What I wore today: 12.17.11

New York is brutal come Winter time and it is a lot harder to be fashionable when you have to layer and wear a coat all the time. Mother nature gave me a break on the 17th, it wasn’t so cold and I was off to Billy’s Antiques to be a part of a NYTimes article about Billy and his shop. The only thing I like about Winter is that I get to wear lots of leather and fur, my two most favorite things in fashion. Both of those things go hand in hand when I channel my sassy pinup side or even my grim dapper androgynous side. On this day, I went with dapper and remembered Alexander McQueens Pre-Fall 2009 collection (my favorite) and it inspired my outfit. I think I died when I first saw his 2009 collection because it really exuded the look I was going for every time I took inspiration from Clockwork Orange and would wear my bowler hats with a suit. The 2009 collection was a feminine touch to menswear, the exact look I had imagined in my head all these years brought to life by a Genius that is McQueen. I even got my hands on a pair of boots from that same McQueen collection that ended up being the best finishing touch to my outfit. Check it out inside.The Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009 collection. Sooooo gangster.The Vintage Vandalizm version.

Black vintage hat and fur stole from Billy’s Antiques. Scape scarf by Theresa Dapra. Skull earrings by Tarina Tarantino.My pants are from Gap and my leather gloves are from Agent Provocateur.My bustle jacket is by Betsey Johnson. I find that I never leave the house without at least one BJ item. I have this jacket in every colorway and pattern she has ever made. I am obsessed with the fit and quality of them. This one is special because it has a tweed-like print perfect for business attire.I love the Victorian era so the bustle is what gets me.My purse was custom-made for me by a lovely Egyptian woman named Amira Safwat, designer and founder of Bishette Bags. She designs and creates new bags made entirely of vintage materials, fabrics, odds, and ends. Each one is completely unique and one-of-a-kind which is why I feel so fortunate to have this one. I have been wearing it a lot and it has become one of my favorite purses to date. I love to support up and coming designers and I can’t wait to see her work flourish ❤Last but certainly not least are my Alexander McQueen Victorian boots. Soooo badass.
Bondage x Victorian touch=my favorite.

Photos by: Timothy Dark

Edited by: V.V


12 Comments on “What I wore today: 12.17.11

  1. I want that BJ jacket and those AM boots!!

    Great look Sweetie, thanks for sharing!!


    PS. Love your eye makeup, whatchya using?

  2. your clothes are great! I’ll dream about this bustle jacket, I have never seen so original jacket 🙂 maybe I’ll order at the seamstress something with bustle like dress bustle 😀
    you are always perfectly made​​-up, I admire the refined line.

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  4. Absolutely stunning! I mean what is there to say that you don’t already know?…I’m in love with this look from head to toe…work it gurl!!

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