My favorite looks of 2011!

So the countdown begins as we slowly approach 2012, a new year I hope brings me as much joy as 2011. This year was definitely one for the books. I met so many wonderful people who have become a part of my circle. I feel fortunate that I have such a strong team of beautiful individuals in my life who love and support me unconditionally as I do for them. I have also been to amazing places and have attended many events I plan to make a habit out of like..Art Basel, Viva Las Vegas, the IFB conference, and others. This year, I feel like I have evolved consistently in regards to my style but most importantly, I have evolved immensely as a person. I have become a more positive, compassionate, and joyful person no matter what challenges I have faced or losses I have had to bury. The pictures shown on my blog this year is proof of that. It wasn’t just my confidence and realization of self-worth that brought me to this happy place in my life, It was the understanding that happiness is a state of mind, not a person, place, or thing. When you are content with your life and who you are, sure things can shake you, but they cannot break you. I am not perfect and do not have a perfect life but I am happy with it none the less and I never take it for granted. Being happy allows you to see things with a different perspective, you go from uninspired by anything and bored with everything to inspired by even the littlest things. I feel that with the change in my attitude and atmospheres I was able to have more fun with fashion and really broaden my horizons with new risks. In this post I want to reflect on my evolution as a whole…A happier, more free, more artistic, more fashionable me. These are my favorite looks and moments of 2011, which one is yours?

Brooklyn Bowl. January 10th. Starting the year off right with my girl Ingrid for an event Levi Maestro was hosting along with DJ Neil Armstrong. For an outfit I had to have ready in an hour, this was just perfect. Tommy Hilfiger gingham button-down, American Apparel disco pants, Steve Madden red pumps, and a regular gray bandana from the dollar store around my way. Pinup done the “Rosie the Riveter” way, she’d be so proud.New York Times article. Febuary 21. Ahh how could I forget? I had a little dispute with the NYtimes for treating me very unprofessionally and misquoting me on a Vintage Reproduction story they had me contribute to. So taking matters into my own hands, I created my own post correcting the mistakes they made in the actual article whilst conducting my own photo shoot of the looks they had me style myself in when they shot me at my home. The pictures they shot of me were never published with the exception of one that had my head and legs cut off so this was my way of showing my readers what they didn’t see. I am completely over it and thankfully the situation was resolved and this outfit actually made it out of my photo shoot and onto the streets of NY. In this photo I am wearing a Stop Staring dress, Vintage pumps, Agent Provocateur cuban heel stockings, a vintage belt, bag, and hat. One of my favorite looks.
Viva Las Vegas day 1. I was so happy to be attending Viva this year with my mom as I had missed it the year before. I was more than prepared and packed a bunch of Betsey Johnson goodies, one of them being a red lace 2 piece suit. I absolutely loveee this outfit and my hair couldn’t have been more perfect as it is almost always a hassle. Betsey Johnson suit, vintage belt, bag, and shoes. Voila!I found this vintage dress while I was in Vegas that same day and it ended up being my outfit for a video interview I did with Independent Fashion Bloggers. It reminds me of the day I met Jenine Jacob of the Covetted and Nubia Mejia of Nubia Nonsense. Two really beautiful people I would have the pleasure of working with further in the future for my first IFB conference.Viva Las Vegas day 2. I wore this outfit my second night at VLV and absolutely loved it! I mean..I went full-on Jessica Rabbit with this one and made it dark and wicked. This dress and fur stole is none other than Betsey Johnson and my purse and belt are vintage. My shoes are from Top Shop, and my snake seamed stockings and opera length gloves are from Agent Provocateur.
I remember some rockabilly guy screaming “Lady Gaga” when I wore this. I kinda wanted to beat the ignorance out of him..I mean…I was at a rockabilly convention, is this look so different from psychobilly or fetish modeling which is completely a part of the culture? Who knows what he was thinking but I know what I was thinking..I most certainly didn’t want to put on a cherry dress.Viva Las Vegas day 3. The end of this wonderful convention was near and I wanted to go out with a bang. On this day I attended the VLV carshow and pool party dressed in a fun pinup Avant Garde ensemble. My two favorite combinations! I wore a Betsey Johnson floral top as my bathing suit cover-up, an Agent Provocateur swimsuit, vintage shoes, shades, hat, and jewelry. This outfit was so cool, I ended up doing a photo shoot with my friend and talented photographer Edson Carlos.Werk!A fun-filled day at Billy’s Antiques. May 20. On this day I was very inspired by some Hedy Lamarr images I came across on tumblr that morning. I decided to go full-on 1920s and wore my favorite curly short wig under a turban I had bought at a local beauty supply. to add a vintage feel to the turban I added a vintage brooch and that inspired the rest of the outfit. My dress, jewelry, and fur stole is vintage and my booties are by Tecasan. My 1920’s look was complete!What I wore today 06.19.11.  I wore this colorful little ensemble on my way into the city on a nice summer day. This is really one of my favorites this year mainly because this outfit has all of my FAVORITE colors. Teals and neon oranges always look good on my skin tone so pairing these with an H&M floral skirt that ties it all together was just perfect. My top is by Zara and my heels are Alexandre Birman and were a gift from my good friend Janet. Ironically these shoes match a vintage belt I have had tucked away for years! How coincidental that it was just waiting for the perfect time to be worn. My purse and earrings are also vintage and gives this look an even more summer feel.Jazz Age Festival at Governors Island. July 6. I was invited to a Jazz Age Festival on Governors Island last summer and was thrilled to attend after hearing so many great things about it previously. I would always plan to go and for some reason, wouldn’t make it. This time I made it and it was perfect timing as I was in the process of perfecting my 1920s look. I somehow figured out how to integrate my own hair with a short curly wig and created finger waves that messed seamlessly with it. I figured half-wigs are used similarly so why couldn’t I do it with a full wig? Long story short, my hair came out really great and I wore that same turban from my previous 1920’s look to hide the roots of my wig. My outfit was this beautiful 1960’s vintage 2 piece crop-top and skirt set that could pass for 20’s and my Jessica Simpson metallic snake-skin heels.It reminds me of the great day I spent with my friends in a time warp back to the 1920s.<3What I wore today: 7.29.11. Ahh I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was now working at Billy’s Antiques and it was one of those summer scorchers. I had just recently purchased some leopard heels at Steve Madden that went perfectly with an Anne Klein belt I found at Buffalo Exchange a few weeks before. I was dying to wear them both so I rummaged through my closet and found one of my favorite dresses, a Jean Paul Gaultier for Target mustard colored deep V necked summer dress. This dress is very cute but still very sexy because of the neckline. I felt very Carmen Sandiego when I paired it with one of my vintage mustard colored hats that just pulled everything together perfectly. My vintage purse made it even more Carmen because it had an old atlas print on it. The vintage jewelry and my tortoise frames were just the icing on the cake.

What I wore today: 7.31.11. Stripes and Neons! I am a sucker for bold black and white stripes and I blame Tim Burton. I am also a sucker for a sprinkle of neon within any type of outfit. I say a sprinkle because I feel too much neon is just too much. If worn in moderation, it could make even the dullest of colors shine. I was feeling very tropical this day, inspired by my new African Bracelets and wore a cute H&M top, Bebe Shorts, a patent leather belt, vintage stripe clutch, my neon yellow Shazam bra from Agent Provocateur, and my new neon yellow Nativa sandals. The contrast of the black and white stripes mixed with teasers of neon completed my outfit. I couldn’t be happier.My makeup had neon colors as well.

What I wore today: 8.22.11. This look was rather simple compared to most of my outfits but it was one of my favorites because of how it made me feel. I don’t usually wear dresses over the knee but this one was really comfortable and made me feel sexy. My clothes evoke my emotions and often my emotions inspire my outfits. I love wearing clothes that make me feel great and comfortable. It wasn’t about looking beautiful or sexy to anyone was about “feeling” beautiful on my own and this outfit did that for me. The dress has no label but was purchased at Buffalo Exchange and my shoes are none other than Steve Madden.

The Kustom Kills and Hot Rod Thrills car show. August 26. It was the annual Rumblers car show in Brooklyn, something my family and I anticipate every year. I often go in really bold pinup looks as there are always photographers there and this time was no different. I had nothing to wear and the day before the show I was saved by my friend Mariann, my good friend and shop owner of the only rockabilly shop in NY..ENZ. This woman saved me by suggesting this sexy Stop Staring dress and because it was black it was easy to accessorize. I wore the dress with my black satin Steve Madden pumps, my cuban heel Agent Provocateur stockings, my vintage gloves, hat, stole, and jewelry and my new and favorite vintage find…my Black Russian briefcase. I wasn’t at the show for long but long enough to stop traffic. This was a win.

Fashions Night Out. I actually didn’t want to attend FNO this year because I was exhausted, however, I still attended with my friends Ingrid and Sarah and had a pretty good time. I finally got to wear my Versace dress I had found at the Salvation Army months before and my new vintage fur stole and gold knitted gloves. I love prints so I paired the dress with one of my vintage gator skin belts and my leopard Tecasan shoes. The print on my dress made it easy to accessorize and add splashes of neon with my jewelry and makeup. I may have taken long to wear the dress but am glad that I did. Perfect timing for a perfect night out with my girls.What I wore today: 08.29.11. This is another simple outfit I had to throw in here. I have worn this Piko jumpsuit before with heels and other variations but this time I decided to go urban with it and added my Zara construction wedges into the mix. I like the way I wore it this time around over the others. This amazing jumpsuit has drop crotch pants and is backless, like nothing I have ever seen before but I expect that from a japanese brand. The fact that it even has a hood is ever better so I wear the hell out of it on hot days/nights in the summer.Twas the night before the Fashion MADNESS. This is my absolute number 1, favorite outfit I have worn EVER. I mean, it was just incredible and something that really opened my eyes to the fact that I need to be a designer. I literally pulled this outfit out of a hat because I remember feeling overwhelmed by the plans I had for fashion week and having nothing to wear. The hat is something I bought at a huge flea market for about $3 and I found the cape just a few weeks later at a garage vintage flea market in the city for $30. I have no idea how I managed to find two matching pieces in two totally different places to create one amazing outfit. It was just perfect. Lets not forget to mention these cool House of Holland garter tights, my Agent Provocateur opera length leather gloves, the Versace inspired bold shouldered cropped sweater I wore underneath with my vintage leather shorts, and my Patent leather Via Spiga boots and Patricia Field Barbie satchel. Pure greatness and I felt great in it too. This outfit set the pace for fashion week and I attended a pre-party event at the Mandarin Hotel for the IFB convention that night where I was able to exude my creativity amongst other bloggers without words. Of course I still mingled, I met a lot of wonderful people that night. Some of which I still keep in touch with now.The IFB Conference at Milk Studios. This outfit made fashion week headlines. I made 17 most fashionable people at Fashion Week in New York Magazine, The Leica Camera blog courtesy of street style photographer and blogger William Yan, The daily Beast, and Chicago Street style. They all took a liking to this outfit. As blogger and editor of I went to the conference dressed in mostly vintage. My dress is by Selfridges and I bought it at the Salvation Army in Queens years ago. My overlaying top is Rodarte for Target that just happened to match the dress perfectly. My shoes are vintage Stuart Weitzman for Martinique and my stole, clutch, hat, and jewelry is vintage as well. I wore this fur stole a lot for these fashion week events because I felt the weather had been very bipolar, some days it’s hot and some days are a bit nippy. What a great was my first convention and I was one of 3 bloggers on the flyer and big screen. I felt and still feel blessed.Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Fashion show. How could I forget this day? I was invited to the Betsey Johnson fashion show as a blogger. Now I have been close with this company for a while but was always behind the scenes so this was a huge step for me and my blog as I was now attending BJ‘s show as part of press. It was a day to remember and what made it even better was that my friend Suzanne and her beautiful daughter Gwenny came with! Now, I have a million dresses but I wanted to wear something over-the-top so I rummaged through my BJ cocktail dresses and managed to find one I still haven’t worn. I have been DYING to wear this dress and finally had the occasion and went to the show in true Victorian fashion with my Karen Millen feathered pumps, my sheer vintage opera length gloves, my Les Posh morbid purse, and my handmade floral shrug. I wanted to be elegant with a hint of goth so I wore my ornate Victorian mink skull necklace and my Tarina Tarantino skull earrings. Perfect show. Perfect outfit. Perfect day.This outfit kinda reminded me of my childhood when I used to wear my MC leather jacket and combat boots with all of my dresses. As you can see not much has changed lol. On this day, I was working at Billy’s and it was a bit nippy out so I rummaged through my fall clothes and grabbed this really cute plaid babydoll dress I recently bought at Buffalo Exchange. I think the dress is made out of wool so I was really warm. The dress was the inspiration behind everything else I wore that day like my Zara leather jacket, Agent Provocateur knitted socks, Madden combat boots, and my vintage teddy purse I bought at Billy’s Antiques. My hat is actually my sister’s hat, I totally stole it from her but if you don’t tell I won’t ;) . I also wore my vintage specs and my BCBG skull ring. It is yet another simple yet favorite of my outfits this year.Flowers and Fishnets. This is hands-down one of my favorite dresses in my closet. It is no question that I am a shopaholic and that my closet is full of amazing whimsical things but every now and then I come across something so fascinating I almost have to pinch myself. It is also no question that half of my wardrobe is Betsey Johnson, so I was thrilled when I found this beautiful floral dress at that sample sale a few months ago. I could get married in the damn thing. Just the way it flows, the comfort, the print, and the style. This one is for the books. What I love most about it is that I can wear it in many ways. I can wear it as an evening piece with shoes and a shawl or casually with a leather jacket and combat boots. On this day I did just that. I wore the dress with fish nets, my Steve Madden black strappy boots, a black triple wrapped belt I snagged at Billy’s, my Thomas Wylde leather bag, and my Zara leather jacket. It was yet another comfortable/wonderful outfit that made me feel great. That’s why I had to stick it into this post.Pinup of the Pilot. On this day, my friend Michele Savoia of “House of Savoia” invited me to his shop to be a part of a pilot for a TV show he is doing with Smutty of the band “Stray Cats”. I figured, why not, so I decided to spend the beginning of my day at Billy’s and then run off to Michele’s shop since the shoot wasn’t until later that evening. I bumped into my girl Valissa who is a big time stylist and DJ here in NYC and we got to hang for a little bit. I swear the girl is drop dead gorgeous and talented beyond belief, she is definitely one of my favorite alpha females of NY. After linking up with her I was off to “House of Savoia” where I got to meet lots of great people who follow the rockabilly lifestyle. I wore a vintage 2pc brocade coat and dress set I found in Vegas while browsing through the racks at Buffalo Exchange. I am thrilled I got to wear this outfit on the perfect day too. It wasnt too hot, wasn’t too cold, it was just right. My cuban heel stockings are by Agent Provocateur. My glasses are vintage too, they are from goodwill and my jewelry is from Billy’s Antiques. It was just a cool, calm, and collected day of fun with my friends.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Autumn had come and I was more than prepard. This is yet another one of my ultimate favorite looks this year. Around this time, the days had been warm and it was cold by night so I had to carefully select what I wanted to wear so that I was comfortable but still stylishly me. As I was unpacking my fall and winter wardrobe I came across this really cool dress I bought at the Salvation Army when I was in H.S. It’s this long beautiful turtle-neck dress that had a very Autumn feel to it because of the colors and the floral pattern. It was all of my favorite colors on one dress and I was thrilled to be able to finally wear it.  What’s also great is that the dress is a thick synthetic fabric so it keeps me warm when it gets cool out but just in case, I wore my vintage fur stole. I was practically drenched in vintage from head to toe with the exception of my Steve Madden Greta platforms. My jewelry is from the 1950s along with my brown Koret clutch I snagged at Billy’s Antiques. My shades are vintage as well, my mom bought them for me on I am going to miss working at billy’s!

Business as Usual. At around this time, I was letting my curiosity flourish and decided to go to my first casting for a commercial. I was really nervous at the audition and felt I had no chance but low and behold I got a call-back. The idea was to be the business woman for the commercial and tone down my look. For the first casting I wore all black and ironically, it took me longer to get dressed than it usually does with my most creative outfits. I guess it is because I didn’t really feel like myself which was why I felt I did bad at the first audition. For the second casting I decided to spice it up despite what I was told but still kept it light and casual. This outfit was more “me”. I felt great, I felt confident, and was hoping I’d get lucky again and get another call-back. Low and behold, they LOVED my outfit and I got the gig. I was so happy that my first casting ended up being a hit. This is the outfit that sealed the deal. I wore a Zara blazer I purchased as a teen in H.S that I vandalized with my artwork. Ironically, this is what actually started the “Vintage Vandalizm” movement. Even more ironic, my vintage 1920s bow-tie happens to be something I bought for someone a while back. Of course that person didn’t really deserve it so they never received it and as someone who makes the best situations out of the worst, I decided to keep it and wear it myself. I swear every time I wear it something really good happens, It is like my lucky bow-tie and reminds me that sometimes the things that happen to us just may be a blessing in disguise. Everything happens for a reason. This was definitely a blessing and it blessed me into a commercial that should air on tv soon! My pants are American Apparel, my shoes are Forever 21, my top, belt, purse, and jewelry is vintage. This outfit also has over 4,000 notes and counting on Tumblr!Bad Cop. On Halloween day, I was plannning to wear my “I love Lucy” costume but decided to ditch it and take a detour. While rummaging through my closet I came across a vintage officer hat I had put studs in and it inspired me to be a cop. Of course this isn’t your typical cop outfit, but In my perfect world this is how a female cop would dress. I love leather, patent leather, and studs. This outfit had me written all over it and I couldn’t have been more excited to have 2 costumes this Halloween that I was 100% happy with when I wasn’t going to celebrate it at all. I just had the outfit so I needed a little help with accessories. Of course Billy’s Antiques had everything I needed like a fake pistol, a ticket book, a badge, and some hand cuffs. I wore my Super Trash leather jacket, vintage leather shorts, House of Holland tights, and my Dolce and Gabbana spiked boots. I can’t remember where my gloves are from. My hair is actually a wig that’s been collecting dust on my mannequin for months now and I finally put it to use. I kinda like having a curly fro, it is exactly what my hair would look like if it held a curl lol. I wish I could wear this outfit every day.Betsey Babe. I always snag so many things at Betsey Johnson sample sales that I am still wearing certain items I purchased for the first time like this amazing “Betsey Babe” printed sweater-coat. At first I thought pairing it with the matching leggings would be a bit much but my sense of style is always a bit over the top, why limit myself now? I actually really love this outfit, I have the dress, leggings, jacket, and cardigan in this print as well. I just feel the leggings were more fitting than the dress this time around. I wanted to add some dark contrasts so I paired this coat and leggings with my new Jeffrey Campbell Tardy black boots I just got for my birthday. I have been dying to get these boots for forever and finally got my hands on them. They are so comfortable and match everything. Underneath it all I had on a simple thermal white shirt to keep me warm for those cold nights at Billy’s. My earrings are also by Betsey Johnson, I can’t help it, she tugs on my fashion-heart-strings with everything she creates. Betsey Johnson is mastermind behind many of my favorite looks this year. Couldn’t have done it as good without her.What I wore today: 11.24.11. This outfit made WordPress‘ Freshly Pressed and ranked one of my top posts visited EVER. I have never in the history of gotten 95 comments on one single post. I was crazy about this outfit but not too keen on the photos, however, I am sooo glad wordpress and its viewers took a likeness to it. This was my thanksgiving outfit. I was off to visit my family in Philly and I was excited to see them. I was especially excited to bust out this dress I bought at a thrift store in California that has been sitting in my closet awaiting the perfect occasion. I knew this would be the perfect day for a perfect dress. The dress is wool so it was warm enough for the weather and the print just screamed fall. I love crazy prints, they don’t bother me at all. I especially love this one because it reminds me of something Anna Sui would put together and I love her stuff. I love that this dress is long and fitted and that it has cute peasant sleeves and a tie around the neck. It kinda has a Victorian feel to it. I wore it with a black on black skinny studded belt, my Betsey Johnson velvet-black purse, my Steve Madden wedges, and some vintage jewelry. I like to mix up different styles of jewelry so I wore my vintage Avon cameo ring on one hand and another regal ring on the other. I also wore Milagros heart earrings with crosses in them that I snagged at Billy’s Antiques. The dress is wool so it is already warm for this time of year but I threw on my fur stole just incase the weather drops.Love Love Love!Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day 2. I wore the BEST outfits out there in Miami for Art Basel which is why most of them made the cut. They are my favorite to date..One of them being this hot pink Versace for H&M number I wore to the Jeremy Scott event at Base followed by the Mr.Brainwash exhibit. You all know I had to bring Versace to its rightful place (Miami). I was psyched to finally wear my Versace for H&M sunset skirt! My vintage blouse is by Evan Picone, it matched the hot pink of my skirt and my Steve Madden shoes so well. I also wore a panther belt and jewelry I snagged at Billy’s Antiques back home in NY. I even wore a fuchsia coat, you can’t see it here but it was by BebeArt Basel with KD in Miami: day 3. Day 3 in Miami with the KD crew was one for the books as it was the grand opening of the Cope2 “Rise to the Occasion” exhibition and Indie184′s “Kweenz Destroy” pop up shop. It was an incredible opening reception and the gallery was flooded with people who adored the originality and authenticity of Cope2 and Indie184′s work. Magazines like Juxtapoz, Paper, Hypebeast, and Infamous were raving about it. The Kweenz Destroy pop-up shop was also a huge success. I was dressed head-to-toe in Indie’s new collection and women were gagging over it whilst cleaning us out of last seasons apparel. My shoes were the only exception as they are Steve MaddenIndie had outdone herself with amazing graffiti leggings, crop tops, and pop-art sweaters & Tees. Only the people who came out to Wynwood were able to see the collection before it drops. By the time the event was over, our guest book was flooded with emails of women who wanted to pre-order the new collection. As the special guest for the KD pop-up shop, I was so delighted that many of my readers came out to visit. It was the perfect meet and greet moment for me as I signed postcards and got to know my wonderful readers outside of the computer screen. That was the best part of my trip to Miami, I met so many people and built so many friendships I can see lasting a lifetime. This outfit haddd to be mentioned in this post.Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day 4. Day 4 of my trip to Miami was a pretty chill and successful day at the gallery with the KD crew. I had been dying to wear this vintage blouse and finally had the perfect chance to do so on this trip. I purchased this blouse at the Salvation Army in Queens and fell in love with it instantly when I saw palm trees, classic cars, and pinups! The blouse actually says “Miami” on the back, I mean can it get more perfect than that? Plus, it looks like something pulled off of a Versace runway in the 80’s and I loveee me some Versace. Of course I had to belt it like a cute lil dress or tunic over some high-waisted shorts, my Zara construction wedges, and my vintage boater hat. I love this outfit. It is such a mashup of all things Miami.Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day 5.  Day 5 was one of my favorite days and outfits out in Miami for Art Basel with the KD crew! It was an all-around-perfect-day/perfect outfit! I say perfect because it was comfortable and versatile. For most of my trip I would have to head out of the house with my day and night outfit so we didn’t have to drive back home but on this day all I had to do was bring an extra pair of shoes. Of course I was drenched in a premeditated Versace for H&M ensemble..I mean..What better of a collection to wear in Miami than Versace? The top is actually mens, I managed to snag one after I rummaged through the women’s section. I just felt it went better with the palm tree leggings. To spice it up for 2 different occasions I wore my comfy Zara wedges for day-time-play-time and my turquoise Louboutins for the partying we did that night. Everyone kept asking me if my panther belt was Versace but it’s actually some nameless vintage belt I snagged at Billy’s Antiques. My head scarf is also Versace for H&M, you already know I had to wear it like Rosie the Riveter ;) .Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day 6. Last but not least. This is yet another great outfit I wore on my trip in Miami. I posted up this pic and had everyone saying “I love gollllldddd.” On this night my girl Ingrid and I walked around Wynwood visiting galleries we didn’t get the chance to see whilst working. I actually purchased this top at the Salvation Army in Wynwood and It totally came in handy with my new gold disco pants from an american apparel warehouse sale we also stumbled across in Miami. The rest of my outfit was easy. I kept the accessories vintage, fun, and funky and wore my Christian Louboutin brown heels. I loved it!What I wore today: 12.17.11. This is my most recent favorite look. New York is brutal come Winter time and it is a lot harder to be fashionable when you have to layer and wear a coat all the time. Mother nature gave me a break on the 17th, it wasn’t so cold and I was off to Billy’s Antiques to be a part of a NYTimes article about Billy and his shop. The only thing I like about Winter is that I get to wear lots of leather and fur, my two most favorite things in fashion. Both of those things go hand in hand when I channel my sassy pinup side or even my grim dapper androgynous side. On this day, I went with dapper and remembered Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Fall 2009 collection (my favorite) and it inspired my outfit. I think I died when I first saw his 2009 collection because it really exuded the look I was going for every time I took inspiration from Clockwork Orange and would wear my bowler hats with a suit. The 2009 collection was a feminine touch to menswear, the exact look I had imagined in my head all these years brought to life by a Genius that is McQueen. I even got my hands on a pair of boots from that same McQueen collection that ended up being the best finishing touch to my outfit. It was my dapper look done right. I plan to dress more like this in the future of 2012 so be on the lookout!

That’s all folks, I hope you like my picks of my favorite looks of 2011!

Can’t wait to see how I will evolve in 2012!

Which one is your favorite?


23 Comments on “My favorite looks of 2011!

  1. amazing! every outfit is its own personality, its like looking at a different person everytime!

  2. I love it! Jeez, you are such an Inspiration both with your personality and fashion sense! Keep up the great work, May 2012 be a better year than ever before.

  3. Ugh you are incredible! Every look is unique and perfectly put together! Youre a living work of art! I love you! xo

  4. Thanks for posting this, you are such an inspiration! Looking forward to seeing some more killer outfits in 2012!

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  6. I am so happy that you have had such a great year going to great places while making new friends along the way. You are definately one hell of a blogger and I am your biggest fan. It brings smiles to my face everytime I open your blog and see your amazing photos. It keeps me in touch with your life and allows me to know that you are happy with what you do and what you offer to your readers. I definately see great things coming your way and I am sure that “2012” is definately going to be a good year for you.

    To your readers, Thank you for all the support you have given my daughter, she couldn’t have done it with out you. May your New Year bring you lots of love and happiness.

  7. They’re all truely truely amazing pieces and all unique in their own way. You’re outfits are like looking a colorful canvas art and I love them. My absolute fave was the floral H&M ruffle tiered skirt with the fire orange v-neck blouse. The turquoise accents pulled it all together. I definitely agree it being the perfect outfit for a nice summer day.

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  10. You are sooo gorgeous! I absolutely love the swimsuit cover outfit! AND LIKE EVERY DRESS OUTFIT. Beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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