Celebrate Xmas early with Iron Fist!

As many of you may already know, Iron Fist is one of my favorite brands and I try to snag everything I love every time they come out with a new collection. I did a post on their summer swimwear a while back and have been hooked ever since. Iron Fist is an edgy brand that combines art and fashion effortlessly with a rock and roll edge. What I love about them most is that they offer people affordable quality clothing at all sizes and women/men of all tastes are always guaranteed to find something they like. Well, Christmas came early this year when I received their Fall collection. This happens to be my favorite to date and features beautiful tattooed prints on stretch satin soft materials, faux-fur leopard coats and shoes, Zombie and Muertos prints on shoes and tops, and so much more that makes a cheesecake pin-up go psychobilly! I know..It is already winter but I am one of those people who will finagle my way into wearing something from spring, summer, or fall in the winter by adding components like tights, boots, sweaters, and jackets. Better late then never right? Especially with a collection like this, how could I resist? When I received my big box of Iron Fist‘s Fall goodies I nearly fainted at all of the greatness and decided to have fun playing dress up at my friend Savoia’s shop. Check it out all of my goodies inside!This is the Iron Fist Sailor’s delight skirt. I love it because it has that rouging in the back that makes my booty look extremely healthy lololol. I can also eat a cheeseburger in this without worrying about a gut 😉 lol. Ok enough of my jokes, this skirt is super sexy and super comfy and has a cute little edge to it with the two zippers up front.I love the floral tattoo print, it really resonates off of the black background.
My shoes are also Iron Fist and these girls are called the Loose Lips Platforms. I mean do I really need to say why I like these? 1. they are leopard 2. they are high as hell 3. they are red 4. they are super comfy/sexy. They also happen to go with my outfit 😉Love Love Love!Here is a better look at what the Loose Lips shoes look like.Iron Fist made my gypsy dreams come true when they created the Gypsy Dreams top that featured a Dia De Los Muertos gypsy in sequins! Now, I am not too keen on sequins but these are so subtle they don’t bother me at all!Because I am itty bitty, this long tank ends up being a dress for me. I don’t mind…Don’t mind at all. 😉These Manslayer platforms go with my Gypsy Dreams top perfectly. They have engraved Muertos skulls on them. So badass.You could wear this top with some cool leggings, be bold with some thigh high stockings, or even wear it with jeans or pants.This was a limited edition Iron Fist faux-fur coat I am in love with! Sometimes Iron Fist will come out with something limited like my glow-in-the-dark zombie heels. I am glad I got to snag them both!The coat also features a satin tattoo lining with the same Sailors Delight print as my dress. This dress is one of my favorites, I love the fit and design of it. I also like that it is kinda short because I am not very tall 😉I also got my hands on the Society Suicide platforms that matches this dress too! Patterns can be worn together but in moderation. I think these two make a great pair 😉 I love them with my Agent Provocateur whip-me stockings.I love the addition of the polka-dot bow.Better look at the Society Suicide platforms.This is my bad girl in paris outfit lol. 😉This is the ladies Lacey Days top. It has a swiss dot print chiffon print and a cute victorian skull printed tank underneath. I love the cute tie around the neck and the studded waist belt it comes with.It looks great with my Betsey Johnson skirt and also looks great with the Iron Fist hangman platforms.These shoes are cool because they have silver skulls on them and a cute silver skull emblem in the middle.Better look at the Hangman platform.This is Iron Fist’s Tonight We Die Biker sweater. I have worn the hell out of this sweater since the day I got it and I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on it. I mean…who doesnt love a zombie pinup with a gun?too cool for school.The front of the top has a cute MC feel to it as well. Also, check it out with my Lacey Days platform boots!Yes Yes YES!A closer look at the Lacey Days platform boots.

Make your christmas extra special and head on over to Iron Fist to get your goodies now! Get an extra 15% off by using the code “VANDALIZM“!

Photos taken by: Santiago

Edited by: Moi


6 Comments on “Celebrate Xmas early with Iron Fist!

  1. That “Tonight We Die Biker Sweater” is unbelievably original..really, I cannot get over it.
    and The “Sailor’s Delight” skirt (love the name) is pretty swell too!

  2. wow Jasmine.. all those outfits look amazing.. i admire how brave you are with your style choices and the confidence u have to pull em off effortlessly… awesome post 😉

  3. that skirt that hugs your butt is soooooooo awesome! love the leopard shoes and the tulle black skirt 😀 everything is fab and you are just the girl to pull it all off! love it

  4. OMG I’m so in love with you right now lol, society suicide, I’ve got to have them!!

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