Coppelia & the Boom Boom Room.

The other night, my girl Maria and I wanted to have a night out on the town. So we first stopped by Coppelia, a cuban restaurant I am newly in love with that exudes old Cuba to it’s finest. I was in LOVE. The walls were adorned with paintings and photos of Cuba, classic cars, flags. There were also old-fashioned mid-century dining tables and GOD..the food was so delicious. I ordered a Cuban sandwich and I have been craving it ever since. I am very picky about my cuban sandwiches and I have to say this is hands down one of the best I have had in this city. The service was lovely as well. I actually plan to return on Wednesday with my friend Danielle and I can’t wait. After we got some grub we were off to the Boom Boom Room at the Standard hotel to meet up with my friends Andrea, Nina, and Nazir. It was nice to zone out at a beautiful venue and enjoy drinks and a good conversation. I haven’t been out in a while so I definitely dolled myself up in a vintage dress that had been collecting dust in my closet. I was so happy to finally put it to use. It was a really good night..Check out more details and photos inside.Coppelia was full of Cuban culture. I was loving every little detail about this place.Maria got this shot with her phone. I was ready to eat!My plate after 2 seconds.Maria and I in the elevator of the Standard hotel, being silly.The beautiful Boom Boom Room.This dress is about 6 or 7 years old and this is the first time I have worn it. Felt so good to put it to use in such a beautiful place. I wanted to mix the film noir feel of the 1920s with this goddess-like look. I like to mix and match different images, cultures, and eras together. I was drenched in vintage from head to toe.We kept warm and toasty from the cold rain by sitting next to this fire-place.This makes me realize I have such pretty friends lol ❤
Love this picture of my friend Maria!
My city.ahhh what a good dress..Why have I neglected you sooo long.Maria, Nina, and I! Love them!As if! ;DKissy!My girl Andrea and I! Love this girl! She is so full of life.Nazir and Nina, two very talented performers. Nazir is a Musician and Nina is a performance artist.Puerto Rican dolls ❤

Good times!


10 Comments on “Coppelia & the Boom Boom Room.

  1. Love your hair love your makeup love the dress. you look like a moviestar from days gone by. I too love cuban food. You also have some beautiful friends.

  2. Absolutely beautiful dress here! You look so goddess-like! And the 20s make-up is perfectly balanced with the dress ❤

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  4. You really look like a Greek goddess in that dress! Especially with you hair looking like that too. Gorgeous!!!! I was in NY last August. Missed the Boom Boom Room, but went to Le Bain. I have such a crush on that city. HAVE TO GO BACK!!!!!!! 😉 xx

  5. Would absolutely LOVE a tutorial on how your did your hair here. Can you please share? Even just some simple tips about what you did would be great! Did you use a waver or clips or something else?

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