Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day cuatro!

Day 4 was a pretty chill and successful day at the gallery with the KD crew. We were almost sold out of T-shirts at the Kweenz Destroy pop-up shop and Cope2 paintings were still all the rave of Wynwood. They also went around Wynwood painting more walls. Most importantly, they completed the front wall of the gallery with the London Police and Galo. I think that’s the best part about Art Basel, it connects artists from all over the world to one another and they are able to unite, bond, and collaborate in creating great art. It was really inspiring to say the least. It doesn’t get better than good weather and good company. That Florida sun was shinning, the streets were still flooded with artists and art lovers, and when the sun went down it was party time. The great part about this trip was the fact that many of my NY friends were attending and I got to catch up with a few that stopped by the gallery. Today my friend and great artist Viajero stopped by and it is such a small world because he is also a friend of Fernando, the art curator of Cope2‘s exhibit. I mean that isn’t so far-fetched, they are both from NY and are surrounded by the art world. Anyway, I am always so busy in NYC that I don’t get to hang out with my friends much so it was nice to catch up with Viajero and visit the local galleries in the area. My road-dog Ingrid was also with us as she is attached to my hip. I don’t really like to go anywhere without her, it’s just not as fun! Check out photos and details of my trip inside!I have been dying to wear this vintage blouse and finally had the perfect chance to do so in Miami.   I purchased this bad boy at the Salvation Army in Queens and fell in love with it instantly when I saw palm trees, classic cars, and pinups! Plus, it looks like something pulled off of a Versace runway in the 80’s. I mean, can it get any better than that?It went perfect with my vintage boater hat, khaki shorts, and Zara boots.I also used a vintage belt to accentuate my waist.I had the pleasure of meeting the London Police and he was such a cool, down-to-earth guy. He did a great job on the wall, it isn’t easy to paint such sharp lines. That man has got it down to the T.Inside the Gallery, I was sneaking photos of people like a creep. This is Jose, Cope2‘s videographer. He looks great in two hats lmao.That guy with the hat is Viajero, Fernando was showing him around the gallery.
I kept snapping pics of them just to bug them lolol. 🙂I stepped outside for a second and a bunch of children came up to me asking if I was famous, I replied “Not yet” and they said “you look famous” and asked me to sign my autograph on the KD postcards. It was too cute.The boys were enjoying the last bit of sun of the day.Fernando giving me his “Suave” look lmao.Jose took this pic of me when I wasn’t looking. I love candid shots like these.Viajero and Fernando enjoy cigars over good conversation.Viajero, Ingrid, and Indie184 talk art.It was night-time and a friday night so I changed up my look. I wore a Mode Merr suit, Christian Louboutin shoes, a vintage hat, and a Betsey Johnson purse.We ran into some performance artists on the street because…well…performance art is still art. 🙂Off to the Collective!My tootsypop Ini Mac!There was soooo much great art at the Collective that I had instant A.D.D.lolol Viajero and the spray can bomb.Read this very carefully. This is a letter this artist sent to his ex girlfriend who cheated on him. It was my favorite piece of the Collective because it had so much depth.Ini loveddd this wall.Mickey!
Love.LOVE.BRAINY! This is a Mr.Brainwash canvas Ini and I wanted to steal and take home lol.I love this metal graffiti installation. Soooo cool.Amazinggg.I was posing for 3 different cameras in this picture. I am sure my photos are somewhere on the internet because I had no idea who the other photogs were lol.There is a little Puerto Rican souvenir plastered on this wall lol.I need a hair cut 🙂I snuck this pic :B lolol
outside we stumbled across THIS!Aside from the BEAUTIFUL car in the back, can we talk about the upholstery of these vintage chairs? I mean, COME ON.. IS THIS REAL LIFE?Want. Want.Want. Want. Want.Omg. Want. Want. Want. Want. Thank you in advance. I want that Taxi too.I almost went home with her. Almost. Wah. It was too big and too much of a hassle not to break the glass on the plane.Lingerie art! Wepa!
After walking around Wynwood we ate at a cool spot in north Miami beach and went home. We were so tired from walking around lol.

Good times!

Till day 5!


5 Comments on “Art Basel with KD in Miami: Day cuatro!

  1. Hey! So I’ve been a lurker here for like 6mos. *hides* LOL. I love your style… SO pulled together. Plus (and more importantly to me anyway) you’re interesting.. or at least it seems like you are through the comp screen! 😀 Anyways lady, I love the first outfit, the shirt definitely reminded me of 80s Versace. Loved it! + Miami is always an interesting spot to be in. Glad you’re having fun times!

    Saara – ArtisteStyle

  2. Incredible paintings & stunning captures, love the work and graffiti art in pretty much everything, been a huge admirer of all the movements Kweenz Destroy has made. Plus, your outfit is a stunner as well, love love love the whole 80s Versace sense of aroma that the blouse & hat pull off, a very summer style well put on to be in Miami, even in if it is Winter. Glad you had plenty of fun at the Art Basel Jasmin!
    Much love for VintageVandalizm, addicting blog. xxx
    – Yezbel

  3. That blouse is lovely…you wear it well…seems like one of those tops that can be worn several ways…and gurl, your hair? Oh my goodnes,s I mean its abnormally beautiful…You must thank your mama and pops for all that loveliness…smile..I guess you decided not to cut it..

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