Winter Wonder Woman.

I have to say, winter has been pretty good to us out here in NY and even though we have had cold and brittle days, it hasn’t been so bad. However, on this day…NY was brick city and I had a very important casting to attend so I had to bust out my vintage fur coat, thick sweater, jeans, and Michael Kors boots. I had to look my best for this casting and I can’t let winter stop me from dressing up so I like to wear really cool coat and hat ensembles. This happens to be my favorite. I actually bought my hat separately at a vintage flea market upstate. I was ecstatic when I realized it matched my vintage coat. Though they are similar, my hat is from the 60’s and my coat is from the 50’s (I only buy vintage fur). Two of my favorite eras :). I found my coat at Beacons Closet in Brooklyn about a year ago and nearly died when I found it because it reminded me of a coat one of my Barbie’s sported in my childhood days. I was even more excited about the condition of the coat considering it was so old. It gets better because I couldn’t believe the price! I mean $50? Are you for real? I had to have it and it is one of my most treasured vintage finds to date. hear more about my winter wonderland outfit along with more details inside!

This is actually a simple outfit for me but still classic vintage. My sweater is from the Gap, my coat is no label vintage, my hat is vintage, who knows where my jeans are from, my boots are Michael Kors, and my purse is a handmade Bishette Bag made of all vintage materials.
I swear this is my warmest ensemble and I plan to wear the hell out of it allll winter.
My Bishette purse has become one of my favorite purses. I wear it all the time!These Michael Kors boots actually have a faux-sheepskin button-on trim but I liked them better without the trim for this look.I am obsessed with bold stripes, I like that this Gap sweater has subtle ones.

Special thanks to my bestie/pinup artist Santiago for taking these pics!


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