V.V x Metro Pcs New Ad Campaign

Many of you have messaged me all over the net asking if you saw me in the new Metro Pcs commercial and yes it was me! Sadly I cannot post the 60 second video because Metro Pcs said something about licensing rights. However, here is a screen shot one of my friends (thanks Chris!) managed to catch of me. I am the designer of the commercial pushing a clothing rack of clothes in my 1950’s outfit with my little lucky bowtie. I am really shocked at how many of you even noticed me since I am only maybe 2 seconds of the commercial lol. Overall, I am stoked that you guys recognized me and will let you in on a little secret…This may not be the last time you see me on TV this year. I have a feeling something huge is brewing but can’t dish details till it comes into fruition!

To see my previous post on what I wore for this commercial click here!


12 Comments on “V.V x Metro Pcs New Ad Campaign

  1. Ha! This could not have been more on point! You have a very dynamic sense of style that simply can’t be duplicated! Of course we noticed you!

  2. How ironic, I was just about to comment and ask if that was you ! Just saw the commerican last night too, congrats 🙂

  3. This sort of sucks that you can’t post it, licensing rights aside, you are still promulgating their advertisement which is the point of making commercials. Next time have your lawyer speak to them (that means me)! Lol good luck with the future project!

  4. I too shot a new commercial for MetroPCS back in oct or nov. I was wondering when it would start airing. If you can, can you send me a copy of the commercial. It’s not for publication, just for me so I can see if I made it past the cutting room floor. I would be the guy pulling a purple sweater over my head if it’s the same commercial.

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