Pinup in Paisley

I know I have been on hiatus from posting regularly and consistently. I have a lot going on and am working on some huge projects that have taken most of my time. Yesterday I finally took a day to just relax with family and friends in the wonderful weather mother nature blessed us with. It was one of those epic days…I got to see my family and celebrate my adorable little cousin Jayden’s birthday at Funtopia, where I looked like every kids school teacher/grandmother or both lol. I don’t want Jayden to grow up, he is so precious to me and just knowing he is 5 years old now is so bittersweet. I am glad I got to see him on his special day smiling and having a good time. After the party I was off to the city to meet up with my friend Ingrid for some noms at El Castillo followed by us taking a lovely walk around the city. I love having girl-time with my girlfriends, the conversations we have and laughs we share are priceless. While we were walking around the city we noticed Billy’s Antiques was open, not for business but our good friend Jay was there cleaning out the place. It was really good to see my friend/boss Jay, its been a week or so since I have worked at Billy’s and I missed my boys. Of course me and Ingrid rummaged around for stuff and found a bunch of old Cabaret magazines amongst other things and left home with a bag full of antique goodies. Seeing my family, spending time with friends, and leaving home with some cool antiques are all of the ingredients that made my day so special. Check out more details and photos inside.It was beautiful out yesterday, it was about 55 degrees so I had to dress for the occasion. Yes I make an occasion out of anything and everything. The inspiration behind this look is a skirt I bought in Miami at the Wynwood Salvation Army. It has a paisley print and is wool so it is warm. I paired it with this burgundy Banana Republic top I found at the Salvation Army here in Queens, black tights, my Steve Madden Gretta wedge sandals, my Betsey Johnson satchel, and  vintage accessories I snagged at Billy’s like my necklace, earrings, ring, and fur stole.If you are following me on twitter, you know I chopped some of my hair off. Yes it is still long, don’t fret, this is just a short pinup hair style I managed to pull together. Because my hair is a lot lighter and I have more layers I am able to pull off this short curly pinned up look. I know how to manipulate my hair very well. Everyone thought I had cut my hair into a bob.Billy’s Antiques has really helped me step my jewelry game up.

I kept my makeup dark because I wanted to add a 30s touch to this outfit.I have had this Betsey Johnson satchel for years and it is still in pristine condition. It is one of my favorite bags, I love it! I also live in these Steve Madden Gretta shoes! So Carmen Miranda!Voila!I got hungry so I had to make a pit stop at Burger King and look at what I found! How cute is this classic car table?! Everyone thought I was crazy when I walked in by the way. Whatevz!
My sister and I at Funtopia ❤

Birthday boy Jayden and my sis. I love them both to the death of me!Later that day at Billy’s I held a gun to Jay’s head and told him I was taking this magazine and he cracked. 🙂Lili St. Cyr is one of my favorite Burly queens! She is so badass and I am so glad I have this Cabaret issue.Ingrid was my accomplice and was able to snag a mag too! She also cut her hair and looks gorg! She actually looks like the woman on the cover of her Cabaret mag when she pulls her hair back.

I was in heaven looking through tons of these magazines.Inspiration. Everywhere.I came across images of Tempest Storm and was stoked! I met her in San Diego on the Bettie Page Cruise!I also snagged myself a Poodle Bank, this is where all of my money will go for Paris this year. Heaven!My friend Jay also had a bunch of old Playboy Magazines, one with an article on Bettie. Mine!Good times!!!


8 Comments on “Pinup in Paisley

  1. I love it jazzy sh I still haven’t gone to Billy’s great stuff

  2. Absolutely lovely, I tell ya, Dita Von Teese better watch out…I love the entire outfit as well as your make up…the eyes just POP…take care!

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