Wet n Wild’s Silvivor!

For NYE I decided to ditch the gold and go for silver with Wet n Wild’s “Silvivor”. I think I purchased this color for like a buck at Rite Aid or something and I have to say…I’m totally digging it. You all know I live in a fantasy world so I kinda feel like X-23 with these silver claws. She is the female clone of Wolverine from X-Men lol. I don’t expect many of you to know who that is unless you are a comic buff but you should all look her up. All I am saying is..If nail polish is capable of making me feel like a super hero, I am all for it.


6 Comments on “Wet n Wild’s Silvivor!

  1. Wow! Everytime I try inexpensive nail polish on my nails, it looks horrid! Yours looks fantastic. Maybe there is a difference between acrylic and natural????

    Anyhoo rock on Mrs. Superhero!

  2. girl they make the best nail polish (sometimes) it’s hit or miss but I had this electric blue color that I literally used every last drop and was complimented on it more than any nail color I’ve ever had. Gotta give it to the dolla bin girl!

  3. Gorgeous – love the sharp tips of your nails too, gonna try something like that out at the salon tomorrow ;).

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