definitely see something like this happening for you! Xoxo besitos

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