Sergeant Vinny!

The other day I made plans to meet up with my girl Maria for din din. I swear, I would much rather go out to eat with my girl friends than party any day. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dance my little butt off, but whats better than food and a good conversation? My  girls and I EAT. It’s what I love about them the most. They aren’t the “oh, all I had was a cigarette and a fruit cup for dinner” type of girls..and thank god for that. My girls aren’t afraid to throw-down 2 slices of pizza with a side of fried oreos lol. This time we ditched pizza for The Meatball shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn where I enjoyed a nice classic pasta with a side of spinach and Maria had a sandwich. This place has great service and the food was DELISH. We also shared a desert, a vanilla ice cream half snickerdoodle half-brownie sandwich and we were loving it. I definitely see us going there more often, it’s a really cool spot to eat over a good convo. But before I met up with Maria, I was at the nail salon getting my nails done, then killed time around the area visiting some shops I haven’t been to in a while. One being Buffalo Exchange where I found a few cute pieces. Check out more photos and details inside.

I was feeling very militant this day and decided to take my new sergeant hat out for a spin. I recently purchased it at a flea market and have been dying to wear it and finally did. My sweater is Diesel and what I love about it is how it is knitted. It has really cool abstract hem lines.You can see the crazy hem lines of the sweater.My pants are vintage Austria Ski pants that I wear as trousers and these are my new Mallard Steve Madden boots I adoreeeee. ❤I also wore my vintage atlas purse case. It is one of my favorite vintage finds of all time and I wear it to This is my neighbor’s dog Benji. He is such a cutie!This is a vintage bomber jacket I recently purchased at the Buffalo Exchange in Manhattan. I died when I found it and just had to have it. I finally put this jacket to use with my vintage fur stole and shades and it worked well with the hole military theme.Off to the nail salon!My nail salon is a mom and pop shop. Super tacky, wacky, and I love it.After getting my nails done, I went to Buffalo Exchange where I found some cute cool pieces like this H&M crop top.I fell in love with the colors and print of this top. I wasn’t mad at the price either.I gravitated towards this top too because it had vintage looking kitties all over it.So cute!I had to have this top and trust me this pic does this top no justice. It is a cute crop-top with a drapped neckline and a drawstring waist.
I have the perfect high-waisted pants for this top. Can’t wait to wear it!I found this cute black dress and fell in love with it but from the side It flattened me out. I know I probably should have bought it anyway but I’ve got many……many…black dresses.
This American Apparel skirt is cool too, I love that it has a 50s flair to it but is a bold shade of royal blue. You can find lots of American Apparel at Buffalo Exchange, for dirt cheap too.I don’t really like jeans so I buy pants most of the time. I like the stretch of pants over the constricting feel of jeans. I bought these because they are simple, black, and has pleather pieces on the knees. Just a simple staple for my closet.Last but not least, I found these Mojo Moxy shoes that I love love love!

I kept my shopping light and ran off to meet my girl Maria for noms. The Meatball shop was phenomenal.This is my camera-shy-sassy friend Maria. She has a really dope blog. Check it out!

Good times!


10 Comments on “Sergeant Vinny!

  1. The minute I saw you, your pictures, your site, I fell in love with you! I love your style! Stay Gold!

  2. I’m MAD AT YOU!!! I saw those MoJo Moxy shoes at DSW earlier this year and I did not buy them! ARGHHHH! I love the military inspired look, too!!


  3. Omg. Now I’m on DSW trying to buy these shoes. I can’t believe they still have them in stock after all this time. I think I’m gonna use my birfday coupon! YAYYYY! Thanks for the remind, Jazzy!

  4. Freakin love this outfit! But I love more that blue AA skirt with that sweater and those cute bow shoes! Simple yet effective and so feminine! You rock as always! I really want to go BE shopping with you one day!

  5. I love the whole look jazzy n those steve maddens r fuego I was lookin for suttin like that in a 8 1/2 but no luck 😦 u look great n did a great job putting this together im proud of u go girl!!!!!!

  6. I just love your outfit! ❤ you always come up with good finds! 😉

  7. You look so tiny in the dressing room pics. I never realized how itty bitty you are! Love the purchases. Great post as usual! I bought those shoes after seeing your instagram pic. Can’t wait to hold them in my arms. 🙂

  8. Obsessed with this place. Retail snobs that are silly enough to pay full retail for must-have-this-season’s duds might turn their nose up at this place, but time and again, I find pieces that I love here.Probably have been here over 15 times in the past 6 months. Almost every visit, I manage to find something I truly cherish.For Fall, I scored an olive green Miss Sixty jacket for $14, a gorgeous white J. Crew button down with beautiful collar detailing for $19.50, and a perfect-condition Via Spiga tan/olive trench for $45. I’ve also spotted pieces from DVF, Giorgio Armani, Marni, Moschino, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren and an entire RACK of Frye boots (!) but the higher end designer pickin’s are a bit slimmer that what’d you find at Tokio 7 or Tokyo Joe. But the prices are also much lower, but you have to have a lot of patience to sort through the jungle of clothing. Shoe selection isn’t great, and also you’d have to be Yao Ming’s sister in order to see the shoes stacked on the top shelves.For those that are selling: This BE is very picky with what they buy. They’ll only buy the most current fashions and well-known labels. Don’t bother coming with your throwback A&F and Hollister gear from college. They won’t take it. Also if anything has the slightest stain, rip, tear, or missing labels, they also won’t take it. Just an FYI so you don’t have to haul five laundry bags full of crap down the subway.

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